Eberths Perozo On How to Succeed in Life and Carve Your Name Among the Stars

Eberths Perozo

Entrepreneurs are the driving force of change in the world. They are changing it through innovation in their products and services, new strategies, and creations. But more importantly, by creating a positive social impact through philanthropy, projects, and giving back to the community. As a result, people have higher earnings and employment rates.

As Eberths Perozo points out, great power comes with great responsibility; without a doubt, creating a positive change in the world is a duty. It should be the #1 priority of every entrepreneur.

Eberths Perozo is an entrepreneur and philanthropist running several successful businesses. He is the founder and CEO of Eberths Enterprises, a company that offers an automated E-commerce service system. Also, he provides management, administration, and control for two daughter companies, Global Trading 2020 and Mido Commerce. On top of that, he is a professional trader with a trading academy of more than 2000 students.

He started from scratch with only a dream in his pocket, but even then, he vowed to create a company culture where his employees/associates could have easy lives. As Perozo explains, it was a lesson he learned from his stepfather and a secret ingredient that helped him achieve success and carve his name among the stars.

“My stepfather was a businessman and my role model. I learned a great deal about running a business from him, but the most important lesson he taught me was how to treat other people,” he says. “He used to say that you never know which way life will take you, but the only path to the top is through other people. And if you want to stay there, you must be humble and kind towards others. ”

After years of hard work, he completed his vision of creating such an environment, and he proudly says that people around or working with him have no worries.  They feel comfortable and respected and have enough time for their family and loved ones, as Perozo believes that private life always comes before business.

Still, he thinks he could do so much more, and that’s why he uses his power and status to influence people in his community and guide them on a path to a better life. His way of life and doing business attracted the attention of many, as his loving Instagram community has over 200 thousand members.

Perozo explains that he is glad he has such a platform where he can reach even more people, share his knowledge, and encourage others. ”I want to build those long-term relationships because you can’t make it alone in this world,” Ebert continues ”And you have to build that connection with them. That’s something you can’t buy with money”.

By creating a good community and jobs where people can use their skills to earn a good living, he is one step closer to making his dream come true. ”I want to create an astonishing environment, help other people create a legacy, and help them succeed,” Eberths continues. ”After I helped my family and created a great future for myself, I want to help others have the same.”

Written in partnership with Luke Lintz

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