Clowns, Step Moms, and Tiffany Trump: How the World Watches Porn Now

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Pornhub makes a big show of releasing all of its data at the end of each calendar year. As one of the largest sources for all things NSFW, they’ve got a lot of information on our habits, our desires, and what people as a whole find arousing. The reassuring takeaway is this: We’re all kind of gross. Searches for step moms, Harley Quinn — all huge winners in porn in 2016. So, apparently, are the Trump daughters. You’re probably here wondering if you’re part of the silent majority — maybe you’re hoping the majority is even grosser than you are. Here’s everything you wanted to know and much, much more.


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1. They watched 4.6 billion hours of porn. There are only about 8,773 hours in a year. Pornhub streamed over five thousand centuries of porn in 2016.

2. The U.S. had the highest per capita page view rate. Second place went to Iceland.

3. “Lesbian” was the most popular search term for the second year in a row, followed by “step mom” and “MILF.” We assume there’s a lot of content if you search for “Lesbian step mom.”

4. “Step mom” was actually the most searched-for term in the U.S., and we’ve placed calls to psychiatrists about what that means.

5. The average visit duration is 9 minutes and 36 seconds, up 16 seconds from 2015. The U.S. average is 10 minutes 15 seconds. We spend the third most time, after South Africa and the Philippines. Japan is the most efficient at 7 minutes 27 seconds.

6. Within the U.S., Mississippi spends the most time per visit at 11 minutes 8 seconds. Oregon spends the least at 9 minutes 27 seconds.

7. 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. is the most trafficked time of the day. 5 a.m. is the least.

8. The top three categories in the U.S. are Lesbian, Ebony, and Teen. The top porn star is Kim Kardashian.

9. For Brazil, France, Sweden, Argentina, Germany, Russia, and Spain: The top category is anal. In Japan and the Philippines it’s Hentai. In South Africa it’s ebony.

10. The average proportion of female visitors worldwide is 26 percent, up 2 percent from 2015. The Philippines have the highest percentage at 35. In the U.S. it’s 25 percent.

11. For women, the No. 1 search term is “lesbian,” followed by “lesbians scissoring” and “threesome.” “Big black dick” is No. 4.

12. Lesbian is the No. 1 category among women, and No. 5 with men. Teen is No. 1 with men, versus No. 6 with women. Big dick is No. 2 with women, but only No. 7 with men.

13. Women also universally search most for Kim Kardashian among porn stars, followed by Mia Khalifa and James Deen.

14. VR is growing rapidly, with 38 million views in just nine months of the category being offered. It’s most popular in China.

15. Traffic was down 32 percent during the Superbowl, but resumed within minutes of the end of the game.

16. During the MLB final, it didn’t dip nationally at all, but after the game it shot up 54 percent in Cleveland.

17. Women are 33 percent more likely to search for clowns than men.

18. Harley Quinn searches were up over 300 percent when Suicide Squad was released.

19. Tiffany Trump searches were up 2,548 percent during election week.


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