Brian Underwood’s Critical Traits of Positive Leadership

Brian Underwood

Written in partnership with Paloma Rossano.

Brian Underwood, CEO of Prüvit, broke through in the supplement world by creating the world’s first consumer-based ketone supplement drink, KETO//OS®. In 6 short years, Prüvit has grown into a worldwide leader in Ketone Technology. With a seemingly simple philosophy, Underwood is always working in the pursuit of enhanced performance and improved quality of life. He recently shared some of his thoughts on how positive leadership produces better outcomes for everyone, on his weekly podcast — Be You With BU. Below are highlights from that episode.

Drive Positive Cultures — This is an important one because culture drives expectations and drives belief of what is possible. It’s all about being more “We” than “I”. A good leader expresses authentic gratitude that truly recognizes the accomplishments of the team. Giving credit to what the “we” creates shines a light on the whole organization and proves that the collective team is bigger than any one person.

Create A Vision of What Is Possible — When the vision comes from a positive place, it radiates throughout the organization. A clear vision allows the entire team to understand goals and best create a roadmap to achieving them.

Lead With Belief — When you believe in what you are doing, it’s fundamentally easier to take ownership in projects at every level of the organization. When leaders have a true, strong belief in themselves and the company, it empowers everyone within the culture to operate at their highest levels, sharing that belief.

Create A United and Connected Team — Positive attitudes create unity. When leaders operate without ego and negativity, it works to unite the organization and promotes an environment where people feel connected within the company and with the greater community which instills a sense of satisfaction and pride.

Pursue Excellence — It’s no big secret that the road to success is about your failures, so this doesn’t mean you’re going to be perfect. When you set standards of excellence as a leader, you give the team real goals to aspire to. When you’re moving together as a unified group, the stumbling blocks and failures become teachable moments that will only improve outcomes along the path to excellence.

Lead With Purpose — If the only “purpose” is making a lot of money, you may be able to achieve that goal, but in the long haul, without a bigger purpose and an understanding of how each team member fits that purpose, you’ll lose the best people. You may have success, but what you don’t get is that type of connection and unity needed to create a culture where everyone knows they are a valuable part of something bigger.

Grit — It’s not going to be easy. Accepting that there will be challenges and willing yourself to take on those challenges is the key to going the distance. Grit is your strength of character and resolve. It’s an essential quality to possess when you’re leading anything. Think about what is inside you, what you can call on to face your challenges, and keep pushing forward every day. Know that when you reach inside yourself with purpose, you’re inspiring the entire team to do the same which is where you can really see how unity and connection drive success.



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