Dan Nicholson Is Helping Entrepreneurs Find Success With His New Book

Dan Nicholson

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

The fine line that separates a winner and a loser in business is called knowledge. A winner doesn’t overcome his challenges by sheer luck. They develop a series of strategies and act accordingly to achieve their goals. Success is fragile, and it can turn into a failure again if not worked upon. This is where serial entrepreneur, educator, and author Dan Nicholson extends a helping hand to budding business owners so they can leverage his knowledge and experience to meet their financial goals. His book titled Rigging the Game teaches entrepreneurs to think unconventionally to transform their lives and financial positions.

Rigging the Game is available in paperback, Kindle, and hardcover on Amazon. The book has already earned a 5-star rating on the platform and is ranked in several categories including ‘best decision-making book’, ‘best business motivation and self-improvement book’, and ‘best success self-help book’. The book explains how to achieve financial certainty, navigate risk, and make money on your own terms. Through the book, Dan wants to help people discover their goals and plan ways to accomplish them.

If the business is considered a game, then winning or losing are inevitable parts of it. Rigging the Game is a strategic tool for business owners to find consistent growth. Turning the magnifying glass toward yourself is important to realize what you want; everything else eventually falls into place. The book will help you create a path that truly leads you to what you want, eliminating risks and financial uncertainties that are the major barriers in any business. Dan delved deeper to share tips and strategies from his entrepreneurial journey that can help anyone start and scale a venture.

Rigging the Game focuses on various areas of personal and business development. It unveils different ways to identify and evolve beyond biases, turning goals into actionable steps and checklists, techniques to replace financial anxiety with certainty, and more. These strategies are not taught in business schools but have been learned through practical experiences in running businesses across various industries.

Dan was a shy and unconfident kid struggling with a speech problem. After he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship, he became unstoppable. He was the first in his family to graduate from college and eventually added a long list of skills to his resume. He received degrees in accounting and information systems from Seattle University and also completed a fellowship at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. After working at Deloitte and various Fortune 500 companies, Dan started his own ventures.

Currently, Dan owns multiple companies across finance, accounting, and software. He has been listed in the “CPA Practice Advisor’s 40 Under 40” list of global accountants 4 times. Dan also owns CertaintyU and CertaintyApp, which are business ventures that act as tools and resources for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to move closer to their goals. With the CertaintyApp, entrepreneurs don’t just get clarity about their business but can also calculate the timeframe they need to achieve their goals using the Solvable Problem tool.

Being passionate about helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners, Dan continues to help them achieve financial certainty. He introduced a 20-week online course, Certified Certainty Advisor, and also hosts the podcast, Rigging the Game. Dan wants to continue his endeavors in multiple ways to help people discover and pursue their passion.



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