Best Online Psychic Reading Sites: Top 5 Online Psychics Of 2023


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Everyone desires to know what will happen in the future. However, we cannot tell the future except through tarot readings. The introduction of online psychic reading has made it possible for many of us to know the future. 

If you deal with untrustworthy online psychic reading sites, you waste your money and time. Why do you need a psychic reader? If you are constantly struggling or afraid of what the future will bring, some of the best online psychic reading platforms can help you. 

You don’t have to wait until life pushes you to experience the different phases of hardship before you do something about the future. For instance, you can use any of the online psychic readings to find out what to do to avert some impending problems. 

Sometimes, everyone needs adjustment in perspective. Tarot readings have made it easier for us to see life in a positive light. With these types of psychic readings, you can make sense of the many things happening in your head. You don’t do this alone, but with the help of a psychic reader.

Top 5 Online Psychic Reading Sites For Accurate Psychic Readings:

  • Kasamba: Popular Phone Psychic Readings For Astrology Answers  
  • Mystic Sense: Most Convenient Fortune Teller For Psychics 
  • Keen: Trusted Psychic Medium For Horoscope 
  • PsychicOz: Expert Psychic Reader For Live Chat And Tarot Reading 

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Platform

Purple Garden

In a very short time, Purple Garden has become one of the best online psychic reading websites worldwide. The platform offers exceptional quality services to its numerous customers.

Purple Garden offers accurate tarot readings, which makes it a popular stopover for people who want to have an online psychic reading session. Furthermore, the platform provides love readings, dream analysis, astrology, oracle guidance, and many more.

Many publications have praised the platform for its online psychic reading services. The platform has an interactive tool that helps you find the most suitable psychic reader for your life readings. 

Purple Garden features legally certified online psychic readers with years of experience in online tarot readings. 


You have the opportunity of finding real-time advisors on Purple Garden. The advisors ensure that clients find a psychic reader who can help them with their past life readings. Even if you want to explore spiritual readings, the platform has qualified experts who can guide you.

With its real-time services, clients can speak with their online psychic readers anytime. The website provides numerous clients with free initial minutes. First-time users enjoy this offer that allows them to experience real-time readings. 

In addition, the platforms help you understand the type of service they provide before you make your full payment. If you want to use the best online psychics, you can consider Purple Garden.

Although online psychic readings may not be easy to understand, many psychic platforms like Purple Garden have transparently rendered their services. Its algorithm ensures you get the right reader for your tarot reading when searching on its website.

Chat psychic readings have become more accessible with a mobile app. The platform has an interactive mobile app that can help your psychic readings by phone. In addition, Purple Garden has a unique feature called ‘Journeys.’ With this feature, clients can share their experiences on the platform to help others go through their numerology readings.

Journeys take care of issues such as career advice, finances, infidelity, breakups, and many more. Lastly, don’t forget to browse through the numerous features on the platform. 


  • Reliable and trustworthy brand
  • User-friendly site
  • Well-detailed reader profiles
  • Numerous readers
  • Video readings 
  • Different reading methods


  • Desktop site offers fewer features
  • Little educational support

Customer Reviews

Purple Garden got you with its psychic reading services if you want accurate astrological readings. Clients have good things to say about the platform, especially life-transforming experiences. 

After reviewing what users had to say, it is clear that this psychic reading platform provides the best services. Each psychic reader hired is tested and verified to help you with your love readings, dream analysis, tarot card readings, etc. Users also praised the platform’s excellent customer support department, which is always ready to answer users’ queries. 

=> click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. KasambaPopular Phone Psychic Readings For Astrology Answers


First-time users of online readings would appreciate how Kasamba created its official website. Kasamba can make you a believer in spiritual readings if you are curious about psychic reading sites.

The platform offers services ranging from chat psychics to psychic readings by phone. In addition, Kasamba provides first-time users free psychic reading online. With the free readings, Kasamba allows you to enjoy online psychic readings before you can make a payment. However, the trial period has a time frame which is barely a few minutes.

Kasamba started the psychic reading business in 1999 for millions of people who wanted astrological and tarot readings. However, the platform lacks psychic readings via email or chat. You can use Kasamba for your love readings, astrological readings, psychic reading services, and many more.


Kasamba is among the best psychic reading websites that offer clients profiles for their live psychic readers. Hence, you can learn about these readers’ past experiences, specializations, and types of psychic reading sessions.

Furthermore, you receive a satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to request a refund if you don’t like their services. You can receive at least a $50 refund. With Kasamba, you enjoy free psychic reading online for the first three minutes. You also earn a 50% discount on what you should pay for your online psychics.

Moreover, you can use the free minutes on different types of online psychic readings. As one of the best online psychic mediums, Kasamba practices high transparency in its services. 

Along with its high-quality services, Kasamba has an easy-to-navigate website. The website has all the details you may wish to know about psychics. While many people are skeptical about using online psychic mediums, Kasamba offers a richly informative website that has convinced many to try it.

You can read some of their articles on readings and the benefits of using the best online psychic readings. As a result, you can positively approach online psychic readings during your session.

Psychic advisors will help you pick the right psychic reading. You can request customized online psychic reading services if you want a special session. You can use different communication mediums for your sessions, even though it does not accept online chat.


  • Free minutes 
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Relatively cheap
  • Online chat
  • Great deals and discounts


  • First reading satisfaction guarantee only
  • No video call option

Customer Reviews 

Since it was founded, Kasamba has received thousands of overwhelmingly positive reviews. Users praise the platforms for offering professional services at low prices. Some praise the accuracy of the readings they got from Kasamba. Overall, if you are to decide based on reviews, this platform will be at the top of your list.

=> click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. Mysticsense.comMost Convenient Fortune Teller For Psychics

Mystic Sense

Mystic Sense is among the platforms that offer the best psychic readings. Psychic readers on this platform can provide answers to your many inquiries about the future. Like every other top psychic reading site, you can filter your search by expertise, topic, specialization, or numerology readings.

The platform has a variety of readings, including tarot reading, love readings, soulmates, energy healers, family issues, and so much more. So, clients searching for psychics online can depend on this platform for fast solutions.


Mystic Sense has enabled users to filter searching by theme. As a result, you can search for work-life balance, dream interpretations, sexuality, family, love, or friendship.

Furthermore, you can use the platform’s numerous psychic readings to overcome your difficulties in life. Your online chat can get accurate readings from their gifted psychics. 

Whether you want tarot, angel cards, ruins, reiki, dowsing, or other phone psychic readings, Mystic Sence has got you covered. The platform uses various techniques to handle your psychic readings online.

Mystic Sense stands out as one of the best psychic reading sites with a comprehensive search based on your psychic reading online. You can find straightforward, expressive, contemplative, and sympathetic psychic readers.

The best part is that you don’t have to step out of your home to have your psychic readings, as they are available through your phone. With the platform, you can use online chats or calls in Spanish or English for its online psychic reading service.

If you want the best psychic readings online, Mystic Sense goes further with its psychic reading services. At the same time, they employ periodic tests to ensure that the readers on the platform remain top-rated. 

You don’t struggle to book with the platform’s online psychic readers. In addition, you enjoy a competitive hourly rate depending on the psychic readers’ level of expertise. 


  • A variety of online psychic reading categories
  • Updated informative blog
  • Free first five minutes
  • Group forums
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Great deals
  • Budget-friendly


  • Prices can be relatively higher
  • No mobile app 

Customer Reviews 

Many people regard Mystic Sense as one of the best psychic reading websites. The availability of gifted psychics has made getting readings that can improve your mood easier. Consequently, users have left many positive reviews praising different aspects. Most users comment on the user-friendly website and the accuracy of the readings. 

=> click here to visit the official website of

#4. Keen – Trusted Psychic Medium For Horoscope

Keen Psychics

If you want cheap psychics but want to experience the best tarot reading services, you should consider using Keen. The platform has become a popular online psychic website for people on a tight budget.

Keen has some of the best psychic readers online when you need a platform for astrological readings. These psychic readers come from different backgrounds, each offering unique skills. With many top-rated psychics, users are assured of getting the best services without breaking the bank.

With Keen, you will receive a professional psychic reading session. The platform also offers Vedic, Mayan, and Chinese astrology. In addition, it provides different online psychic services to clients with the support of free resources and articles.

Overall, Keen is known to offer quality online psychic reading services. The platform updates its website with the latest information and services, and the platform has graced the pages of Refinery 29, Bustle, Women’s Health, and Cosmopolitan. 


Keen Psychics offers free minutes during your first psychic reading session. After the first three minutes, you will have to make a payment to continue using your phone psychic reading.

While the platform’s starting fees are low, it does not sacrifice quality when offering numerology readings. Moreover, the platform has over 20 years of psychic reading experience.

Keen has numerous tarot card readers who can help you answer your burning life questions. However, we must remind you that the platform does not screen its online psychic readers rigorously as other platforms on this list do. 

Therefore, read user reviews about the psychic readers before committing to online psychic reading on the platform. On the bright side, the platform has numerous gifted psychics that can offer top-quality services.

Keen offers you several online psychic reading sessions by chat or phone. The gifted psychics provide you with solutions directly sent to your email. With more than 1800 psychic readers to select from, you would have no problem staying long without tarot card readings. 

Whether you desire love readings, dream analysis, pet psychic, live psychics, or spiritual readings, the platform does not disappoint. The platform offers clients an interactive tool that can help them find gifted psychics based on what they searched for on the site. Keen has a psychic directory that can refine your search for readers.

As a result, you can receive readings based on user rating, availability, price, and other criteria. 


  • Dependable online psychic readings 
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Readings are kept anonymous and confidential
  • Accurate readings 
  • Numerous online psychics 


  • Does not support video chat

Customer Reviews 

In the psychic world, Keen provides clients with reasonably priced online psychic readings compared to some of the best psychic reading sites. Being a top psychic reading platform, Keen has earned many positive reviews. Users praise the platform’s psychics, terming them as the best in the world. Another outstanding aspect of this platform is that the services are cheaper than most similar platforms.

=> click here to visit the official website of Keen

#5. PsychicOz – Expert Psychic Reader For Live Chat And Tarot Reading

Psychic Oz

PsychicOz started in 1989 to provide users with the best online psychic services. Over the years, the platform has made it easier for people to interact with psychic readers. 

Although the platform has been in the psychic world before other platforms, it has not stopped offering outstanding psychic online readings. With the help of their psychic advisors, you can meet a reader with a unique set of skills to help you in your readings. 

In addition, the platform provides customer satisfaction through its accurate readings. PsychicOz provides dependable psychic services that ensure that clients get help from professionals.

The platform competes with the best psychic reading sites with professional psychic advisors. You can talk to the right tarot card readers through the site. Moreover, the website is seamless due to its easy-to-follow cues and smart design.

The platform has over 200 online psychics available to read to you 24/7. PsychicOz works as a video-only network. As a result, many clients prefer using the platform because of its interaction and live psychics. Furthermore, you can receive live feeds using the platform for your readings.


You don’t have to struggle to find your way around the platform. PsychicOz has an easy-to-use website, and first-time users find the right information to help them do their psychic readings.

Moreover, you can use its advanced search filter to group your readings based on rates, reading, and other features. PsychicOz also offers its clients cultural diversity with the number of languages available to users. As a result, you can have a psychic reader communicate with you in your local language. You can talk freely with psychic advisors if you have doubts about a service or want to learn more about free psychic reading online.

The platform offers readings through phone calls, online chats, and emails to connect with clients. Thus, you know the amount to pay for your phone psychic readings before your session, and you can compare the costs on the site before you make up your mind. 

When using PsychicOz, you don’t worry about hidden charges attached to what you pay. In addition, you can enjoy lucrative deals and discounts if you become a frequent user of PsychicOz.

PsychicOz provides clients with a transparent, secure payment option. Since many clients want to know how safe their sensitive information can stay online, this platform boosts the morale of millions of its users with advanced security features.

The platform ensures that only the best psychics make it through the rigorous hiring procedure. Aside from PsychicOz strict hiring procedure, it conducts verification on every aspect of its online psychics. The dedication exhibited by the platform shows how passionate they are when it comes to spiritual readings.


  • Video conferencing
  • Live feeds 
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Convenient mobile
  • Dozens of languages are available


  • Lacks emails or phone calls options

 Customer Reviews 

The platform offers you a variety of phone psychic reading options. As a result, users have found their services appealing. Meanwhile, past customers also praise the platform for offering multiple language options to allow people from all backgrounds to use the service.

=> click here to visit the official website of PsychicOz

And now for additional words from our sponsor

How We Made The List Of Best Online Psychics Of 2023?

We cannot recommend all the psychic readers and online tarot reading websites. Hence, we selected the five best online psychic reading platforms to help you with accurate readings. 

Our researchers carefully scoured the platforms with the most accurate psychic readings. We added online psychic reading websites that fit the criteria we listed in this section. The best online psychic reading platforms make it fun and more accessible for people to trust astrology and tarot card readings. Once upon an era, using a psychic medium was considered taboo in different parts of the world. 

However, with the introduction of the best psychic readings online platforms, you can stay in the comfort of your home and interact with online psychic reading. Many scammers have joined the lucrative business with the number of psychic reading websites. Therefore, we only used platforms that have a strong online presence. 

In addition, we considered user reviews and services rendered by the platforms we listed. We highlighted some of the most accurate psychic reading platforms online. We compared and read what customers say about these platforms to make our list. In addition, we checked independent forums and deduced how customers ranked these platforms. 

As a result, we justified our list with honest customer feedback. We did not neglect to place online psychic readings as a service rendering business. Without satisfying customers, a psychic medium may go out of business.

We only use psychic reading websites with honest customer feedback. Additionally, we balanced customers’ negative and positive responses. Aside from tarot card readings, every reputable psychic source offers a unique pricing package. For instance, some psychic reading websites request hidden charges or additional fees. 

We have psychic mediums that provide free psychic readings and subscription packages. Therefore, we checked for psychic reading websites with great deals and bonuses for their customers. Whether you call it astrology readings or psychic predictions, the online psychic reading sites do not offer different services. We made our list based on the robust nature of the services rendered.

We did not forget to check how the psychic readers interacted with customers. Some online psychic reading platforms provide anonymous support to ensure everyone feels comfortable. The security of a fortune-telling platform determines how customers can trust them. Online psychic readings must happen on secure platforms that would not leak sensitive information to a third party. 

Furthermore, customers should feel safe when they talk to psychic readers. As a result, we looked at the security measures put in place and the FAQ section of the online psychic reading platforms. We removed platforms with unclear refund policies, privacy, payment methods, etc. Meanwhile, we looked at how customers got their passwords verified.

We check the online psychic readers’ credibility and experience dealing with clients. The online psychic reading services we listed have strict screening systems for their psychic readers. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Online Psychic Readings: 

With the number of online psychic platforms, you should consider different factors before making up your mind about the online psychic reading platform you need. We have listed some of the factors you should consider. 

  • Methods Of Communication 

Psychics online require an effective communication system, and you should consider the contact method used by your preferred platform. With various psychic online readings, you can use email, phone calls, video, or online chat to interact with your psychic reader. 

The best psychics offer you convenient means of communication. For instance, some platforms can send your psychic reading to your email.

While chat has become a standard method of communication, you might want to consider video chat. Video chats make it possible if you want a similar communication like a face-to-face meeting. In addition, it allows you to connect better with your readers. 

People who want the best experience with online psychic readings prefer the video method. As a result, their psychic readers can analyze their body language, facial expressions, and environments.

Most of the best psychic reading sites provide different communication methods. Hence, you get more information and context during your session.

  • Trial Minutes

Many first-time users of psychic mediums want assurance that everything will be better. As a result, many reputable psychic reading sites offer trial minutes. You can enjoy the first three to five minutes of free psychic reading.

Some platforms offer discounted prices or lucrative deals for existing clients. In addition, consider platforms with a money-back guarantee.

  • Professional Experience

We listed some of the best online psychic reading sites that have professional experiences. You don’t use Phone psychics because of their marketing campaigns, so you should consider their years of experience. 

You might want to consider another platform if a psychic source does not have a solid online presence. Every platform has a wide range of specializations that might offer you support or not.

Before making payments, you should know what you want from the best online psychics. Of course, don’t forget that some competent platforms might not have a strong online presence or experience.

  • Customer Feedback

Without customer feedback, many fake psychic platforms may get away with their services. As a result, you should read the customer reviews of a platform to help you learn about every aspect of such service.

With customer reviews, you can avoid platforms with shabby business dealings. You learn more about a psychic reader than what you find on most platforms. 

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

The reason a psychic reading site provides you with guaranteed satisfaction is to assure you of its high-quality services. You need a sort of money-back refund policy, especially for first-time users. 

The guaranteed satisfaction can come in the form of free psychic reading. However, some platforms have psychic advisors who can direct you on what to do at every point. 

  • Tarot Card Reading 

Millions of people use tarot card reading as their numerological readings. The popular psychic reading online option works uniquely, allowing users to seek answers to some of their nagging challenges with logical minds. Before your online psychic reading sessions, you should frame the questions troubling you. Also, you need a clear and calm mind to use a tarot card. 

  • Types of Card Reading

Many people do not have an idea how tarot cards work. We have two card types: the Minor Arcana and Major Arcana. The latter has 22 cards, while the former has 56 cards. In total, the 78 cards offer a visual representation of your past, present, and future.

In addition, each card offers an important symbol, meaning, life situation, and karmic influence. When you combine the cards, you receive different interpretations. 

The Minor Arcana has four suits, four court cards, and ten numbered cards. For instance, the numbered one card shows the beginning of an event or situation, while the tenth card discusses the end of a matter. The count cards display insights into circumstances depending on a unique individual level. Additionally, the Wands, the Pentacles, the Cups, and the Swords representing the four suits have different areas they handle.

Psychic readers use the picture interpretation of a card you pull to make their judgments. The card you presented to the reader can tell more about your present life. 

  • Cards Functionalities

Regarding a three-card you pulled, the first card tells about your past events, the second shows what happens in your present state, and the last card can say more about your future. During online psychics, Major Arcana displays more about your life and tells the significant adjustments in your life. You receive powerful and vital messages from the Major Arcana deck.

Furthermore, the card displays the onset and end of some significant events in your life. However, the Minor Arcana cards talk about the mundane things or temporary transitions of your life. As a result, the card has no significant influence on your life. Before you consider using tarot reading, we advise that you clear your mind. As a result, you can receive an enhanced visualization and better focus.

You have to shuffle the card deck properly before your psychic reading session. If you want answers about a particular need, you should be specific with your questions. Meanwhile, if you want to represent another person, you must feel the card’s physicality and reflect on the moment. 

Online Psychics Vs Psychic Near Me:

Many people want to know the difference between online and offline psychic reading sessions. Since most of us have busy schedules that might not allow us to visit mediums, we can use online platforms for such purposes.

You can use online platforms if you desire personal insight into your life from your home. However, if you want to meet the psychic reader, you can visit the person’s office. 

Whether you use online psychics or offline sessions, you should know their pros and cons. Regardless, you don’t rush to pick a reader or platform; you should do your homework on your selected platform.

Do not forget that the way you present yourself or encounter a psychic reader determines how you would get your answers. 

Offline meetings require scheduling to meet a reader. As a result, this could leave you with some restrictions. However, an online psychic reading eliminates the unnecessary waiting period.

In addition, many seekers may be scared or hesitant to meet strangers for their psychic reading sessions. Thus, offline may not offer a free communication flow. 

FAQs Regarding Top Psychic Reading Sites 

  • Is psychic reading online worth trying?

Online psychic platforms allow you to communicate freely with different psychics. However, not all platforms are worth giving a try. Some are scams. Therefore, always do background research before deciding on a platform. Top platforms like those featured in this list are worth every penny they charge. They feature top-rated psychics. You don’t get stuck with a particular reader because of the flexibility to change a reader or platform. 

  • Which of the best online psychics should I use?

We listed five of the best online psychic readings above. You can pick any of these platforms for your free psychic readings, especially for newcomers. Most of the mentioned platforms have been with us for a long time.

Hence, they exude great reputation and credibility when you use any of them for your psychic readings.

  • How can I select the best psychic websites?

First, go through our recommendations. If you are skeptical about our choices, you can refer to our buying guide for crucial factors to remember when choosing the best psychic website. One of the most important aspects is to check user reviews. If a platform has too many bad reviews, chances are that platform is a scam. Other things to consider are the price, type of online psychics they offer, and method of communication.

  • How can I identify a fake psychic source?

Customer reviews can help you make your selection fast. You should check the positive and negative reviews about a psychic source and read what clients say about the platform. As a result, you can easily pick out fake online psychics.

  • Can I trust the accuracy of a free online psychic reading?

Depending on your mindset, online psychic reading can give you high prediction accuracy. In addition, it also depends on the platform and the skill of the psychic reader. You should have a common spiritual goal with your reader to get the best results from online astrology sites. While some sites offer bogus readings, the platforms on this list provide genuine readings.

  • How can I pick the ideal psychic reader online?

You need to check the background of the psychic platform before signing up. Some of the platforms we listed have the best readers online. Nevertheless, most psychic reading platforms post the bios of their readers on their official websites. Always consider the psychic’s specialty and check if they match the type of reading you want.

  • How can I prepare for my psychic readings?

It would help if you had a clear mindset before starting your psychic reading session. Therefore, you need to make your appointment on time. You should stay away from distractions and pick questions that require easy answers.

  • What will I experience during an online psychic reading session?

Before you consider using online psychics, you should know that it must deal with your inner spirit. When you talk about your purpose of coming, the psychic reader uses special powers and skills to concentrate their inert energy on your requests. Eventually, you will receive answers to your nagging questions or inquiries. 

  • How do online psychic websites work without my physical presence?

Most psychic mediums rarely mind if you meet them face-to-face or use online sessions, and geographical limitations do not affect their readings. As a result, you receive an accurate psychic reading, offline or online. When you connect spiritually with a reader, you can get your answers in due course, whether you are with them or not. 

  • Are online psychic platforms real?

Online psychic platforms offer a real experience for people who want to know about their past, present, or future happenings. However, numerous fraudulent mediums can take your money without giving you correct readings. Therefore, always be careful before spending money on an online psychic reading platform.

We made things easy for you in this article by discussing the top online psychic platforms. You can also refer to our buying guide for essential factors to keep in mind when choosing a platform.

  • Will psychic reading give me correct answers?

You can receive accurate psychic readings about your life from these clairvoyants. However, you should know that they may not offer concrete instructions, and you will only receive insights. However, you decide how to improve your life with the instructions offered. 

  • How can a psychic reader tell me things?

The accuracy of what you receive from a reader depends on your state of mind and the reader’s experience. While some readers can read your mind during free psychic reading sessions, others can predict your future with items like magic balls or tea leaves. However, they only give an overview of the future, not the exact details.

  • Can an online psychic platform predict future happenings?

Well, online psychics can only guide you as you head to your future. They do not provide concrete answers to future events. Moreover, it all depends on the skill level of the reader and the type of reading.

 An important thing to keep in mind is that the events of the future are fluid. This means they are constantly changing depending on current actions. Therefore, predicting the future accurately may be challenging.

Conclusion – 2023’s Best Online Psychic Reading 

To that end, we hope that we have made things much easier for you as you choose your best online psychic reading platforms. We only picked the best platforms to help you with your past, present, and future happenings. You can also refer to our buying guide for the key aspects to look for when looking for an online psychic reading platform.

As a takeaway, we recommend you learn the policies of the reading platform you want to use. This will save you from future disappointments.

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