Aaron Jack: The Secret To Professional Success Lies In Taking Measured Risks

Aaron Jack

Written in Partnership with Digital Nod.

The earth-shattering instability that the pandemic created has left most people longing to remove any sense of risk from their lives. However, according to entrepreneur Aaron Jack, your true potential lies beyond the chances that you’re willing to take.

As the founder of the revolutionary Freemote Coding Bootcamp, Aaron Jack speaks from experience. He transitioned from being a low-paid teacher in Vietnam to becoming a major disruptor within the coding education industry. His metamorphosis was fueled by taking measured risks and thinking outside the box, thus rejecting anything that could have stifled his ambitions. Aaron says, “If you are looking to improve your career, it’s worth taking a risk and thinking bigger. So, why not try to improve the industry within which your career exists?” Aaron put this concept into action when he began teaching coding on YouTube and realized that the coding bootcamp industry was in serious need of an overhaul. So, he took a risk and developed Freemote, the world’s first freelance developer bootcamp. This new approach to how coding skills are taught sparked an upheaval in the industry and shook the world of coding education, revolutionizing the opportunities that can be found within it.

Aaron’s journey from teacher to innovator saw him work as a Silicon Valley software engineer for Uber and then pivot into the world of freelance software development. It was in this industry that he noticed the gap in the market for expert and elite coding tuitions, which could help other people reach the same level of success that he had. According to Aaron, rapid learning is essential in today’s fast-paced modern world, where earning opportunities grow and evolve every moment. Once he realized that there was a gap in the market for courses that could rapidly create freelance developers, he took a risk and built an educational empire around it.

When you long to advance your career, the well-traveled path will look appealing. However, Aaron Jack believes that when you take a risk, no matter the outcome, you will gain more than you lose.


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