Barack Obama’s Next Level Retirement

 Robert Perry / Getty Images

Former President Barack Obama’s retirement is starting to make us seriously jealous.

When we saw he was kite surfing in the Caribbean with Richard Branson. We said, ‘That’s cool. After eight years in the White House, he deserves a nice long break.’

After the pictures from the yacht with Michelle hit the internet, we were like ‘Damn, man. Good on you.’ And when we saw the couple strolling around Sienna, Italy, we started to wonder if they were ever coming back.

Now, it seems, he’s on another personal trip. This time to Scotland, where he found time to play the Old Course at St. Andrews… and it was sunny!

That’s just not fair! It actually looks less like a restful end to a long career and more like a lottery winner fulfilling all of their bucket list dreams. He’s taking retirement to the next level, and its got us green with envy.

Thanks Obama!