THC Detox: Best Ways How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

THC Detox

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There are several reasons why someone would want to get THC out of their system, the most common being having an impending drug test and wishing to pass it. Aside from this, other factors influence why a person may want to flush THC out of their body as well. 

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure — there is no THC detox method currently available that can guarantee you will pass a drug test. However, trying out the following detox solutions will undoubtedly prove useful at helping you eliminate traces of THC from your system with time. 

4 THC Detox Products You Should Try 2023

Now more than ever, there are various detox solutions available for those who would like to be THC-free, no matter the reason. Unfortunately, most of those who use THC are not aware of the existence of such methods and rely on their body’s natural processes to get rid of it for them. The trouble with this is that it could take weeks, maybe even months, for evidence of weed usage to leave your body. 

An effective solution here, and an alternative to simply waiting for its effects to fade, is using a THC detox method. The advantage of using this solution is that it comes with a variety of options. A popular one is to purchase detox drinks or pills and follow a set program to rid yourself of THC within a stipulated time frame. Another option is to use home remedies instead and hope for the best. Here are some methods from which you can choose.

  1. Mega Clean Detox Drink
  2. 5 Day Detox Pills by Toxin Rid

While different weed users have different preferences concerning detox methods, we can say both of the aforementioned ways have shown themselves to be somewhat effective over the years. So, let us explore these methods in-depth below. 

#1. Mega Clean Detox Drink


Mega Clean Detox Drink is one of the most popular THC detox kits in the market today because it provides value for money and is claimed to be effective. Not only does this drink cleanse your system of the influence of THC, but it also allows them to eliminate other toxins from your bodies. However, what we found to be the most impressive feature of this drink is that it contains several essential nutrients that may boost your overall health. 

You can expect this drink to take effect about three hours after consuming it. So, it does not take very long for this product to start working on your system to get rid of unwanted THC traces. 

While several users claim this drink helped them pass a drug test, there is no guarantee that it could help you pass yours. However, of one thing you can be certain — it will rid your body of THC quicker than you could if you followed natural detox methods or simply let your body’s natural processes take over. 

After just one hour of drinking Mega Clean, you may have lowered the level of toxins in your body. There are very few detox products currently available that can claim to work as fast as this one does. In addition, it is also effective on people who have a large body mass and a high amount of toxins in their system. 

You can either try this drink in the Wild Berry or Tropical flavor. Both flavors are quite popular among regular users, and you will likely find them to be quite refreshing. With this package, you will also receive free tablet supplements that complement the detox program. 

Another pleasing aspect of this drink is that it is made using only natural ingredients. Even the flavoring used in it is extracted from fresh fruits, which is why it tastes so great. It is, after all, a herbal supplement, so it makes sense that it does not come with any of the nasty side effects that some lower-quality detox drinks do. Moreover, it is not just about THC, as this drink can cleanse your digestive, urinary, and circulatory systems as well. 

This itself is impressive enough to merit giving Mega Clean a try, with the THC detox acting almost as a bonus. However, those who have used this drink exclusively for THC detox purposes have given it glowing reviews and recommendations, claiming it allowed them to go THC-free in no time. 

To use this drink for best results, you simply need to shake the bottle well and drink it in one go. Then, you wait for about 15 minutes or so and fill the bottle up with clean water. Again, shake the bottle well, and drink it all at once. The beauty of this drink is that it works on your body every hour that you stay away from drugs, alcoholic beverages, or any other similar substances. 

Do not be alarmed about the specifics of using this product, as it comes with a set of instructions in English that are easy to follow and remember. You could follow these instructions and use the entire Detoxify program or use just this drink. Either way, you will be effectively reducing the THC level in your body without letting it suffer any sort of damage. 

However, if you are still confused about how this product can benefit you and how you can make the most out of it, you can get in touch with customer service using the contact information provided on the product page we have linked above. Since Detoxify is renowned in the industry for having excellent customer support services, you can be sure your queries and concerns will be taken care of soon enough and leave you satisfied.

Although this drink peaks around the three-hour mark, its effects last for about five hours before fading away. By this time, your body should either be free from THC and toxins, or their THC levels should have been significantly reduced. Whichever the case, you are sure to find your system cleaner and healthier than it was before. 

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#2. 5 Day Detox Pills by Toxin Rid 

Detox Kits


Detox pills are not all that different from detox drinks at helping your body flush out THC. However, pills generally take a little longer than drinks to begin working, which is why most people are skeptical about which of them truly work. Well, we have found the best detox pills for you that are both effective and can be relied on in the long run. So, let us take a look. 

These pills are known to be perfect for those who use weed regularly and require frequent detoxifying. The reason behind the immense popularity of this detox program is that it works on all types of toxins. This means it is not targeted towards THC users alone. However, it is known to work wonders just as a THC detox program as well. 

It will take you five days to get rid of THC traces from your body with the help of this program. Although we have listed this product under ‘Detox Pills,’ in truth, this program includes pills, dietary fiber, and a detox liquid. However, despite these different components, it is quite clear the pills are the most effective detox agents here. Each package contains no less than 75 tablets alongside one ounce and one fluid ounce of dietary fiber and detox liquid, respectively. 

Sometimes, not all detox products are effective against THC that is consumed as edibles simply because it stays longer in your system this way. However, 5 Day Detox is not one of these programs, as it is renowned for delivering on its claims exceptionally well, especially for those who use THC products several times a week. It is no mean feat to get rid of THC when it is being consumed regularly, but this detox program makes it look like no big deal. 

In addition, because it consists of three different products, this program aims to tackle THC build-up in your system from every possible angle. It is no wonder it takes only five days for it to flush out toxins. Furthermore, if you do not find yourself to be THC-free after using this program for five days, Toxin Rid guarantees you will get your money back. But, of course, this only goes to show how confident the brand is in the quality of its product, which is always a good sign. 

We favored this detox product over various others because it does not cause users any harmful side effects. This could be due to the fact that it contains only natural ingredients. You will be pleased to find that even the additives used in the pills are completely natural, so no artificial preservatives, coloring, or flavoring was used here. Moreover, instead of harmful synthetic urine additives, this brand chose to add the best vitamins and minerals to these pills to cleanse your body of a variety of toxins. 

Like the detox drink we reviewed above, these detox pills can cleanse different organs and systems in your body. Within just one hour of starting this program, your saliva, urine, and blood may begin getting cleaner and healthier. To start your journey with Toxin Rid, you first need to consume three tablets for five hours at one-hour intervals every day for five days. 

Next, you need to drink the detox liquid a couple of hours after you have taken the last three pills on the last day of the program. Remember not to eat or drink anything except for water during these two hours as to not interfere with how it takes effect in your body. You will require only half of the liquid included here, and need to add about 16oz of distilled water, after which you can drink it. 

As for dietary fiber, you do not have to use it, as it is purely optional. However, if you genuinely need to flush toxins or THC out of your system as quickly as possible and are willing to use every avenue available to you, there is no harm in using the fiber. However, if you are going to be using the detox liquid, you do not need to use the fiber as well. To use the fiber, you simply need to add it to 8oz of water and drink it in two minutes. Then, after 15 minutes, you could drink about double that quantity of plain water. 

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#3. Cranberry Juice 

Cranberry Juice

#3. Cranberry Juice

While this may not sound like a very convincing detox solution, it has worked for scores of users over the decades. Therefore,  there is no reason you should not give it a shot if you do not purchase a detox program. 

After all, detox programs do not come as cheap as a box of cranberry juice. However, detox programs (like the ones we have reviewed above) are much more effective than home remedies, such as cranberry juice, and work faster as well.

The reason cranberry juice is so popular is that it is easily available and very enjoyable to drink. Few people do not enjoy the taste of cranberry juice, and even fewer do not swear by its excellent detoxifying properties. It may take a fair amount of time, but drinking cranberry juice may get rid of the THC in your body, leaving no traces behind. 

Remember, cranberry juice is a natural diuretic, so it will cause you to urinate more frequently, which is why it is so effective as a THC detox drink. The main aim of using a detox solution for THC in the first place is to get you to eliminate the toxins from your body. That is exactly what cranberry juice does when consumed at regular intervals. 

Moreover, since this solution is completely natural, you do not have to worry about it having any unwanted side effects on your body. However, considering frequent urination, it would be good to have a bathroom somewhere in your vicinity throughout the day when you are using this detox solution. 

It is not that big of a deal if you decide to opt for store-bought cranberry juice instead of the fresh kind, but beware the former contains artificial additives and loads of sugar, which is something we would not recommend you have too much of several times a day. Moreover, fresh cranberry juice is known to have impressive health benefits that help you fight illnesses. 

Since it is packed with many nutrients, this comes as no surprise. It also contains antioxidants that are very beneficial for the skin and other organs in your body as well. 

#4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

No list of marijuana detox solutions is complete without a mention of apple cider vinegar. The only reason we have not added this natural detox method higher up on the list is that it is not as powerful as the Mega Clean detox drink or the 5 Day Detox Program. However, this by no means implies that it is not a great, affordable home remedy to THC build-up in your system. 

Many people around the world consume apple cider vinegar every day for the various health benefits it offers. It is usually consumed as part of dressing for a meal or drink along with water as a diluted solution. However, because it has some magnificent antibacterial properties, it is always a good idea to include apple cider vinegar in your diet anyway — regardless of whether you have been using THC or not. 

To make the most out of this home remedy, add unadulterated apple cider vinegar (about two tbsp) to 8oz of distilled water. If you find this difficult to drink because of the sour taste, you can add a little something to sweeten it, like organic honey. Anything aside from sugar should be fine. While this may not be the strongest detox solution out there, it is not what you could call mild either. 

Therefore, if you wish to consume more than the recommended amount we have mentioned above, you may want to consult a healthcare professional first. Consuming too much apple cider vinegar a day is unlikely to have any serious adverse effects on your general health, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. More often than not, those who use apple cider vinegar to flush out THC claim it helped improve their digestion in the process as well. 

Even if it cannot eliminate THC as quickly as a store-bought detox drink can, vinegar can significantly improve your immunity and provide you with a myriad of other benefits as well. Therefore, it would not be fair to rule this solution out just because it does not come into effect as quickly as you would hope. 

#5. Lemon and Water

Lemon and water

Since it is the quintessential solution to nearly all things detox, we could not complete this list without featuring a lemon and water solution. Those who have been using weed over the years will gladly tell you this is one of the simplest yet most effective solutions to combat any noticeable traces of THC in your system. It may not be the ideal solution in terms of the time it takes to start working, but it is not worth overlooking either. 

If your budget does not allow for purchasing a detox program to get rid of weed from your body, consider using lemon juice, which is teeming with antioxidants and vitamins. Additionally, using this solution will not take up much time and effort, as it is arguably the most convenient THC detox solution, apart from a readymade drink or pills, of course. 

You are very likely to have lemons or limes in your kitchen already, so that saves you a trip to the grocery store, to begin with. To use this solution, you simply add 1 tbsp of lemon juice to half a liter of water and drink it throughout the day. Since this is not a very strong solution, you can sip it as often as you like at regular intervals for about four to five days. 

Since lemon is a rich natural source of vitamin C, this solution is sure to boost our immunity as well, if consumed regularly enough. 

Why Would You Want to Remove THC from Your Body?

It is not easy to determine why someone would want to remove THC from their body. The reasons for doing so are as wide and varied as the reasons people have for using THC in the first place. Even so, the biggest reason why people choose to flush THC out of their systems is that they have an impending drug test they want to pass. 

No detox solution — natural or otherwise — can guarantee you will pass a drug test. Therefore, this is not an entirely reasonable expectation to base your hopes on if that is what you are looking for with the solutions we have listed above. However, it is beyond doubt that these solutions are highly effective, as they may reduce and eventually flush out THC quicker than your body could without them. 

Another reason why people choose THC detox solutions is that they are looking to quit using weed altogether. To do so, they want to first ensure they get it completely out of their system once and for all. Those looking to follow a healthier and more wholesome lifestyle without the aid of recreational drugs are very likely to follow this reasoning behind eliminating THC. 

After all, many people grapple with THC addiction and are constantly looking for ways and means by which they can bid it goodbye without suffering any harmful side effects. However, even for those who are not necessarily addicted to it, being free from the influence of THC could mean experiencing clearer thought processes and improved focus. 

Moreover, even those looking to participate in sporting events or train for them are keen on being THC-free as quickly as possible, which is why they actively seek out the best THC detox solutions to help them get there. As you can see, there are several compelling reasons why one would want to remove THC from their body, and the solutions we have elaborated on above are ideal for all of them. 

FAQs About Marijuana Detox

In this section, we will tackle a few frequently asked questions related to the best THC detox methods.

Q: Is It Possible to Flush THC Out of Your System in a Week?

Yes. If you are using a good detox program, it is entirely possible to flush out THC from your body within a week. The best programs — like the Mega Clean and 5 Day Detox — are those that give you quick results with little to no side effects. If you follow the set of instructions provided in these programs, you are more than likely to be THC-free within a week or less. 

Q: Are THC Detox Solutions Expensive?

There is a common misconception out there that THC detox solutions are unnecessarily expensive. However, you have to understand that THC detox drinks and pills often contain a host of natural ingredients rich in nutrients that may significantly benefit your overall health. Therefore, these products are priced higher than those that contain artificial additives instead. 

Additionally, since these best THC detox drinks and pills work fairly quickly, they seem to be well worth the money you would pay for them. 

Q: Which Is the Best THC Detox Method?

How well a detox solution works on your body depends on a variety of factors, such as your age, metabolism, body mass, frequency of THC usage, and more. Therefore, it is difficult to determine which detox method will work best for you. However, the most popular detox brands are those that specify which kinds of users their products are best suited for. 

For instance, the THC detox pills and drinks we have reviewed above are ideal for those who consume THC regularly, so it works wonders for them. However, many natural solutions, such as cranberry juice, seem to work just as well for those who do not use THC. So, as you see, there is no one-size-fits-all answer here. 

Q: How Can One Speed Up the Detox Process to Pass a Drug Test?

You should know it takes time to completely rid your body of THC, so you should not be discouraged if these detox methods do not work in a day or two. Instead, focus on cleaning up your diet and drinking lots of water when you are following a detox program. Not only will this effectively speed up the process of detoxing from THC, but it may also get you to follow healthier habits in your routine life, which is always a bonus. 

Conclusion: Are There Any Reliable Ways to Detox THC From Your System?

So, those are some ways in which you can effectively rid your system of the traces of THC. If you have been following all of our aforementioned solutions carefully, you will likely have noticed that none of them are particularly difficult to execute or heavy on the pocket. 

Moreover, they are either natural home remedies or store-bought products that contain only natural ingredients, which means they will not cause any serious side effects in the short or long run. 

Therefore, you do not have to worry about damaging your health when trying to eliminate THC from your body. You only need to focus on finding the best solution for you and sticking to it whenever you need to be THC-free. 


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