Books and Brews: Author Joe Hill on ‘Full Throttle’ and Why People Like Horror Stories

Author Joe Hill is back with some scary tales. Hill has a new collection of short stories out in Full Throttle, which includes two stories co-written with his father, master horror writer Stephen King.

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One of the stories included in Full Throttle is “In The Tall Grass”, which was written with King and has already been made into a Netflix movie. That story follows siblings Becky and Cal as they try and save someone who is lost inside of a field of tall grass. What they end up finding is that they cannot escape the field and are being chased by a sinister force.

“In The Tall Grass” fits into what Hill was trying to do with his book: “Most of the stories in Full Throttle are horror stories, and I always view them as like going on a dark ride at a carnival,” Hill told Men’s Journal. “You’re spun through the darkness and all the fights leap out of you, and shock you and you scream halfway through the ride and then suddenly you’re ejected back out into the daylight, laughing. And I always hope a short story will give people that feeling.”

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Watch the full video for more from Hill and check out our past Books & Brews videos here.

Full Throttle is now available in bookstores and online.

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