Montreal’s Top Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Hani Sinno is Restructuring the Face of Plastic Surgery in Canada and Beyond

Dr Sinno

Written in partnership with Nick Kasmik

Some people may misinterpret the symbolism of the word “plastic” when they think of plastic surgery, being led by media scrutiny and botched procedures to believe that the practice of this kind of medicine is little more than a vanity plate on a totaled vehicle. Dr. Hani Sinno is here to correct more than that unfortunate misconception through his committed, empathetic work: he aims to bring a welcoming, homey, and colorful experience to the entire process of cosmetic surgery that emphasizes each patient’s unique transformation and makes them feel pampered throughout the process.

Based in Quebec and partnered with Victoria Park, the premier medi-spa in Canada, Dr. Sinno is of Lebanese origin and has completed fellowships at two of the most prestigious universities in North America, Canada’s McGill University and Boston’s Harvard University during the process of his integrated residency in plastic surgery. Having observed the differences in standards of service available through the private sector during his studies in America, Dr. Sinno has sought to bring that five-star element into his Canadian practice in such a way that every client that receives his care feels like royalty when they are in his clinic. Luxury, by Dr. Sinno’s demonstrated definition, is much more than forward-looking amenities.

At the core of his approach to the complex surgeries he provides is a deeply humanistic philosophy that is strongly secured on the principle that his patients come to him for the reclamation of confidence, happiness, and peace within their own bodies. It would be difficult to imagine a higher calling than the professional restoration of inner tranquility through outer reinvigoration. For these and many other reasons, there has never been anything whatsoever “plastic” about what Dr. Sinno provides those clients who seek his attentive services. With approximately 50 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and articles to his name, Dr. Sinno has directly contributed to the expansion of the field of plastic surgery, and medicine as a whole, in his efforts to bring his patients the very best outcomes possible.

A big proponent of the trust component in his work, Dr. Sinno has made an impressively positive reputation across his province throughout the eleven years in which he has established his practice. Dr. Sinno believes that a large portion of the personability he has come to be known for is attributable to his immigrant experience and the way those struggles resonate with people. Bearing the life-altering burden of having experienced war-torn Lebanon firsthand during his childhood in the ‘80s, hiding under desks at school as bombs went off, as well as having lived amid the extreme wealth of Bahrain for a time when his family fled the fighting, Dr. Sinno brings an intensely visceral and wide-lens perspective to the value and quality of human life that impacts every aspect of his medical practice. This almost certainly contributes to his having been ranked by Google,, and as the number one plastic surgeon in the Greater Montreal area for six consecutive years. “I think the humility that I have, coming from my background of poverty and war, allows me to build a good connection where patients truly feel safe with me,” he shares.

Adapting to so many huge changes in his early life and then having lived in Toronto, served as a staff surgeon at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, and set up practice in Quebec has all furthered widened Dr. Sinno’s cultural understanding of the patients that come through his office. His dual experience of both the American and Canadian medical systems, as well as his being board certified in both countries for plastic surgery, enhanced his born-in feeling that medicine was a very personal practice and that any good doctor sees each individual patient as a new set of goals and challenges. Serving as a paid consultant for two of the world’s largest aesthetic injectable companies, Dr. Sinno has made it a personal mission to broaden and enhance peer knowledge on advanced aesthetics, safety, and best practices within his field.

Having no interest in assembly line medicine and wanting to ensure that his patients who come to him for aesthetic corrections feel utterly heard in their concerns and comfortable in their environment, Dr. Sinno has designed his clinic to feel like the Waldorf Astoria or the Ritz Carlton of cosmetic endeavors. When asked what patients can expect when they meet him and his team, his response is equally prescient and multi-dimensional. “Rule number one is safety, always. The second expectation is outstanding results and the third is a luxurious journey. I strive to apply my artistic skills and medical knowledge in a way that creates a masterpiece for every single patient.”

Another of the hallmarks in Dr. Sinno’s bespoke approach to his practice is the length of time he follows his patients. Staying with them much longer and in a closer capacity than many of his peers allows him insights and preemptive strategies that make for a more positive overall outcome from the surgeries he provides. Having taught as an assistant professor at McGill University as part of the faculty of medicine, he also instructs younger students in plastic surgery methodologies and psychology, considering himself a lifelong learner and continuously seeking knowledge from his global community of professional peers on fresh techniques that can improve his practice. All of this continuous learning is in alignment not just with his clinic’s open-minded attitude regarding the deeper meaning of what they do, but with his original mission for getting into medicine in the first place, which was to provide aid to anyone in need. In his own words: “I went into medicine to be able to help people in the medical field in any way I can.”

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