Brad Pitt Battles Space Pirates on the Moon in the New ‘Ad Astra’ Trailer

Ad Astra / Fox Spotlight
Ad Astra / Fox Spotlight

After taking on 1969 Los Angeles in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Brad Pitt’s gearing up to face some more epic stars. By that we mean he’s heading to space in the film Ad Astra. The new IMAX trailer for the film reveals more of the incredible visuals and details a bit more of the plot of the action thriller—plus, a new clip has been released showing Pitt battling against space pirates on the moon. Yeah, you heard that right, Brad Pitt fights space pirates on the moon in this film!

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Here’s a look at the new clip with the space pirates:

Here’s a look at the new featurette trailer:

There also was a new featurette trailer for the film, where both Pitt and director James Gray speak about making the movie and what it means for the characters as they embark on this journey. “It’s a very human story about self and discovery of self… what is vulnerability, what is strength, and where does strength really come from?” Pitt says.

The plot kicks into motion with Pitt’s character Roy McBride being sent on a mission to the deepest reaches of the solar system to learn more about a mystery that could threaten the entire planet. “When the film starts out we learn that Roy’s father disappeared 13 years into the mission, and there is a possibility that he may still be alive,” Pitt says.

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The footage shows off some of the incredible visuals that Gray has put together for the film. Here’s a look at the featurette trailer:

“It becomes an epic journey through the reachable universe,” Gray says. “Roy thinks that the answers to life’s riddles are in space, and comes to learn that actually the beauty of life is the human connection.”

Ad Astra is set to hit theaters on September 20.

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