BikData’s Franzua Rudder Reveals Blockchain Innovations for Businesses

Franzua Rudder
Courtesy Franzua Rudder

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As technology continues to advance forward at a rapid pace, modern-day businesses are forced to decide whether to adapt their administration to the digital times, or be left in the dust with antiquated practices. Recently, burgeoning company BikData has emerged as a full-service solution to businesses looking to get with the times, providing comprehensive blockchain-powered storage for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that can then be flipped around and monetized, making digitization and growth all that much easier for businesses around the world.

For Franzua Rudder, BikData’s president and COO, creating BikData with his partner, Ayman Kabalan, BikData’s inventor and lead technologist, fell right into the Canada-based entrepreneur’s wheelhouse. Having spent nearly 14 years immersed in business development on a global basis, Rudder’s experience personally scaling businesses throughout 20 countries, plus his knowledge of blockchain dating back to 2015, has helped push BikData—and its clients—to new levels of success.

By storing its clients’ data on the blockchain underneath layers and layers of encryption, business’s data is not only safer than ever, but likewise more lucrative. Rather than leaving these massive amounts of information alone collecting dust, BikData lets this data be mined for Ethereum and BikX, adding an extra-lucrative bonus to BikData’s already majorly secure approach.

“Companies can turn what they perceive as an expense into an asset and a revenue model with BikData, revolutionizing the perception on how people perceive their own data,” said Rudder. “When we look at innovation and how the world is changing, BikData is instrumental in not just keeping companies afloat, but changing how they look at their entire business; we are generating revenue from something that doesn’t impact their operations.”

BikData likewise gives businesses the opportunity to accompany their data with company-specific crypto tokens that can be traded, given to investors or used to pay out employees. And with cross-platform compatibility unlike any other, BikData can personally tailor its approach to each and every client to deliver exactly what they need in their storage solutions.

“We’re a fully interoperable and cross-platform integrated system, currently built to presently operate across four systems: Binance (BCS), Ethereum, Eos, and Cardano,” said Rudder. “No two companies will have the same experience or protocol, and BikData is unique in that we can bring a very a la carte approach to our clientele’s’ business solutions.”

For further information on BikData and how it can enhance your company, visit BikData’s website for more.

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