Digital Marketer Mike Calandra Shares Top Strategies for Brands

Mike Calandra

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

The digital age is here, and imperative, now more than ever to adapt or perish. Marketing has changed drastically, and now, there are many new strategies businesses and individuals can use to succeed in their marketplaces. Mike Calandra, the CEO of SnapBack Digital agency, has been in the digital marketing space for over 15 years and has amassed a lot of knowledge on what makes top brands successful. Over the years, Mike has built an enviable roster of clients, ranging from UFC Champion Jon Jones, Joe DePace from Loud Luxury, and NFL player David Njoku. Mike’s thoughtfully crafted digital experiences have enabled clients to grow their popularity and increase their market share through three strategies he believes all brands should adopt.

Start with a Clear Goal

Mike believes it is essential that you have a clear idea of what your goals are before you set out with your strategy. You need to have a clear, measurable goal before you start executing. For example, your end goal may be to grow and maintain an active customer base through social media channels. A more complex objective may be a combination of achieving measurable growth with increased conversions or even an increase in profit margins. Regardless of the goal, having a clear picture from the start will help you create an effective strategy and make it easier for everyone in the company to understand what they are working towards, improving efficiency.

The saying goes, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Once you’ve defined the primary goal, make sure that everything else in your plan supports and aligns with this overarching objective. If, for instance, your goal is to reach a million prospective clients on social media, the next step is to know who they are so that you can strategically tailor your message to attract them more effectively.

Create Content that Engages your Audience

Content is king on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Mike points out that too many sources are vying for your prospective client’s attention. Brands should create high-quality content that keeps people coming back for more. Also, ensure you are consistent in your content creation. If you’re not putting out fresh content on schedule, your followers become bored and might move on to the next exciting brand in your niche.

Mike shares that so many brands are courting your customer’s attention. This is an indication of customer’s low attention span, so you should strive to capture it right away. For example, by developing a website that engages with your customers to create more customer interaction and conversion opportunities. Mike recommends keeping the design clean, simple, and fun to make the product or service stand out.

Leverage Technology to Increase Your Reach

Utilizing technology effectively helps businesses to interact with customers without being physically present. With smartphones now available at all levels in society, social media channels can help you expand your reach globally and create loyal followers who enjoy interacting with your content. However, Mike maintains that utilizing the right technology is only half the battle. Businesses need to adjust the way they work so that technology supports their larger strategic goals. “Brands should never stop thinking about how they can innovate,” Mike adds. “As soon as you feel like you’ve peaked, somebody else comes along.”


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