2022’s Best Short Term Loans: Top 4 Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit 

2022’s Best Short Term Loans: Top 4 Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit 

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She never imagined that an apparent innocuous failure committed years ago would catch up with her like a relentless nemesis.

Almost a decade ago, soon after her divorce, when she was struggling to make ends meet, she missed the date of paying her monthly installment for a small loan she had taken to meet an emergency. Her credit score dipped, tainting her for life. Today, when she requires a small loan, to her horror, she found out that she has been branded incapable of paying off debts.

Banks and mainstream lenders of all hues have shut their doors on her.

This single mother in her mid-forties has joined the millions of Americans for whom opportunities of securing a loan have become almost impossible.

We are sure many of you are facing similar challenges. But, there is light at the end of this long dark tunnel. There are a few lenders who will still stand by your side, extend a helping hand, and offer you short-term loans. In this article, we will tell you about a few online virtual financial marketplaces where you can find lenders willing to lend to you despite your bad credit score.

These marketplaces are not direct lenders but rather facilitators who connect borrowers with the lenders and vice versa. This article will analyze and review four virtual marketplaces with a vast network of lenders willing to provide the best short-term loans to people with abysmal credit scores.

Top 4 Best Short-Term Loans for Bad Credit [2022]:

1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Short-Term Loans With Bad Credit Score
2. Bad Credit Loans – Top Payday Loans Lenders of Small Loans 
3. CashUSA – Popular for Instant Cash Approval of Short Term Loans
4. Personal Loans – Trusted Personal Loans for Bad or No Credit Check

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Short-Term Loans With Bad Credit Score


MoneyMutual was founded in 2010 with a motto of connecting borrowers with the best short-term loan providers by using a simplistic process. The facilitator’s ambition is to make the process of getting short-term loans approved faster and easier. Also, it offers one of the most secure processes to get cash in the borrowers’ accounts as soon as possible.

According to the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households Report, 40% of Americans would not be able to come up with just $400 during an emergency. Thus, they formed a large network of unique money lenders you can fall back on in times of crisis or emergency, even if you have a dismal credit score.

Anyone can access the site; just fill in a few necessary details and access lenders’ service. This way, one can save themselves from going through different lending sites individually and filling out forms separately. At MoneyMutual, lenders are willing to offer you loans of up to $5,000.

The borrowers need to be of 18 years or above and have a monthly income of $800 per month. In addition to all these, the lending facilitator has a separate educational resource to keep you informed about everything related to borrowings and credit scores.


• Convenience application process

When applying for a short-term loan a few years ago, one had to wait virtually endlessly only to know if they were eligible for a loan or not. MoneyMutual has changed the concept altogether. The company made it easy for the borrowers to connect to multiple lenders anywhere, sitting at home or office.

• Easy eligibility criteria

MoneyMutual understands your needs and has very compassionately kept the eligibility criteria of borrowers simple. A potential borrower must be over 18 years of age, be a U.S. citizen, have an active bank account, and have a monthly earning of at least $800. The facilitator isn’t very rigid about your credit scores.

• No extra fees

Another good point we liked about MoneyMutual is they do not charge any extra fees for their service. That is nice, as nowadays, getting a payday loan or credit without the feeling of getting scammed is rare. There is a constant feeling that the company is trying to take advantage of you. However, MoneyMutual removes the doubt by providing a free application service.

• Speedy process

Our last essential factor to consider about MoneyMutual is the speed it facilitates your personal loan. In banks and other mainstream financial institutions, the process is painstakingly slow, and often it happens that when you finally find the cash in your account, your need is no more. At MoneyMutual, you can expect the money in your bank account within 24 hours.


• Funding up to $5,000
• Trusted choice of over two million people
• Funds can be available in as little as 24 hours
• Safe and secure
• Easy repayment methods
• Simple application form and criteria


• Not available in New York or Connecticut

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual


#2. Bad Credit Loans – Top Payday Loans Lenders of Small Loans

Bad Credit Loans

As you may have guessed by the name, Bad Credit Loans are another platform or a virtual financial marketplace providing short-term loans to people with a bad credit score. Some lending partners at Bad Credit Loans don’t even have a credit requirement. Bad Credit Loans has so far served over 750,000 people with bad credit scores in need of loans.

To be eligible for loan approval, one needs to have a consistent income, free cash flow, and a good income-to-debt ratio. At Bad Credit Loans, a prospective borrower can get a short-term loan of up to $10,000.

The platform’s blog provides borrowers with all relevant information related to borrowings, the legalities, and the best way to avoid falling into any debt trap.

Unlike the banks, lenders at this platform, too, process your loan application fast, and they usually take 24 hours to deposit the money you need in your bank account.

Bad Credit Loans also has a strong privacy policy with encrypted software to keep your data safe and hidden. You don’t have to worry about your payment details getting leaked. Also, there is no chance of a scam as the platform is entirely free of charge, and you do not have to pay any fees for availing of the service.


• Variety of services

It is not that Bad Credit Loans only facilitates loans. There are other types of services as well. The brand actively takes part in charity and other related activities. Moreover, the company has also published extensive financial education articles to help people know how to spot scams. So, you can find a separate page on the website called scam alert, which anyone can access free of cost.

Bad Credit Loans also educates people on how to spend their money wisely, plan their budget, how to never miss a loan deadline, and how to request a loan.

• Application process made easy

Applying for a short-term loan through this facilitator is easy. Its website is highly navigable and clear.


• Loan ranges from $500 to $10,000
• Simple form with a quick funding option
• When approved, you can get the money as fast as the next business day
• The loan repayment period ranges from 3 to 60 months
• Full maintenance of privacy and security
• Credit repair service available for boosting up your scores


• All eligibility criteria have to be met for approval of the loan request

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bad Credit Loans


#3. CashUSA – Popular for Instant Cash Approval of Short Term Loans


CashUSA is an excellent place to access multiple loan options and compare them side-by-side to find the best one for yourself. However, make sure you read all terms and conditions before you decide on your lender, as most people ignore it and end up getting stuck with a bad offer.

Also, as there is a large network of different lenders available at CashUSA, it is evident that requirements will vary. In other words, where some lenders won’t look at your credit scores, some will require you to have a credit score above 700 to grant a premium loan.

CashUSA does not charge any fee to borrowers The platform also is completely encrypted according to industry standards. Your data is safe with CashUSA.

Now coming back to the loan process, the criteria is simple: you need a monthly income of $1,000 after tax. Also, you should have a good debt-to-income ratio and free cash to pay the online lender back on time.

The repayment period is flexible here. Most loans are required to be paid back over anywhere from 3 to 72 months. It helps two kinds of customers of CashUSA: one who wants to get rid of the pressure of paying back the loan as soon as possible, and those who require a stretched-out repayment period to be able to afford the repayment.

Moreover, the interest rates are highly competitive, ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%. The lenders usually fix the interest depending on the loan amount, repayment period, and credit score. However, you may be able to negotiate the interest if you find it too high.

At CashUSA, a loan application is processed and approved at express speed. The lenders at this platform usually take minutes to approve and less than a day to disburse a loan.


• Robust privacy policy

CashUSA sees that all of their customer’s details and information are protected at all costs. The platform also works to secure the identity of those who visit the site only to explore. The facilitator only provides relevant and necessary details of the customers to the lender to facilitate the approval process. However, the website (CashUSA) never uses information of the customers/prospective borrowers for any other purposes.

• Educational resource

As mentioned earlier, CashUSA is much more than just a short-term loan facilitator. It educates people about payday alternative loans and other related matters for better decision-making. Moreover, the educational resources are available on the website of CashUSA for free.

• Fast approval

At CashUSA, your loan application will take only a few minutes to get approved. The lenders at this platform understand your urgency and know that any delay will only subvert the purpose of the loan. And, once your application is approved, you can be assured that the money will flow into your bank account the next business day.


• Can get a loan of up to $10,000
• Simple and fast approval and funding
• Money deposited within one business day after approval
• Highly secured transactions


• Service is only accessible to U.S. citizens or permanent residents

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA


#4. Personal Loans – Trusted Personal Loans for Bad or No Credit Check

Personal Loans

Personal Loans’ website is designed keeping in mind the duress of those who usually visit. The site, therefore, is minimal, elegant, navigable, and easy to use. At Personal Loans, you can get a loan of between $1,000 and $35,000 and at lightning speed. So, if you are in haste or if your need is extremely pressing, submit your application at Personal Loans.

On this site, you can get loans for home improvement, payday loans, bad credit loans, medical expenses, etc. It facilitates both short-term and long-term loans that can be repaid between 90 days and 72 months. The interest rates vary between 5.99% and 39.99%.

Remember, the interest on the loan will depend largely on your repayment. If you pay your loan back quickly, the interest you will have to pay will be significantly lower. But, if you take a long-term loan and decide to pay it back in 72 months, you will accrue a much larger interest fee.


• Multi-purpose loans

Personal Loans does not place restrictions on what your loan must be used for. They make money available for people with any type of financial need. So, whether you want to refurbish your home, travel to another place, or want education funding, you can apply for a loan at Personal Loans.

Applying for a loan on this site is free, and there are no complex eligibility criteria other than the standard ones.

• Simple system

The application process is fast, easy, and straightforward. Personal Loans will forward your loan application to multiple lenders willing to approve your loan in only a few steps. After the lender accepts the request, you will receive your funds within 24 hours.


•  Can get a loan of between $500 and $35,000
• Offers loan on highly flexible terms
• Fund are made available within one business day after approval
• No restrictions on how the loan is used
• Highly competitive interest rate


• Not a direct lender

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans

How We Made the List of Best Short-Term Loans for Bad Credit:

When we started researching the top short-term loan options available in the financial market for bad credits, the list turned out to be huge. They were all in high demand and fulfilled the desires of the people. We attempted to shorten the list by going through the websites of all the options to check their authenticity. We even looked at their customer review sections to get an idea of their service and policies.

It provided us with a lot of information to avoid being exploited by false sites. Next, we paid attention to the different factors that make a company the best short-term loan option, like eligibility criteria, interest rate, added benefit, and partners.

We filtered out only those companies which met the standard we had set. However, we were still not satisfied, so we surfed multiple articles and reports to hand-pick the best options. We looked into their processes and checked the time they usually take to approve a loan application. At last, we came up with the four best short-term loan options of 2021 for bad credit. You can use their services if you are in an emergency.

Factors we considered: 

When we were shortlisting our options for short-term loan platforms, we kept in mind the following factors:

• How easy it is to meet loan approval terms and conditions
• Maximum time of repayment allowed by the different lenders
• Transparency of the platform and whether there are hidden charges
• Clearly stated repayment time, interest rate, and other factors
• Speed and ease of the approval process
• Reputation of the lender and if it had a bad image in the past
• The minimum credit score required to be eligible for a loan
• How long until approval and transfer of funds
• Lenders adherence to federal regulations

After getting a satisfactory result, we added the names of the providers on the list. So, you can be assured that if you take the service from these facilitators, you won’t be deceived by high-interest rates or out-of-the-blue charges. Now, look at our list of four.

Things To Know Before Choosing Your Best Short-Term Loan Provider:

We understand what a terrible financial struggle you may be caught in. Your credit rating is already bad enough. Banks and mainstream financial institutions have already stigmatized you as unfit for any loan, and falling prey to a secured loan shark is perhaps the last thing you would like to happen in your life. You, therefore, must remain extremely cautious in trusting any online loan facilitator.

There are hundreds of them crowding cyberspace. Every single one of them is pretending to be a great friend. An overwhelming number of them seek to pull you into a debt trap and leave you with an exorbitant interest rate.

Read this section of the article very carefully as it aims to guide you to the right facilitators and make you aware of the fundamentals of borrowing. This section will also help you find the right short-term loan facilitator.

#1. Do not borrow loan amounts that you can afford to pay back. The first rule to smart borrowing is always keeping in mind your income and expense rate. You do not want to fall into the trap of taking one loan to repay the other one.

#2. Many lending companies will provide you with a repayment period as long as 72 months. You may have to pay smaller installments towards repayment of the loan but will have to pay hefty interest, and ultimately you may end up paying double the amount you took as the loan. However, it is best to take a loan for the shortest length of time.

#3. Be disciplined when it comes to repayment. Whether it’s a short-term or a long-term loan, you must not miss the date on which you have to make your installment payment. Missing even a single date can lower your credit score and your chances of getting bad credit personal loans in the future.

#4. Never take a loan to make investments. Such a move will only be counterproductive. The interest you will have to pay on a loan will always be significantly higher than the interest you earn from investments.

#5. Before you apply for the loan, make sure you plan what to do with the amount. You should first list down the essential things that need to be done with the borrowed money. Do not let cravings and temptations ruin your peace of mind.

#6. Remember that every site that promotes itself as the best is not always the best. There are scammers in the market, too, so make sure to do your research correctly. You can identify the scams by state registration, upfront fees, reviews, and phone offers.

#7. Each lender has a different percentage of the fee. They can charge additional costs in the shape of origination fees. So, consider these factors and choose the one with the lowest amount.

Steps To Remember Before Taking a Short-Term Loan:

There are many reasons for taking short-term loans, and mostly the reasons are unforeseen and urgent. Down here, you will find ways to get a short-term loan effortlessly.

#1. Determine the amount you need

Nobody wants to get a loan that they cannot afford to pay back. So, it is wise to know your needs and the amount of money you need to meet your requirements very precisely. Then sit down with your calculator, and find out precisely the amount you would have to repay along with the interest amount.

#2. Consider different options

Compare all the options before taking short-term loans. If you don’t do that and settle for a loan, you may run the risk of getting duped. For example, let’s say you take out a short-term loan repayable in 60 days against 20% interest. After taking the loan, you find out that your friend, too, has taken a loan of the same amount, also repayable in 60 days but against 15% interest. You would have no one but yourself to curse and blame. You did not compare and consider all the options.

#3. Apply for the loan

After you have found the best deal for yourself, start with the application process. Usually, the short-term loan provider does not have lengthy application forms. So, make sure you fill in every detail correctly and promptly.
A tip for you: before you start filling out the application form, make sure you have figured out the reason for your loan and have every detail of your finances on hand.

#4. Submit necessary documents

The lending company will ask you to submit certain identification documents supporting proof of citizenship, monthly income, and identity when submitting the form. For example, you can upload a copy of your driver’s license or residential proof.

#5. Successful transaction of loan

Soon the lender will notify you if your loan request has been approved. At last, finalize the documents and accept the agreement to get your loan amount transferred to your bank account.

Now, when you have the loan amount, do not forget to mark the first repayment date. If possible, set up an automatic payment account service so that you never miss an installment.


FAQs Regarding Short Term Loans for Bad Credit:

Q.1: What is the exact definition of a short-term loan?

A: In simple terms, a short-term loan is an amount borrowed for a short period for an emergency. For example, companies apply for a short-term loan to pay off their bank overdraft to meet their working capital needs. The repayment period mainly depends on the debt type availed by the borrower. Usually, it ranges from 3 to 12 months.

Q.2: Where can I get a short-term loan with bad credit?

A: Getting a short-term loan with a bad credit score is always hard. However, many lenders are willing to grant you a loan against high interest. So, if you are searching for an option, there are two primary sources you can tap into:

• Direct lenders: When we say direct lenders, we mean credit unions, local banks, online banks, and other online direct lenders. When you apply for a loan from these sources, they come straight from the financial institution that decides whether to approve your loan or not.

• Online personal loans: Another option is approaching online lending networks to carry your loan application. They will connect you to several lenders who are willing to do business with you. You just have to fill out a form and apply. When having a bad credit history, it is better to apply for a loan through this source as they have a vast network of connections, so if one lender declines, another may step forward and make an offer.

Q.3: How long does it take until the amount is transferred?

A: The time usually varies from lender to lender; however, most lenders try to credit it fast. Many claim to transfer the money within 24 hours of approval, but not all lenders release the money that fast. Some of them even take as long as four to seven days to credit the amount in the borrower’s bank account.
The lenders we have reviewed in the article do not usually take more than 24 hours after approving a loan application to deposit the money in the borrower’s bank account. These online lenders are quick to help you in your time of crisis and emergency.

Q.4: Is it possible to get a short-term loan with bad credit?

A: Well, the answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. To have a bad credit score is a huge disadvantage in America. Banks and many other financial institutions will never offer secured loans unless you take adequate measures to improve your credit scores.

But, be informed that America is a land of opportunities, and anyone can find chances to bounce back. There are indeed many lenders who would not be as rigid as the banks. They will stand by you in your time of need even after your credibility has plummeted to rock bottom. So, be assured that although your bad credit score is a disadvantage, you still can get loans.

Conclusion – Best Short Term Loans for Bad Credit in 2022:

To all of you with poor credit scores, we can say what John Milton said years ago — “What though the field be lost? All is not lost….” True, your bad credit rating has shut many doors on you. But, a few have still kept theirs open because they respect your right to live with dignity. And, unlike banks and other mainstream financial institutions, these lenders will not leave you without any way out of your emergency.

We were deeply moved to see the plight of people like you with bad credit scores. The four online lending marketplaces for the best online payday loans reviewed in this article can become your lighthouses. They have saved the financial state of numerous individuals. We are convinced they can save yours too.

If we were in your place and had to pick one among the above four, we would select MoneyMutual because they have an extensive network of lenders, safe transaction mode, and minimum interest rates. But to get a loan for travel or other reasons, we would pick Personal Loans as our credit partner because they are the ones who provide a multi-purpose personal loan.

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