Best CBD Gummies: Top Strongest Hemp Gummies in 2022


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With the rising popularity of CBD, many consumers are looking for tasty ways to ingest this cannabinoid. It’s pretty easy to incorporate a wellness supplement into your routine when it’s tasty. CBD gummies are something you must look for if you are concerned about your taste buds too.

However, picking the best CBD gummies in the market isn’t that easy. Why? Because CBD’s popularity has led several brands to crowd the market. Hence, it’s tough to choose by identifying genuine brands.

CBD gummies are safe, effective, and easy-to-snack-on products that you can incorporate into your wellness routine. So, to help you choose your favorite gummies, we have listed the best five on the market.

Read on to know more about the gummies in the detailed reviews below.

Top 5 Best CBD Gummies/Edibles of 2022:

#1. Exhale Wellness — Overall Best CBD Gummies & Hemp Edibles On The Market

#2. BudPop — Top Cannabis Brand for Hemp Edibles Online

#3. Cheef Botanicals — Most Potent Cannabis Gummies on Sale

#4. HollyweedCBD — Popular CBD Gummy Edibles

#5. FAB CBD — Wide Flavors in Cannabis Hemp Gummies

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks: 

ExhaleWellness - Overall Best CBD Gummies & Hemp Edibles On The Market

1. ExhaleWellness – Overall Best CBD Gummies & Hemp Edibles On The Market

Based in California, Exhale Wellness is one of the best brands to trust for premium CBD and Delta-8 products. It follows a distinct philosophy: “Nature Holds the Key To Wellness.” In accord with this philosophy, the brand is working on a mission to harness the healing properties of naturally occurring cannabinoids.

Exhale Wellness focuses on providing people with comfort, physical stability, and performance by making premium hemp products available to them.

It offers the best wellness products to consumers. The brand combines high-grade cannabis with nutritious superfoods to make one of the best and wholesome wellness products.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness crafts its products with utmost care. Hence, all its products are vegan, organic, and free of dairy, gluten, GMOs, and artificial colors and flavors. Also, all Exhale products are lab-tested for quality and safety.

The shipping and return policies of Exhale Wellness are user-friendly. Free economy shipping is available, and most orders are delivered within five to seven days. You can choose expedited shipping if you need to get your order fast. Exhale Wellness also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the product you ordered, return it within 30 days and claim a full refund.

Read more about the shipping and return policies on Exhale’s website.


The high-quality CBD gummies by Exhale Wellness are available in four variants. Here’s a brief description of each:

• CBD Fruit Gummies: These vegan gummies are free of artificial flavors and colors. Available in 750 mg and 1500 mg packs, these gummies are fruit-shaped and fruit-flavored. The gummies taste like candy and contain full spectrum CBD for optimum effectiveness.

Delta-8 Gummy Cubes: This is an amazing snack that can relax you within minutes. These Delta-8 gummies have all the benefits of CBD while also containing THC. They produce a mild, relaxing effect that may assist with sleep or stress relief. Available in 750 mg and 1500 mg packs, These Delta-8 gummies are all-natural. Plus, they taste good too!


• Vegan-friendly

• Organic

• Non-GMO

• Free of artificial flavors and colors

• Reputable brand committed to offering premium hemp products

• Third-party lab-tested products

• Simple and informative website

• Free economy shipping

• Wide variety of products, including edibles, pre-rolls, flowers, capsules, tinctures, etc.

• Fast and secure delivery

• Reasonable pricing

• Monthly subscription available for 25% discount

• Responsive customer support

• 30-day money-back guarantee


• No international shipping

• Only available online

Customer Experience

The customer testimonials of Exhale Wellness are mostly positive. Having used Exhale’s products, customers feel that the brand does care about offering the best quality products to customers.

The CBD gummies have worked well for several customers. While a few have experienced relief from arthritis pain, others have experienced a drastic improvement in their quality of sleep.

Overall, the CBD gummies are premium and amazingly effective. Exhale Wellness CBD gummies are a must-try.

BudPop - Top Cannabis Brand for Hemp Edibles Online

2. BudPop – Top Cannabis Brand for Hemp Edibles Online

BudPop has made a name for itself as the most trendy and premium brand in the cannabinoid market.

BudPop is committed to offering you the best hemp products. It uses Nevada-grown organic hemp, and all its products are vegan. Plus, BudPop makes sure that all its products pass third-party lab tests for safety and quality. You can check out the lab test reports here.

Besides premium products, BudPop is also known for its premium service quality. The brand offers secure and fast shipping. Plus, there are varied and secure payment modes that you can use.

BudPop processes all orders within 48 hours. So, after you have received your shipping confirmation email, you can expect your orders to reach you within two to four business days.

The brand also offers a 30-day return policy, allowing you the chance to claim a refund for unused items within the stipulated period. Read more about the shipping and return policies here. To process returns, you can contact BudPop at

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop CBD gummies


BudPop premium-quality CBD gummies are available in four variants, each crafted to serve a different purpose:

• CBD + CBN Sleep gummies: With a blend of 25 mg CBD and 10 mg CBN (the sedative cannabinoid) per gummy, these are available in a mixed berry flavor.

• CBD + Ashwagandha gummies: These work best for managing your daily stress and anxiety. These gummies produce a relaxing effect, improve focus, and provide mental clarity. The gummies contain 25 mg of broad spectrum CBD and 150 mg of Ashwagandha extracts per gummy. These gummies are also available in a mixed berry flavor.

• CBD + CBG and Turmeric Gummies: These gummies contain CBD, CBG, turmeric, and black pepper extracts, and are very effective for recovery. You’ll find these gummies in orange flavor, and they work amazingly for digestion. The recovery gummies contain 25 mg of CBD per gummy, 10 mg of CBG, and 100 mg of turmeric.

• Watermelon Full Spectrum CBD Gummies: Each of these gummies contains 25 mg of full spectrum CBD. Their low THC content is perfect for improving your mood and helping you relax at the end of a long day.


• Premium vegan CBD gummies crafted for specific purposes

• Fast and secure shipping

• Positive brand reputation

• Third-party lab-tested products

• 30-day return policy

• Discounts available for veterans, disabled people, and military personnel

• Highly effective and available in yummy fruit flavors


• No international shipping

• Only available online

Customer Experience

Most of the reviews for BudPop are positive, as customers have loved the effectiveness, quality, and safety of the products.

While some of the customers experienced restful sleep with the CBD + CBN Sleep gummies, others have witnessed a gradual relaxation and improved focus after taking the CBD + Ashwagandha gummies.

Overall, the products are excellent, and the service quality is good. BudPop is worth a try.

HollyweedCBD - Popular CBD Gummy Edibles

3. HollyweedCBD – Popular CBD Gummy Edibles

The team behind Hollyweed consists of wellness-minded individuals who are experienced in the industry of medical cannabis. The brand attempts to deliver the positive effects of the cannabis plant to consumers. Hence, it is committed to crafting the best of products.

Hollyweed is on a mission to facilitate the wholeness of individuals. The broad spectrum CBD brand stands on the six pillars of wellness: spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, and social.

Hollyweed sells a wide variety of broad spectrum CBD and Delta-8 products, such as pre-rolls, flowers, carts, soft gels, tinctures, gummies, etc. Among the wide range, the gummies are some of the best-known CBD products by the brand.

Coming to the CBD companies policies and service quality by Hollyweed, the brand offers free economy shipping. Most orders get delivered within five to seven business days. Standard and expedited shipping options are also available wherein the orders reach you within five and three days, respectively. To know more about the shipping policy, click here.

Hollyweed also offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee wherein you can claim a refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD gummies


The naturally flavored broad spectrum CBD gummies by Hollyweed can satisfy your sweet tooth while working effectively for your overall wellness.

These 100% vegan gummies are flavorful and packed with benefits. You can start your morning with Hollyweed CBD gummies and even munch on one with your afternoon snack.

The broad spectrum CBD gummy cubes are cruelty-free. They are available in potencies of 300 mg, 750 mg, and 1500 mg. They are reasonably priced, and you can also opt for the monthly subscription order and save 25%.

The CBD gummies are all third-party lab-tested for safety and quality. The gummies are all-natural and do not contain animal gelatin. Plus, there are no synthetic agents in the gummy formula.

Overall, the broad spectrum CBD gummies made from Colorado hemp are non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and effective.


• Team of individuals experienced in the CBD market for over a decade

• Positive brand reputation

• Wide range of CBD and Delta-8 products

• The products are made from premium Colorado hemp

• All-natural and organic

• Gluten-free

• Dairy-free

• Third-party lab-tested

• 30-day money-back guarantee

• Free economy shipping; expedited and standard shipping also available

• Fast and secure delivery

• Responsive customer support

• Informative website

• Reasonable pricing with discounted monthly subscription


• No international shipping

• Limited variants of broad spectrum CBD gummies

Customer Experience

Most of the customers have had a positive experience with Hollyweed CBD gummies. The gummies are amazing in taste. They are naturally flavored, and the sweetness and the fruity taste are subtle.

Coming to the effectiveness, the gummies have been loved by customers for their calming and relaxing effects. They support overall body nourishment and help you get mental clarity, improved focus, restful sleep, and a calm mind.

All in all, the reviews suggest that customers are happy with Hollyweed CBD-infused gummies.

Cheef Botanicals - Most Potent Cannabis Gummies on Sale

4. Cheef Botanicals – Most Potent Cannabis Gummies on Sale

Cheef Botanicals has been in the industry for over 25 years. Established by a team of CBD enthusiasts, this brand is one of the most popular premium CBD brands.

The brand is on a mission to spread knowledge about the therapeutic properties of the natural, safe, and effective cannabinoids found in hemp plants.

Cheef Botanicals uses Colorado hemp sourced from licensed farms where the hemp is cultivated organically, with the utmost care. All its products are organic and free of fertilizers and chemicals. They are vegan, all-natural, non-GMO, cruelty-free, dairy-free, and third-party lab-tested for safety and purity.

Cheef Botanicals has a wide variety of CBD products—CBD oil tinctures, honey sticks, capsules, flowers, rolls, and joints, and more. All of Cheef’s products are highly rated and reviewed.

Coming to the services and policies of Cheef Botanicals, we found them quite user-friendly. The brand offers free and fast shipping to all 50 U.S. states. Plus, you get a 45-day money-back guarantee (30 days and a 15 day grace period).

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals 


The CBD gummies by Cheef Botanicals are infused with premium full spectrum CBD oil. The gummies are available in two variants—Vegan CBD Gummies and Vegan CBD Gummy Cubes.

Both the variants are cruelty-free and THC-free, and they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They contain no artificial flavors or colors. Plus, they are sweetened with organic brown rice syrup and organic cane sugar to ensure that there are no artificial sweeteners.

The gummies are available in 30-count bottles, and you can choose from the different potencies available.
The Vegan CBD Gummies are available in:

• 300 mg (10 mg/gummy)

• 750mg (25 mg/gummy)

• 1500 mg (50 mg/gummy)

• 3000 mg (100 mg/gummy)

The Vegan CBD Gummy Cubes are available in:

• 300 mg (10 mg/gummy)

• 750mg (25 mg/gummy)

• 1500 mg (50 mg/gummy)

These THC-free, 100% natural gummies are super strong and highly effective for overall wellness. Each bottle contains several mouthwatering flavors like elderberry, blueberry, kiwi, guava, and strawberry.

Cheef Botanicals also provides a dosage chart for CBD. According to the brand instructions, the dosage of CBD largely depends on body weight and type of condition. Check out the dosage chart here.


• 100% organic

• Vegan-friendly

• Non-GMO

• Third-party lab-tested

• Available in various potencies and assorted fruit flavors

• Positive brand reputation

• 25 years of experience in the industry

• Fast and free shipping

• 30-day money-back guarantee

• Reasonable pricing

• Simple yet informative website

• A wide variety of products

• Responsive customer support


• Cheef Botanicals does not ship products internationally

Customer Experience

Most customers are impressed with how well Cheef’s CBD gummies work for pain relief, stress relief, inflammation, insomnia, etc.

Customers are totally satisfied with Cheef’s products and service quality at such reasonable prices. Most customers have recommended Cheef’s CBD gummies, which are good to taste as well as highly effective for relaxation and sleep.

Overall, customers are impressed with Cheef Botanicals’ CBD gummies.

FAB CBD - Wide flavors in Cannabis Hemp Gummies

5. FAB CBD – Wide flavors in Cannabis Hemp Gummies

FAB CBD is on a simple mission to help you create the best lifestyle by offering the best products and extraordinary customer service. The brand has been around for almost 25 years now.

FAB CBD is driven by innovations, scientific research, technology, and, most importantly, customer needs. From sourcing to crafting the final product, FAB CBD fully invests its time and care into product development.

FAB CBD sources its hemp from Colorado, where it is grown organically, without the use of any chemicals. Plus, all FAB CBD’s products are third-party lab-tested. So, when it comes to quality, there’s no brand better than FAB CBD. You can rely on it.

Coming to the services of the brand, FAB CBD lives up to its promise of extraordinary customer service. You can enjoy free shipping within the U.S. on orders above $99. Also, you get a 30-day return policy. Read more about the shipping and returns here.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of FAB CBD


The Premium CBD Chews by FAB CBD come in two variants: Anytime and Nighttime.

The 25 mg Anytime vegan gummies are gluten-free, non-GMO, fruit-flavored, and Vegan. The gummies come in 30-serving bottles. They contain organic cane sugar, natural colors and flavors, pectin, citric, ascorbic acid, and CBD isolate hemp extract.

The Anytime Chews can be consumed at any time of the day. However, since the dosage varies, consult a doctor first.

Coming to the Nighttime Chews, these CBD gummies are acai-flavored and made with multiple functional ingredients, including CBD, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, Melatonin, Ashwagandha, and GABA. Available in bottles of 60 servings with 12.5 mg of CBD per serving, these gummies are also vegan, dairy-free, fat-free, and gluten-free.

The nighttime gummies are excellent for improving sleep patterns. They help you get optimal sleep so that your body functions well. Indirectly, these gummies prevent heart disease, excess weight gain, and other ailments.

The dosage for Nighttime Chews is one gummy an hour before bed. However, it is recommended that you consult a medical practitioner.


• Premium-grade organic hemp

• Gluten-free

• Dairy-free

• Non-GMO

• 100% organic

• Third-party lab-tested products

• Easy dosage and highly effective

• FAB CBD has been in the industry for over 25 years

• Extraordinary service quality

• 30-day return policy


• Free U.S. shipping is available on orders above $99 only

• No international shipping is available

• Prices might seem a little high

Customer Experience

Both the Anytime and Nighttime chews have received amazing responses from customers. While the Anytime gummies have helped customers kick start their mornings and actively complete their daily chores, the Nighttime gummies have improved the sleep quality for many customers.

Customers are also impressed with the taste of the gummies, as they are naturally flavored and leave no after-taste. The gummies taste like fruits. They are pleasant with subtle flavors and are greatly effective for managing daily stresses.

Overall, customers are thoroughly impressed with FAB CBD Chews and have recommended them to others.

How We Selected the Best CBD Gummies of the Cannabis Industry:

The buzz around yummy full spectrum CBD gummies has resulted in several CBD brands popping up and claiming to offer CBD at the lowest prices. However, not all of these claims are true.

The challenge is to determine the genuine brands that offer customers premium-grade CBD.

As we took up the research to find the best tasting CBD gummies on the market, we started by reading the brand practices. We gathered information on the company’s hemp source, lab testing, potencies, gummy variants, products, certifications, etc.

Furthermore, we read through the customer reviews and interviewed customers to know about their experiences with the broad spectrum CBD gummies. We also asked them about the brand service quality to gain insights into their overall experience with the brand.

In the final step, we tried out the hemp-derived CBD gummies. Our team tried out the CBD gummies from the shortlisted brands, and then we got our top CBD gummies on the market.

Considering our personal experiences, we created this final list of the best CBD gummies on the market. So, if you are looking for premium CBD gummies, our best five brands are just right for you.

Buying Guide – CBD Gummies Online

Finding the best CBD gummies on the market can be quite daunting. Before you decide to buy a specific brand of full spectrum CBD gummy, you must tick a few things off the checklist. Here’s a list of the important factors that you must look for before buying CBD gummies.

• Hemp Source

First things first. Check the source of hemp. The quality of hemp determines the quality of the final CBD product. Most reputable brands source their hemp from the U.S. and Europe. Most farms of the U.S. and Europe cultivate organic industrial hemp. Hence, the THC level is below 0.3%.

• Brand Reputation

Buying CBD products can be a challenge, especially for newbies. It isn’t always obvious which CBD brand has genuine products. So, it is always good to buy from a brand that is positively reputed.

Read the customer reviews. Check out their social media presence. This will help you understand if the brand focuses on quality or quantity. Go for the ones that choose quality and customer wellness.

• Lab Tests

One of the most important aspects that you must check is lab testing. Every well-known CBD brand ensures that all its ingredients and products are third-party lab-tested.

Check out the lab test reports and verify whether the products are free of harmful substances. The brands that do not share the lab test reports are not to be trusted. Go for the brands that maintain transparency.

• Ingredients

What you put into your system must be checked time and again. In the case of CBD products, check out the extract type. If you need full spectrum gummies, ensure that the product has full spectrum hemp extracts. You might also choose a broad spectrum or CBD isolate.

Next, check out the other ingredients. Go for CBD products that use organic ingredients, and are gluten-free, non-GMO, and dairy-free. Also, check if the CBD gummies contain artificial flavorings and colors.

Remember to identify ingredients that you might be allergic to. Avoid those CBD products.

• Price

When buying CBD products, remember that the price of CBD will mostly be on the higher side if you are looking for hemp-derived CBD products.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and capital to extract and manufacture CBD products. So, the high price for CBD is fair enough.

Set a standard budget before buying full spectrum CBD. Also, stay away from brands that claim to offer cheap CBD products.

FAQs About CBD Gummies & Hemp Edibles

Q1: Are CBD gummies safe to consume?

A: Yes, if you buy organic best CBD gummies from a reputable brand, they will be 100% safe. However, make sure that you check the lab test reports to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals or additives in the product.

Besides, if you choose any of the five brands we have listed, we can assure you of the highest quality, purity, and safety.

Q2: Are CBD gummies effective?

A: Yes, provided you buy premium CBD gummies after proper research. CBD gummies are the tastiest way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. It is easy to be incorporated into your wellness routine.

CBD gummies are effective for stress management. They help with relaxation and ensure restful sleep. Plus, full spectrum CBD gummies also improve mental clarity, focus, and reduce pain and inflammation.

Q3: How long does it take for CBD gummies to be effective?

A: Compared to vape products, organic CBD gummies take more time to be effective. Once you have snacked on a CBD gummy, you must wait for an hour or so to start seeing the effects of the CBD gummy.

This is an average estimation. Since experiences vary, some people might experience the effects of CBD gummies sooner (within 15 to 45 minutes) and others might experience it later (after an hour or so).

Q4: What is the standard dosage for CBD gummies?

A: In general, one to five CBD gummies can be consumed in a day. However, most of the brands recommend taking two or three gummies.

There is no standard dosage for CBD gummies. It might vary from person to person. So, it is up to you to follow the dosage as instructed by the brand. You can also choose to consult a medical practitioner before starting the CBD gummies.

Q5: How long do the effects of CBD gummies last?

A: As we have said, CBD gummies take longer to start working compared to vaping. Similarly, the effects of gummies and other CBD edibles last longer than vaping or smoking CBD.
High-quality CBD gummies bought from reputable brands give you a long-lasting effect for about six to eight hours. The peak effects of gummies occur after three to four hours of consumption.

Q6: Can you consume full spectrum CBD gummies every day?

A: Yes, you can. You must consume the gummies daily to see results. Make sure you maintain consistency in taking full spectrum CBD gummies. This will add to your overall health and wellness. Plus, you will be able to witness the effects sooner.

Q7: How do broad spectrum CBD gummies make you feel?

A: You cannot get high from broad spectrum CBD gummies taken at the right dose. With THC content below 0.3%, you should feel a subtle or mild high that makes you feel relaxed and at ease.

Full spectrum CBD gummies also do not make you high. However, you might feel a little euphoric. But you will be in all your senses to perform your daily activities. You may experience clarity — and better focus too.

Conclusion — Which Brand of CBD Gummies Is Best?

If you are still doubtful about broad spectrum CBD gummies, look nowhere else. Choose any one of the five best CBD gummies that we have listed. Rest assured, you won’t regret making this investment.

However, since the final decision is yours to make, you can also choose to do some research on your own. Find out the CBD gummies that best fit your needs. Snack on the yummy gummies while enhancing your overall wellness.

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