32-year-old Eliott Pityn Aims At Grossing 100 Million in Real Estate Investments


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Real estate has the potential to give massive returns, and that’s proven right by this young investor.
Real estate investment is perhaps one of the most lucrative methods of growing your money over a period of time that also has the potential to give massive ROI, and who knows this better than Eliott Pityn who has been in the industry for ten long years, creating a fortune one can ever imagine of. Today, his properties are worth 40 million, and that’s quite huge looking back from where he started. We spoke to this young real estate investor and entrepreneur who has built his entire portfolio from scratch. Here are the excerpts:

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did your real estate journey begin?
I was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti and moved to Canada at 3. The urge to grasp the entrepreneurial world in my palms was a dream that was waiting to culminate to reality. The initial days had me sell drinks during summer and mow lawns and remove snow for a living. Later when the MLM space was picking pace, I joined it only to find out later that this was not meant for me, although this stint taught me a lot during my formative years. Coming across Robert Kiyosaki’s video and his book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ changed the entire game, and it was decided that real estate investments were the way forward. One thing led to the other, opening up lucrative paths that ended in me being a successful real estate investor.

Tell us more in detail, how did you build a fortune at this age, when many were still trying to figure out their future course of action?
Putting in all efforts, I eventually purchased my first property when I was 20, and what followed were a couple of more property ownerships in the next four years which added up to 20. Right from single families to 4-plexes, my portfolio comprised all. At one point I realized that smaller properties were choking up the finances and leading to a dead end, that’s when I brought a drastic change by selling off smaller properties for large multifamily buildings consisting of 20+ units, and that’s when the real show began. Focusing on this space for three years helped me grow the number of units from 50 to 300, valued at a whopping 40 million dollars, where they stand at present.

What’s your future course of action, where do you go from here?
The goal is to grow my companies to astounding heights, and that includes my foundation, which will help support the right causes. I’m aiming at procuring assets worth 100 million in the next 3 years, which are projected to grow up to 500 million in another 10 years and more the following decade.

Looking at the phenomenal success that this 32-year-old young real estate investor has achieved so far, we have no doubts about him accomplishing his future goals with ease too.

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