A Look Into the Inspiring Story of Self-Taught Techie, Sachin Bishnoi

Gogo Capital Sachin

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

Planning leads to purpose and organization in every business. This is where the success of an entrepreneur lies. While innovative and futuristic planning can scale a business to new heights, poor planning can result in a complete disaster. The story of Sachin Bishnoi, a serial entrepreneur and self-made millionaire shows how the right planning and goal-setting can grow a venture from scratch. His humble start as an entrepreneur is what most aspiring young people can relate to.

Sachin Bishnoi discovered his love for technology quite early. As he started exploring, Bishnoi learned about the endless possibilities of application technology. He continued learning about apps from multiple sources he encountered and eventually became a self-taught techie. To leverage his knowledge and experience in technology, Bishnoi started his mobile apps company, Gogo Capital International.

Currently, Gogo Capital International is a reputed name in the industry and has catered to a long list of top-notch clients. It has developed and delivered mobile apps for some of the major Fortune 500 companies. Bishnoi’s strategy for growth is simple. He follows a proven formula of “conceptualize, innovate, and execute” to scale every venture to new heights. Moreover, his coveted ability to turn every original idea into a profitable business has been the greatest catalyst to his success.

Like any other tech start-up, Gogo Capital International faced several challenges during its initial years. The toughest among them was budgetary problems. Keeping the budget minimal while ensuring consistent growth for the company was quite challenging, but Bishnoi persisted. He motivated employees to give their best so they can all move closer to the organization’s goal. As a seasoned leader, Bishnoi knew that achieving all the goals on a list on a given day was impossible. So, he continued making small advancements with his team and ensured everyone gave 100 percent to the company.

Sachin Bishnoi did not limit his growth to the revenue he earned from his business ventures. He further reinvested it in different channels to see his wealth multiply. Today, Bishnoi is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, strategic investor, developer, and trader. His open-minded approach and willingness to learn had helped him don several hats. He has never hesitated to try new ideas because he always believed in innovation. His idea of business is to offer something incredible to clients that keep adding value to their businesses in the long term.

Technology is one of the fields that Bishnoi has mastered and wants to grow further into it. He firmly believes that tech has endless opportunities that are still unexplored. There is a lot of space for new ideas and innovation. It is all about keeping the focus on exploring new opportunities and building them into innovative business ventures. According to Bishnoi, the correct execution of an idea is a crucial step in any business because that’s what fulfills goals.

With this open-minded approach to business, Sachin Bishnoi is looking forward to leading a Fortune 500 company in the coming years. He also wants to share his story with others to inspire them in their entrepreneurial journey. Bishnoi is a role model to many starting their career from scratch but dream of building a million-dollar brand someday.

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