12 Times Ryan Reynolds Was Deadpool in Real Life

Dimitrios Kambouris

Sarcastic, intensely raunchy and filled with witty humor, box-office sensation Deadpool almost didn’t make it to the big screen. After 11 years in the making Ryan Reynolds finally got his favorite superhero his own movie, even getting co-writing credits for Deadpool 2.

American actors Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds attend 'Deadpool 2' photocall at Villa Magna Hotel on May 7, 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

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Reynolds plays the wise-cracking, fourth wall-breaking anti-hero, and his character doesn’t stray too far to what the actor is like in real life.



Repeatedly trolling his wife, kids, and fans online, Reynolds has become known for his quick wit and ruthless jokes, especially aimed at those he loves the most.

Here are just a few of times Ryan Reynolds channeled his inner “Merc with a Mouth” in real life.


Who would pick a fight with someone as sweet as Paddington? That’s right. Deadpool would:


Taking shots at not only his wife Reynolds calls out Steve Martin on this post, making this Mother’s Day an Instagram holiday to remember:

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Happy Mother's Day, Steve.

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Family holidays definitely seem like the go-to for a good joke. Comparing your father to a back-up option in case anything happens to your vital organs? Classic Deadpool humor:

No one is safe from Ryan Reynolds jokes. Not even his two daughters:


Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

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Another Instagram, another perfect mix of sarcasm and narcissism:

What’s a plane ride without a raunchy tweet to go with it?:


Only Ryan Reynolds can put together a sentence this aggressive that makes this much sense:


Can’t you just imagine Deadpool posting this for Vanessa’s birthday? We sure can:


Honestly this sounds like a bit of a handful, even for Deadpool:


And lastly, Reynolds always lets out his inner Deadpool when talking about his co-star Josh Brolin:

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