Degen Toonz Founders Bader Asad and Prince Lail on Achieving Work Life Balance

Degen Toonz
Degen Toonz

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Degen Toonz is one of the most celebrated NFT collections at the moment, having seen a meteoric rise earlier this year, with continued resilience and volume in secondary sales. The Ethereum based series boasts a thriving and growing community that includes over 19,000 discord members. It has also achieved rare crossover success, attracting loyal buyers from both the Ethereum and ADA crowds.

More than a popular digital art collection, Degen Toonz is a formidable brand that prioritizes humanitarian initiatives, masterful community building, and growth both within and beyond the web. The NFTs feature animated cats in the nostalgic style of early children’s cartoons, setting the light-hearted, fun, and irresistible tone of the collection and holder community.

One of the keys to the brand’s appeal is the undeniable charm and enthusiasm of its founders, Bader Asad and Prince Lail. How do they keep their spirits and energy high with the consuming demands of their smashing success?

Let’s break down these sought-after founders’ main takeaways when it comes to striking the perfect work life balance.

1. Prioritize spending time with family

With round-the-clock work hours, Lail and Asad state that their brand’s success “wouldn’t be possible” without their supportive families. Both fathers of young children, the two founders make a point to “spend time with [their] families as much as possible.” Asad’s public social media profiles show his vocal devotion to his wife, children, and extended family around the world.

This familial commitment no doubt sets the tone for the brand’s signature inclusive community and nostalgic childhood appeal, key pillars of their success.

2. Share the load with collaboration

Collaboration is one of the founders’ core principles, and it has made their journey more fun, rewarding, and rapidly successful. While Lail is the lead artist, he developed the collection’s style in collaboration with “an amazing cartoonist” who helped steer him to “the best options stylistically for the projects.”

The community vision of the founders rests on their desire for their holders “to build the project alongside” them, as evidenced in their community-run DAO and metaverse projects. The duo states that they “want all holders to have a say and be part of the growth,” a balanced approach that both alleviates pressure on the founders and keeps the project fresh, dynamic, and engaging.

3. Remember why you started

Both creatives and entrepreneurs by trade, the founders worked in the graphic design and fashion industries before launching their NFT collection. What drew them to the fledgling NFT field, they say, was their attraction “to emerging technologies and Web 3 [as] the perfect outlet for [their] blend of creativity and business knowledge.”

Their enterprising passion for both arts and commerce insures that they maintain varied interests outside of, yet complementary to, their primary project. For example, Lail has an extensive collection of personal projects and artistic collaborations, available for sale outside the Degen Toonz umbrella. Asad privately markets his various skills, including GIA certification as a private jeweler. These guys are seriously well-rounded!

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Maintaining a low-stress lifestyle is not easy in the rapidly evolving and volatile world of the NFT industry. Lail and Asad have managed to stay above the fray of potential work stress with their fearless belief that “sometimes bumps along the road lead to the best adventures.”

Rather than shying away from challenges, the duo has valiantly plunged forward and learned from their mistakes, which, they wisely assess, are inevitable in the uncharted territory of the NFT space. Their approach has paid off, and the founders state that they wouldn’t go back to correct any mistakes, as they owe part of the current success to the lessons learned along the way.

5. Create a genuine lifestyle brand that you believe in

It has been said that if you love your job, you never work a day in your life. While Lail and Asad certainly recognize the work element of the Degen Toonz project, their vision of growing it into a lifestyle brand speaks to its greater personal significance for them.

Committed to authenticity from the start, the duo actively strayed from “influencer style” marketing tactics before the launch, despite the challenges this presented. Their vision of their forthcoming lounge location as “a hub for creativity and culture” reflects their own journey in the dynamic space of digital art NFTs.

Having built a collaborative community with a culture of creativity and innovation, these founders truly practice what they preach. Their passion and ease may blur the line between work and life, but this is just the key to their perfect balance and irresistible appeal.

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