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Chase Chappell

Early in his career, Chase Chappell had a close call to becoming a victim of his success and working himself out of a job. The serial entrepreneur, who’s now at the head of Chappell Digital Marketing and, was managing a social media page for a watch brand when a friend’s father reached out to him to handle his pool-building business’ online presence, including Facebook ads.

“I told him I don’t know anything about Facebook ads because I didn’t at the time,” Chappell recalls. “He believed I could learn it because I was good at growing social media accounts, so I started helping him with that over the next two years – until he called me one day to say business had been good enough for him to retire. So, I lost that client by getting outstanding results.”

That experience showed Chappell how powerful and impactful providing a vital business service, and providing it at a high standard, can be. So instead of toning it down and working at less than maximum capacity, Chase Chappell instead decided to be the best possible digital marketer and entrepreneur he could be. First, he needed a way to flaunt the success that had just cost him a client.

“What we ended up doing was using the work we did for the pool builder and creating a case study out of it,” Chappell explains. “That case study alone landed us ten accounts, and that’s how we launched Chappell Digital Marketing, a company that now works with brands such as 7-Eleven and Power Crunch.”

Chappell’s work with his clients caught the attention of Facebook, now Meta. As a Meta Business Partner, Chappell Digital Marketing had its work with Power Crunch featured as a case study on Meta’s Business Partners website. Seeing the results Chappell’s team achieved explains it all – they managed to get the client a 315% increase in return on ad spend, a 151% increase in purchase conversions with branded creatives, and a 61% increase in overall impressions with branded creatives. What started as cooperation on a brand awareness campaign became mixed with a sales- and traffic-boosting conversion campaign delivered with a capital D.

But Chappell didn’t stop there. He turned his attention to helping others get good results from their online advertising activities, and was born.

“We launched for eCommerce businesses after the iOS 14.5 update, which messed up people’s ability to track their ROIs on their ad accounts because all of a sudden, they weren’t able to account for Apple users in their reports,” he explains. “And it’s not the results of campaigns that change – the reporting became false, and any action taken based on those results suddenly became problematic.”

Chappell’s idea was to create a platform using a custom script to track Facebook and TikTok ads performance. The platform features custom dashboards designed to resemble the tools that marketers are familiar with so that there’s as little friction as possible in getting accustomed to using Based on the interest in the platform, it’s safe to say that Chase Chappell has created another service that delivers accurate results.

“We had 200 signups based on a single social media post I made within a few days. We went from zero to a six-figure company in days,” Chappell explains. “The growth was so explosive that we had a support issue early on – everybody loved the product, but there was a learning curve to setting it up, and not everyone could tackle it on their own.”

Dedicated to creating services and products that help people achieve great results, Chase Chappell took the support issue to heart and started looking for a way to remove the problem. That’s how the idea of the 2.0 version of was born. Due to release sometime during 2023, the new iteration will see Chase Chappell and his team develop a better onboarding process to ensure people can easily set up the service they want.

And, of course, Chappell won’t stop there. His plans include building a CRM into the system, a better reporting tool, and other features designed to make even more crucial to people who value high performance. Chappell, who also runs a Facebook and TikTok ads training program, sees helping others be their best as the thing that sets him and his businesses apart from his competitors.

“A lot of what we’re doing right now is looking for ways to provide more value,” Chappell concludes. “Whether it’s better onboarding, having support calls, or training programs, if it helps, we want to do it. We’re also hiring people to help us do that – coaches, media buyers, developers, and data engineers. We’re getting bigger and better as we’re helping our clients and users do the same. Nothing beats a win-win situation.”

Written in partnership with Luke Lintz

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