Do Your Best Ron Burgundy This Winter With The Anchorman Game


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We’re entering February folks. That may be the shortest month of the year, but it is one that is sure to be long and dark and pretty cold. If you are out there looking for a little home-based entertainment, then look no further than Anchorman: The Game. Those long dark nights will be full of laughs.

Anyone who has seen the classic comedy Anchorman is someone who is in love with it. When it came out in 2004, we all just fell in love with it. It’s captured our minds and hearts ever since. People quote it at each other all the time without preparing themselves, that’s how quotable it is.

By picking up Anchorman: The Game, you will be able to put yourself right into the movie. Right into a specific part of the movie too. For anyone who’s seen it, it is the part where the teleprompter is sabotaged and Ron Burgundy makes a journalistic booboo. Now you and your friends can replicate that magic.


With a 60 second time, you will have time to make up your own “news stories” to put on a teleprompter. The aim of these stories is to make the other members of your party laugh. If they laugh, you win. If not, tough luck. Choose between classic Anchorman characters like Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone and the like to fully get invested in the mayhem.

This game is a whole lot of fun. We got to play it with our friends and family during the holiday season. Now that Anchorman: The Game is back in stock, you can take part too. So pick it up and pass the time this home set winter with a ton of laughs.

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