Watch: Aaron Paul Talks ‘Westworld’ Season 3 and His New Character

Actor Aaron Paul is ready to enter a new world. The Breaking Bad actor and Men’s Journal’s January/February cover star is set for a key role in Season 3 of Westworld. The sci-fi series is set to return to HBO on March 15 for a new season—subtitled Westworld: The New Worldpicking up after the shocking events of Season 2.

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The new season of Westworld is expanding into the “real world” of the show, giving fans a look at what’s been going on outside of the Westworld theme parks. That part of the world is where Paul’s character of Caleb comes in. As Paul said in his cover story and in the video here, his character is someone who will bring a new perspective and point of view for the audience.

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“What can I tell you about the role of Caleb? Not much,” Paul tells Men’s Journal. “He’s a construction worker and he has a robot named George, [who] sort of helps him out on his daily routine. He’s a point of view outside the park, he takes the audience outside of Westworld and what it’s like to live amongst the people who created Westworld, and sort of where we’re at as a society.”

As shown in the Season 3 trailer, Paul’s character Caleb will interact with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) in the “real world” quite a bit. On top of that, he’ll be directly connected with the company that created Westworld (Delos), as his robot George is a Delos model G-267 robot.

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“What attracted me to Westworld?” Paul says. “I was just such a crazy fan of the show. And I love sci-fi. I think that’s my favorite genre. [This season] is also big and crazy and even more ambitious than last season. And it’s a lot of fun.”

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Westworld is set to return on March 15 on HBO. You can catch up on the first two seasons on-demand and with HBO Go and HBO Now.

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