Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of ‘Jaws’ With Retro Narragansett Cans

Narragansett is re-releasing its retro can design that appeared in 'Jaws.'
Narragansett is re-releasing its retro can design that appeared in 'Jaws.'

Few films have had more of an impact on audiences as Jaws. Released in June of 1975, the movie was the first summer blockbuster, pulling in over $7 million (a huge amount for the time, and $32 million in today's dollars) in its first weekend and earning back its budget in only two weeks.


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The movie was filmed at Martha's Vineyard and took place on fictional Amity Island. Besides actors Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss, Jaws also had another famous cameo: A can of beer is seen throughout, including in the hands of Shaw who played Quint.

That beer was Narragansett, and it appeared completely organically and authentically. "Narragansett was the number-one beer in New England and the beer choice of fisherman from Block Island to Bangor at the time the movie was filmed, so it was very likely that Captain Quint would have been drinking Narragansett that summer," says Narragansett President Mark Hellendrung.

This is the fourth summer the brewery has released Narragansett Lager in the 1975 retro cans that are seen in the movie. "Each year, it seems as though these cans gain more popularity, and in turn gain wider distribution across the country." Thanks to the pop-culture phenomenon of Shark Week and this year's 40th anniversary of Jaws, sales are expected to be at an all time high.

"We like to tap into our heritage by releasing our lager in different retro cans a few times throughout the year, and the 1975 retro can has become synonymous with summer," says Hellenburg. "Drinkers today can imitate Robert Shaw in Jaws and crush it like Quint all summer."

Narragansett is also partnering with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy by donating a portion of the 1975 retro can proceeds to help support the tagging of a shark off the Atlantic coast later this summer.

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