Bankroll Went Against All Odds to Dominate Hip-Hop – Here’s His Story


Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

In an era of instant fame and overnight success, it is often hard to tell the difference between who’s real and who isn’t. There are many talented artists in the world, but few make it out of obscurity to earn their breakthroughs. Longevity is another issue—there are more one-hit wonders today than at any other time in music history. While TikTok trends might thrust an artist into the limelight, audiences are looking for something unique, fresh, and extra that will keep their attention.

Bankroll, born David Edmond, is a fast-rising hip-hop star known for his catchy hooks and smooth verses that show off his lyrical dexterity. The CEO of ZLE Records, he’s renowned for his creative lyrics and innovative production skills that make him one of the best Afro hip-hop stars in Miami, FL. His debut EP released last year was certified platinum, and he’s got another coming out next summer that promises to be just as good as or better than his first. Even though he’s just started gaining notoriety, Bankroll’s journey in the music industry started many years ago.

“I’ve been working relentlessly for over 10 years to make out in the music industry, and I am still inspired to this day as I get closer to accomplishing my dream,” the artist explains. For as long as he can remember, all Bankroll wanted to do was rap. Growing up in Miami, Bankroll watched hip-hop videos on TV and dreamed about one day being on stage with his favorite artists. However, his rise to success has been anything but easy, with personal challenges as well as professional setbacks making it hard for him to keep going at times.

Bankroll’s struggles began at an early age when he lost his mother and aunt in quick succession and had to deal with some complicated feelings about his dad. By the time he started his career, the artist had no support system, which was sometimes discouraging. But through his struggles, he’s learned how to be strong when the world tries to knock him down, which has helped shape him into the confident artist we see today. His faith in God has also anchored him, helping him move on despite the odds stacked against him. He says, “God has always made a way for me.”

As an artist and entrepreneur in the music world, Bankroll has learned the value of a strong work ethic and self-drive. He points out that while talent may attract fans and make you popular, you must never forget there are more talented people out there, and fans’ attention spans are shorter than ever before. Bankroll encourages hard work and supercharging your ambition to ensure you reach the next level.

“We all have a superhero hidden inside us who can do amazing things if we just believe in ourselves,” he opines. “Success doesn’t come without its challenges, so you must be willing to put in the work.” On his part, Bankroll won’t rest until he’s selling out stadiums across America. He also hopes to grow ZLE Records into one of the biggest record labels in Miami, finding and developing new talents around the world.

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