5 Things You Should Know About Ryan Reynolds

From starting out on Nickelodeon as a teenager to getting shredded for his role as the wise-cracking superhero Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds has had quite a journey on the big screen. He now occupies an exalted place as the self-proclaimed “drunk uncle” of the Marvel Universe—and that’s not a job they just hand out to anybody. No one else could fill the role quite like Reynolds does.

Deadpool 2

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If you follow Reynolds on social media, you know that he and Deadpool actually have quite a bit in common. They both share the same wry sense of humor, and it shows in the way Reynolds likes to troll his fellow celebs online. Take note:

Clearly, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, even though he’s at the top of his game: Reynolds was recently announced as a star in the upcoming Netflix film Six Underground, an action film about six billionaires who fake their deaths and join forces to take down criminals. When he’s not ribbing his costars and shooting the breeze with fans on social media, he has plenty of other work keeping him busy off-camera, too—like learning a new business, for example.

And of course, you gotta love a guy who always manages to look sharp:



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