How Adrian Fox Is Bridging the Bahamas’ Socioeconomic Divide

Adrian Fox

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There are few places with greater socio-economic divides than the Caribbean isles.

Behind the glittering shores fronted by luxuriant hotels and villas, the Caribbean is home to one of the most disenfranchised indigenous communities in the world.

This is the case for not just a couple, but in fact the vast majority of the islands, which are frequently rocked by cataclysmic environmental disasters.

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The volcanic eruption that took place in December 2020 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, for instance, was only one in a long line of catastrophes that displaced a critical mass of residents who—even prior to the eruption—faced grave difficulties making ends meet.

Given the sheer level of disenfranchisement—coupled and amplified by high vulnerability to natural disaster—and you have what the vast majority of the Caribbean is today—a precarious thread of third world communities barely hanging on to a sub-par modality of life.

In an effort to change this, certain philanthropic factions deriving out of these communities have started to garner international attention.

Leading among them is the Fox Foundation, a Bahamian non-profit set up by the dynamic businessman and philanthropist Adrian Fox.

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Under Fox, the foundation serves to gradually cure the socio-economic divide between the Caribbean’s resort communities and its indigenous populations.

Beyond its everyday work, Adrian Fox has also positioned his team amongst the first responders for natural disasters and other crises facing disadvantaged communities in his native Bahamas and neighboring islands.

For a closer look at the Fox Foundation’s mission, its work, and its long-term strategies, visit

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