David Yerushalmi’s Trial Firm Injury Needs Focuses on Long-Term Wins for His Clients

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As demand for personal injury attorneys in the United States grows, it is essential for successful attorneys to have a modern-day outlook on these cases. Instead of having a rushed, singular view of a case—largely thanks to the “now” mentality due to advancements in technology and the ability to have anything at your fingertips—modern attorneys are avoiding instant gratification and instead focusing on long-term outcomes for their clients. For attorney David Yerushalmi and his esteemed Yerushalmi Law Firm AKA Injury Needs, his clients are consistently satisfied with his ability to earn the maximum compensation possible, and Yerushalmi is helping Millennials and Gen-Z get their maximum compensation.

Yerushalmi has been labeled “insurance companies’ worst nightmare,” due to his track record of winning millions in settlements for his clients. While injury law is often thought of as smaller, more trivial cases, Yerushalmi has reimagined the cliché about this type of law and transformed it into a very successful business. Over 90 percent of his cases have been policy limit settlements, which means that he has acquired the highest amount possible for his clients. Most of his cases are sorted in under a year, with others being resolved in less than 45 days.

Yerushalmi is helping teach younger generations how to win the most money possible for each client. He advises his clients to fight for what they truly deserve, rather than taking settlement offers, as many attorneys often do. “I want to teach these insurance companies a lesson,” says Yerushalmi. “It’s personal to me—I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get there.”

This modern take on injury law is inspiring younger generations, and Yerushalmi is eager to help the younger generations get what is rightfully theirs. To learn more about the Injury Needs law firm, visit their website or follow Yerushalmi on Instagram.

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