Best Payday Loans Online No Credit Check Instant Approval in 2022

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Unless you are Elon Musk’s kid, Jeff Bezos’s bosom buddy, or Warren Buffett’s roommate, 100% chances are you’ve needed urgent cash a couple of times in your life.

And, to handle those abrupt expenses, pay day loans are a good place to look at – you just have to choose the best payday loans online off the bat.

That’s where we come in; to help you cherry-pick the best quick loan services, like MoneyMutual, with its fast approval process.

That being said, we spared you the trouble and shortlisted the most reliable pay day loans right away.

Ranked on factors like lender reputation, APR rates, fees, loan amounts, fund transfer speeds, and more, these top-rated payday loans online can see you get a loan fast while giving you pleasant terms as well.

Best Payday Loans Online in 2022:

Disclaimer: Loans are great. However, make sure to live within your means and take loans that you can afford to pay back.

1. MoneyMutual – Best No Credit Check Payday Loans Online 


MoneyMutual Pros

  • 2M+ customers
  • Massive lender marketplace
  • Fast-tracked process
  • Amazing bad credit score loan guide
  • Secure certified

MoneyMutual Cons

  • Not easy to compare online lenders
Learn More

MoneyMutual is one of the best payday loans online.


The online payday loans lender has existed since 2010 and has attracted more than 2 million clients.

Along with this, MoneyMutual boasts a slew of positive customer reviews, too, demonstrating its knack for satisfying payday loan borrowers like you.

Above all, the company is also part of the Online Lender Alliance, suggesting its trustworthiness and commitment to the best market practices.

Right away, MoneyMutual gives you a nice leg up in finding a fitting personal loan with its array of lender networks. 

The lender marketplace doesn’t reveal its exact lender collaborations. However, it’s normal to find over 80 lenders online, which gives you a good edge in finding a personable lender.

That’s not even it.

MoneyMutual also has an impressive bad credit score loan guide which might also help bad credit borrowers land good loans too.

The best part is the loan platform understands the essence of emergencies. It says it in its motto – At The Speed of Life.

With this, their personal loan application form only takes five minutes to fill, and this is followed by an instant lender review, after which you can receive your loan funds within 24 hours.

One issue is that MoneyMutual lets you review one loan offer at a time, which makes loan comparison slow. Still, if you’re dissatisfied with an offer, the company can show you another offer you might like.

Lastly, MoneyMutual is certified by TrustedSite as secure. Thus, you can have peace of mind knowing your personal information is safe.

Pay day loan summary

  • Minimum Loan Amount – $100
  • Maximum Loan Amount – $5,000
  • APR Ranges – N/A

For Best Payday Loans Online Try MoneyMutual

2. CashUSA – Fast Payday Loans Online


CashUSA Pros

  • Transparent payday loans online
  • Extensive educational resources
  • Available in all US states
  • Tons of positive reviews

CashUSA Cons

  • Income requirements may vary
Learn More

CashUSA is like the poster child of the personal loan market.

On top of being popular, CashUSA earns its stripes with a large lender connection and convenient loan services illustrated by its high customer ratings.

Also, the company gives you APR (5.99-35.99%) and loan term estimates (90 days-72 months) of its lenders from the start, so you’re not blindsided by lender terms.

In addition, CashUSA strives to nurture your financial knowledge by offering extensive education tools on credit, finances, debt, and banking that can help you make informed future financial decisions.

While the service generally has minimal personal loan requirements, the income requirement may vary from lender to lender. 

Nonetheless, most lenders have an $800-$1,000 minimum monthly income requirement, which appears bearable for many borrowers. 

Lastly, you can take pay day loans here for any reason, whether it’s debt consolidation, wedding expenses, or medical bills, you name it. 

Pay day loan summary

  • Minimum Loan Amount – $500
  • Maximum Loan Amount – $10,000
  • APR Ranges – 5.99-35.99%

Fast Payday Loans Online With CashUSA

3. BadCreditLoans – Best Tailored Online Payday Loans

BadCredit Loans

BadCreditLoans Pros

  • Personalized payday loans online
  • Helpful scam education
  • Informative financial education
  • Extended lender network

BadCreditLoans Cons

  • Lower loan amount
Learn More

BadCreditLoans makes its name offering different types of emergency loans, which says you can land a personal loan deal that caters to your specific situation.

These customized loans include;

  • Personal loans
  • Credit card loans
  • Business loans
  • Student loans
  • Auto loans
  • Home loans 
  • Mortgage loans

Moreover, the company boasts an extra third-party non-lender network that can consider your loan request if you don’t close an offer with BadCreditLoans’ leading creditor network.

Again, BadCreditLoans is big on financial education, which includes scams and loan educational tools to help you make better and more secure financial moves.

On the downside, the service only offers pay day loans of up to $10,000. However, the good side is that it has no credit obligation; hence even a person with a poor credit score also has a shot.

In conclusion, if unfortunately, you don’t get a loan with BadCreditLoans the platform might send you credit-related offers like credit repair and monitoring that may help improve your credit score and creditworthiness.

Pay day loan summary

  • Minimum Loan Amount – $500
  • Maximum Loan Amount – $10,000
  • APR Ranges – 5.99 – 35.99% (90 days – 72 months loan terms)

Personalized Online Payday Loans With BadCreditLoans

4. Funds Joy – Great Different Types of Online Payday Loans


Funds Joy Pros

  • 60+ lenders
  • Wider loan types
  • Both short/long-term pay day loans
  • No hidden fees

Funds Joy Cons

  • Limited company info
Learn More

Funds Joy doesn’t tell much about its history. Instead, the company focuses on what it offers – fast and sustainable loans from reliable lenders.

Better yet, the platform is reported to have over 60 personal loan lenders, further boosting your chances of landing a personable lender and fast pay day loan.

Providing a variety of personal loans like;

  • Pay day loans
  • Home loans
  • Bad credit score loans
  • Cash advance loans

… Funds Joy can assist more people in finding a loan that’s tailored to not only their needs but credit type as well.

Along with the diverse loan offerings, Funds Joy creditors also provide both short-term and long-term pay day loans, hence you can pick a manageable repayment plan for yourself.

The first step of applying for a personal loan here, on average, takes just about 10 minutes, and in a few minutes too, you’ll receive a lender decision.

Again, once loan deals start coming through, you get the opportunity to assess the exact terms and even receive more offers if you’re not happy with the first. 

After closing a deal with a lender, you’ll usually receive the funds in your checking account fast – usually on the next business day.

Pay day loan summary

  • Minimum Loan Amount – $200
  • Maximum Loan Amount – $5,000
  • APR Ranges – N/A

Wide Range of Payday Loans Online With Funds Joy

5. PersonalLoans – Competitive Rates for Online Payday Loans

Personal Loans

PersonalLoans Pros

  • Lower interest rates
  • Wider loan amount range
  • Extensive loan type information
  • Amazing payday loans online guide

PersonalLoans Cons

  • May look at credit score
Learn More

PersonalLoans seeks to simplify unsecured personal loans by making them fast, straightforward, and transparent.

On transparency and straightforwardness, PersonalLoans gives you loan amount, loan term estimates, and specific loan type requirements from the onset to give you an idea.

While its lender APR rates (5.9-35.99%) are similar to most lenders here, user reviews hint that many PersonalLoans lenders gave them good rates.

Also, the lenders here send the loan directly to your account in one day, thus, you can sort out that financial fix urgently.

PersonalLoans is also available for people with bad credit scores. Still, they might review your credit score, which might impact the type of rates you get.

On the brighter side, the loan range is wide, from $1,000 to $35,000, which makes it inclusive for more people, especially those that need relatively large personal loan amounts.

Pay day loan summary

  • Minimum Loan Amount – $1,000
  • Maximum Loan Amount – $35,000
  • APR Ranges – 5.99-35.99%

Low Interest Online Payday Loans With PersonalLoans

6. – Most Secure Pay Day Loans

FastFund Pros

  • High-security systems
  • Loans from just $100
  • 24/7 availability
  • No loan reason limitation Cons

  • APR rates shown on review
Learn More

Right from the onset, gives you a good footing towards getting a loan with its wide array of approved online lenders.

Holding to its name, is available 24/7. Hence you can always apply for a loan anytime, and if you get the green light, receive the loan proceeds into your bank account the next day.

Also, the service offers unsecured personal loans for basically any reason; medical bills, home repairs, car fixes, tuition needs, holidays, weddings, and more, so you have lesser restrictions here.

Amazingly, lets you see your pre-qualified rates from the start; hence you can know what to expect.

The only thing is that it doesn’t show the estimated lender interest rates at the beginning. However, you’ll have the opportunity first to weigh a creditor’s loan terms before you accept an offer.

In summary, the lender market protects your personal information with advanced encryption technology and industry-recognized security to stave off the risk of identity theft.

Pay day loan summary

  • Minimum Loan Amount – $100
  • Maximum Loan Amount – $5,000
  • APR Ranges – N/A

Try for Online Payday Loans

7. 247 Dollar Loan – Small No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval

247 Dollar Loan

247 Dollar Loan Pros

  • Great for short-term payday loans online
  • Lower-income requirement
  • Open to all credit types
  • 2-3 minute application form

247 Dollar Loan Cons

  • Shorter loan terms
Learn More

For those that want a quick few hundred bucks, 247 Dollar Loan might be your best bet.

The platform works round the clock giving smaller loans of up to $1,000, making smaller payday loans online more accessible for everyone online.

And, by everyone, we mean it.

247 Dollar Loan can grant a pay day loan to people of all credit types, placing it as a go-to place if you have a thin credit history and not ideal credit scores.

To add, unlike most emergency loan lenders that have a $1,000 monthly income requirement, 247 Dollar Loan tones it down to $800, giving more people the chance to access loans.

Still, the company is known for pay day loans, which means you might not find many payday lenders on 247 Dollar Loan offering long repayment terms, but you might, however, find a couple.

Pay day loan summary

  • Minimum Loan Amount – $100
  • Maximum Loan Amount – $1,000
  • APR Ranges – N/A

Small Payday Loans Online With 247 Dollar Loan

8. – Both Big and Small Online Payday Loans

CreditNow Pros

  • Payday loans online from $100-$35,000
  • Hassle-free loan application
  • Incredibly fast lender response
  • Industry-respected lenders Cons

  • Newer loan service
Learn More builds its forte on a one-for-all loan service that provides both small and quite large loans.

Offering pay day loans from $100 for things like your utility bills to $35,000 for your large expenses like a mortgage or auto loan payment, is quite inclusive.

The lender seems to be a little newer to the online loan industry. However, that has managed to pull a network of industry-recognized USA lenders means they’re committed to providing you with a legit service.

What impressed us most is the astonishingly fast lender response that follows the first application. 

Besides, the company states that borrowers typically receive a lender decision in 90 seconds or less.

Even more, once you weigh the exact APR, fees, loan terms, and more details that a lender has to offer, you can receive the funds as fast as the next day if you finalize the loan deal.

To sum it up, also tries to connect people of all credit types, so more consumers have a chance to handle that rough financial situation they might be facing.

Pay day loan summary

  • Minimum Loan Amount – $100
  • Maximum Loan Amount – $35,000
  • APR Ranges – N/A

Payday Loans Online $100-$35,000 With

9. – Very Private Emergency Online Payday Loans

icash Loans Pros

  • No loan purpose questions
  • High loan approval success rates
  • Loans from $100 Cons

  • Mostly short-term loans
Learn More doesn’t pry into your business by not asking what you need a loan for, making it more private for you. 

On top of the respect for privacy, this service is known for short-term pay day loans of $100 – $1,000, and it could deliver in as fast as 24 hours.

Again, since the maximum loan amount here stands at $1,000, the company majorly gives shorter loan repayment terms, usually less than 6 months.

Lastly, because of these small loan amounts and possibly lower risks, iCashLoans could give you one of the best chances at a short-term personal loan.

Pay day loan summary

  • Minimum Loan Amount – $100
  • Maximum Loan Amount – $1,000
  • APR Ranges – N/A

Fast Loans With iCashLoans

10. – Simple Fast Loans

Better Loans mutual Pros

  • A+ BBB rating
  • 24-48 hours funding
  • Less initial request questions Cons

  • No additional financial resources
  • No loan term info until review
Learn More

Boasting a spread of approved lenders, strives to provide people with pay day loans based on the information they provide and not necessarily credit scores.

Unlike most emergency loan services, BetterLoanMutual doesn’t get much in your business by not asking why you need the unsecured personal loan in the first place.

Also, the company is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, which not only solidifies its trustworthiness but also credibility as well.

Only, doesn’t have financial resources for people that might fancy loan education and all, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem if all you want is quick access to a loan.

Pay day loan summary

  • Minimum Loan Amount – $1,000
  • Maximum Loan Amount – $5,000
  • APR Ranges – N/A

Wide Variety of Online Loans With

How We Chose the Best Small No Credit Check Payday Loans Online 

What’s the Company’s Reputation?

To start on a good base, we made sure to choose pay day loans that had some of the longest experience in the online loan lender market, as this longevity means they have sustainable practices.

Additionally, we selected creditor marketplaces that offered some kind of good practice evidence.

For this, many of the sites we selected are recognized by the Better Business Bureau, and many are members of the Online Lender Alliance to show that they are reliable companies.

More specifically, we dug into these lender marketplaces to see that their lender networks were also legitimate, and all these companies have a line of approved lenders.

To ensure we covered all the bases to assess customer satisfaction, we also pored through an array of customer review sites, only choosing emergency personal loans that had the most positive reviews.

Is the Eligibility Criteria Manageable?

Additionally, to see that many people had the opportunity to solve personal cash rough patches, we set out to select online payday loans that gave reasonable borrower requirements.

Some base requirements you might need are;

  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a stable income of at least $800 to $1,000 monthly
  • Have a checking account in your name

And, we realized that most consumers were able to meet these standards.

Do They Accept People With Bad Credit?

Also, to complement manageable loan requirements, we went ahead to make sure that the online payday loans we selected also gave people with bad credit loan opportunities.

As a result, all our online payday loans offer services to varied credit types and assess your ability to pay back the loan on things like your income, your debt to income ratio, and other information that you provide.

Fast Online Payday Loans With MoneyMutual

Are the Security and Privacy Features Good?

There have been a lot of concerns over disreputable online payday loans using consumer personal information wrongfully.

Keen on seeing that your information remains secure and away from identity thieves, we went with pay day loans that installed advanced encryption technology and industry-recognized security to protect your personal and financial information.

Even more, we went through these companies’ privacy policies and picked sites that were transparent with how they use your information, and that also gave you an option to opt-out.

How Easy Are They To Use?

For convenience, we wanted to give everyone an easy time, even those that haven’t accessed online pay day loans before.

With this in mind, all the companies we suggested will only take a few minutes of your time to put through a loan request.

Not just that, the lender decisions also come just as fast, some even instant, hence saving you a lot of time.

Better still, your loan is sent directly to your bank account, therefore eliminating the need of going to the bank to cash a check or something.

Possible Fees

Some explicit lenders from our recommended lender might charge loan fees.

Still, to see that you are not burdened with extra fees when you need to solve an emergency, we picked creditor marketplaces that charged no fees.

What’s more, we went ahead to ensure that these pay day loans had no hidden fees as well.

The APR and Loan Terms


Generally, our suggested payday loans online companies have interest rates of 3.59-35.99%, which seems to be the average standard in the quick loan industry, so we can say no one is charging you more than they should.

Pay Day Loan Terms

Equally important, we wanted to be sure that the loan repayment terms were agreeable with the loan amount being offered.

At first, we gave an edge to payday loans online companies that offer both short and long loan terms so that you had the chance to choose the repayment plan that was comfortable for you.

Again, for services that offered smaller loans, we saw that their loan repayment terms were not too short, and chose sites that would give you up to 6 months to repay a loan.

Pay Day Loan Terms

On the other hand, we see that large online payday loans gave borrowers longer pay day loan terms, but did not tie them down to a dragging repayment term. With this, a majority of large loan sites here offer terms of up to 6 years.

What’s the Funding Speed?

For simple fast loans – the online payday loans we chose here can deliver loan funds to your bank account 24 hours after loan approval.

Just keep in mind to have your account details and other requirements to speed up the process and receive your emergency money as fast as possible.

Best Payday Loans Online No Credit Check Instant Approval: FAQs

What Is a Pay Day Loan?

A pay day loan is generally any cash that is borrowed for unexpected expenses or urgent needs.

Online payday loans can be taken for a variety of reasons like medical bills, utility bills, home repair, car fixing, and more.

Additionally, online payday loans are also often used simultaneously with personal loans, which is credit that is taken for personal reasons, e.g. holidays, weddings, and debt consolidation loans, just to name a few.

How To Choose a Pay Day Loan Online?

How Much Do You Need

Online payday loans give different loan amounts. Some give small short-term loans, while some give larger long-term loans.

So, you must select a loan platform that would be able to give you the amount you need.

Your Credit Type

Again, if you have a good credit score, you have an advantage because you’ll stand a better chance of getting approved by most online payday loans while getting competitive interest rates while at it.

Fast Online Payday Loans With MoneyMutual

For people that don’t have a good credit score, you want to go with a service that accepts all credit types or one that caters to people with bad credit to stand the best shot of securing a loan.

Look at the Interest Rate

Generally, short-term online payday loans have higher interest rates than long-term loans. 

When taking a pay day loan, review the lender’s rates and do a rough calculation using their interest rates to see that you can handle the repayments.

Take Into Account Any Fees

Along with the APR rates, lender fees like origination fees or first work fees can affect how much you receive, your interest rates, and the amount you pay back in instalments.

For lenders that deduct fees from your loan amount, you want to assess that the money you finally receive will be able to handle your needs.

On the flip side, for online payday loans that add a fee to your debt, you can do a fast calculation and see the amount you’ll have to pay back and measure it against your financial ability.

Weigh the Loan Terms

Also, loan repayment terms can be short for small online payday loans and quite long for big loans.

You don’t want to be suffocated with a short loan term and don’t want to be held down with too long a repayment period. 

For this, you should choose online payday loans that give you enough time to repay your loan comfortably.

Where Can I Borrow Money Immediately?

You can borrow money immediately from online payday loans.

Online payday loans are known for allowing you to put forward a loan application in a few minutes and the loan proceeds typically in 24-48 hours.

And, to make it easier for you to get reputable online emergency loans, our recommended options are great places to start.

How Fast Can I Get a Pay Day Loan?

You can get a payday loan in as fast as one day.

Most online payday loans will send you loan funds the next day if you’re approved, and in some cases, you can even receive an emergency loan the same day.

Overall, how fast you receive your loan depends on how prepared you are with the relevant details, e.g. your bank account, personal, and employment details.

So, a good tip to receive an emergency loan is to have all your relevant details at hand when putting in a loan request.

No Credit Check Payday Loans Online With MoneyMutual

What Is the Easiest Loan To Get Approved For?

The easiest loan to get approved for is a payday loan.

A payday loan is also an example of an emergency loan and is usually a loan taken and meant to be paid with your next paycheck.

Payday loans are easy to get approved for because they usually need no credit obligation and are protected with your next salary. Hence the lender has a lesser risk to work with.

Which Loans Are Taken in Case of Emergency?

Loans taken in case of an emergency can include;

  • Payday loans: A short-term loan paid with your next paycheck
  • Personal loans: An short or installment loan taken for personal reasons
  • Credit Card Cash Advances: Short-term cash issued by your credit card provider depending on your credit card limit
  • Auto Title Loans: Credit taken against your car or part of your car’s value
  • Home Title loans: A loan that’s taken with your house as collateral

Can I Get an Emergency Loan From My Bank?

Yes, you can get an emergency loan from your bank.

Banks give unsecured personal and emergency loans usually if you have decent credit, a good low debt-to-income ratio, and a stable income.

Will an Emergency Loan Impact My Credit Score?

Emergency loans won’t generally impact your credit score as they are mostly not reported to the credit reporting agencies.

However, some companies may report loan defaulters to the credit bureaus, so you need to honor your emergency loan agreement to protect your credit reputation.

What Is the Minimum Credit Score Required To Get a Personal Loan?

A secured loan is a credit protected against an asset like a house or a car, while an unsecured loan is a credit taken without any asset.

For secured loans, the asset, also known as collateral, can be seized for the creditor to recoup their money, and for an unsecured loan, a defaulted loan agreement can be reported to the credit agencies and hurt your credit score.

How Much Money Should You Have in an Emergency Fund?

While people have different living expenses, many financial professionals say that you should set aside about 2 to 6 months of your living costs in an emergency fund.

Payday Loans Online No Credit Check Instant Approval: Conclusion

Pay day loans are lifesavers in the modern world, and when stuck with unexpected expenses, it’s good to know that there’s a fast and convenient path to borrowing money.

On this, our best emergency loans have what it takes for you to make a loan request anytime and even receive funds in one day if cleared.

A company like MoneyMutual has an astounding massive lender connection. Besides, it has also served over 2 million satisfied customers, and it takes our best emergency loan spot for its glowing reputation.

Get a Loan With MoneyMutual Today

Alternatively, and 247 Dollar Loan are other exceptional 24/7 quick loan options for people that want short-term loans.

All in all, it’s you that knows your unique loan needs; just make sure to choose a loan service that caters to you.

DISCLAIMER: Loans are great. However, make sure to live within your means and take loans that you can afford to pay back.

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