Chris M. Walker, Founder of Legiit Marketplace, Reveals the Mystery Strategy Behind Starting a Successful Freelance Business

Chris M Walker

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

Starting a freelance business without having had any prior education or training can be a time-consuming and difficult experience because you won’t be familiar with the challenges that are likely to be in your way or the most effective way to overcome them. On the other hand, you shouldn’t let that deter you. With the assistance of any number of useful tools that are currently available, you may get started in the correct way and in the most effective way possible.

Chris M. Walker is an entrepreneur who has launched a number of companies in the fields of search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, freelance work, and software. While working a full-time job, he launched a service that would later become a seven-figure agency and a nine-figure internet marketplace. He began with a $10 investment in each venture.

Below, Chris reveals the mysterious strategy that led to the creation of his successful freelance firm.


When compared to your other financing options, self-funding your business grants you complete control. When you apply for a loan, for instance, you are setting yourself up to only earn benefits in the short term, and the dangers can get in the way of your growth. Therefore, the benefit is that you will have a shorter amount of time to spend setting up your firm. However, the recurring loan payments may reduce the amount of money you make.

Self-financing is the ideal choice because it frees you from the responsibility of making monthly loan payments. You can implement this method if you make some adjustments, such as reducing the amount of money you spend on personal expenses so that you have more money to invest.

Establish a sense of community

The majority of people do not begin to cultivate a community until after they have established a company. Chris, on the other hand, maintains that there is no need for it. You are able to build capital even as you expand your audience. For the people to whom you intend to market your freelancing service, you can consider offering a low-priced brief online course that they can purchase. It’s possible that determining the appropriate price will take some time.

Establish beneficial business relationships.

 Chris was able to kick off his new venture, an online marketplace called Legiit, with great success since he collaborated with a developer. He believes that there is a good chance that you do not possess all of the abilities that are required to launch your own freelance firm.

Consider for a moment that you are interested in starting your own freelance web development firm.

When it comes to marketing, though, you can be completely clueless, despite the fact that you know everything there is to know about this specific field. The process of building is made much simpler when one has reliable partners that possess the necessary abilities. You will have someone else manage the processes that are foreign to you, which will make it less frustrating for you to deal with the situation overall.

It is feasible to start a profitable freelance business fast and without much difficulty and to develop that business as well. Chris has successfully launched multiple 7-figure and 8-figure enterprises, thanks in large part to the ideas that were shared with him. As a member of the Forbes Technology Council and the owner of Profiit Academy, he has assisted thousands of individuals in beginning their own careers as freelancers and has contributed to the expansion of thousands of businesses through the provision of his services.


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