Aaron Paul on ‘Bojack Horseman’ and the Final Season of the Netflix Series

While he’s best known for his iconic role as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul has added another memorable character to his résumé after playing Todd Chavez on Netflix’s Bojack Horseman.

Paul has spent six seasons voicing one of the few human characters on the hilarious “ adult animated tragicomedy,” as critic Alan Sepinwall calls it, but now it’s time to finish things off. Bojack Horseman is coming back for its final run of episodes on Netflix, and Paul, the Men’s Journal’s January/February cover star, took some time to reflect on how he started working on the show and what it’s meant to him to be part of it.

“I was sent a six- or seven-page spec treatment of Bojack years ago. This [was] during the very end of Breaking Bad and I just fell in love with it,” Paul told Men’s Journal. “When I sat down with Raphael [Bob-Waksberg], our creator and one of our producers, their whole concept was: ‘Look, yes, it’s kind of a comedy, but we’re really going to rip the heart out of our audience.’”

While on its face the show is a comedy, the series delves into some of the most serious subjects out there, including depression, sexism, sexuality, trauma, and the idea of life itself.

“It’s a deep look at one man’s depression,” Paul says. “It’s a really thoughtful, beautiful, heartbreaking look. And now we’re here—it’s the final season. Reading these final episodes, it’s so hard to let go, but how they wrap it all up is heartbreaking but in the most beautiful way possible.”

Bojack Horseman’s final episodes start streaming on Netflix on January 31. Watch the full video for Paul’s reaction to the final season and working on the series.

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