Dustin Runyon and APX West Is the Perfect Dude Story

Courtesy Dusty Runyon

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Dustin Runyon, co-founder of APX West, is a lifelong real estate entrepreneur, coach, and mentor. In just under fifteen years, he has led teams and companies to achieve over two billion dollars in real estate sales. Currently, he and his partners, Britt Wolf and Andrew Oxley are looking to bring their fledgling company to a yearly revenue of 100+ million dollars and already has over 500 acres in current total development. What makes their story even more special? They were all buddies, Dustin and Andrew going back to college, before they started doing business together. “We literally all hung out and did our thing. One day, we just decided we should do it together and make more money than working for other people.” While they are all passionate about real estate and financial freedom, they are just as passionate about living a life that they are proud to share with the world. As a result, they have committed to doing business a little differently.

Success Is Only Half the Equation

Runyon once left a very lucrative job, just before he was about to get an even bigger promotion. Why? Because he had realized that his values were not in alignment with the owners of the company. “I have financial goals, of course, but more importantly, I dream of a world where we are filled with joy, fulfillment, and a deep desire to serve those around us.” He believes that when more people start finding their values and chasing them instead of a bigger paycheck, they will find a deeper fulfillment and purpose in life than just making more money. This decision ultimately led him to founding APX West with his like-minded entrepreneurs, Britt Wolf and Andrew Oxley. Andrew Oxley has earned recognition for land development and construction technology over the course of his fifteen-year career. Equally experienced, Britt Wolf has provided construction oversight including everything from planning, permitting, and design for the public and municipal projects. Deeper than their combined business acumen, however, Runyon values his team because of their shared values. “Values are important to us. We’re big on working with people that have a spirit of contribution. Whether in business or society, that’s a big thing for us.”

No Separation Between Personal and Professional

Although Runyon and the team are highly driven to reach their financial goals, they are more concerned with helping their employees and mentees to grow in their personal life as well. As a coach Runyon has mentored 100s around the world to be successful in their careers. However, before he gives them tips for scaling their business, growing their income, or building their network, he talks to them about their homelife and their relationships. “It doesn’t matter how successful you are. The problems you have at home will affect your business.” In an effort to help his mentees live a fully complete life, he wants them to develop as a complete person. “I’ve told students to fix how they are treating their spouse before we move forward. It’s important to develop in all areas of life.” For Runyon, he doesn’t believe that there are any business problems – only personal problems that affect your business. So, as you look to master yourself

in your career, you should also master yourself in your fitness, your relationships and other personal areas of your life.

People Are Why We Do Business

Runyon, much like most high-level entrepreneurs, has pretty lofty goals. Although his company, APX West, has only been open for a few years, he is already looking to scale it to over 100 million dollars in yearly revenue. Despite this goal, he is actually focused more on how many people he can impact through his life. “The more I grow my business; the more people I can help.” Currently, he employs almost one hundred workers on his team, and he views it as his personal responsibility that he is able to improve their lives. That is a major reason why he started coaching and mentoring as well. “As a coach, you get to see people grow both personally and professionally.” By putting people first, he believes that you not only have a greater motivation to succeed, but also that the world will reward you for your good actions.

If you have land or capital that you are looking to deploy for a strong return, you can contact them via their website. You can also follow Dustin Runyon and learn more about joining his coaching programs via his website or Instagram.

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