Emilia Clarke Reveals Who Left the Coffee Cup Behind in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

Game of Thrones / HBO - Game of Thrones Theories on Finale
Game of Thrones / HBO - Game of Thrones Theories on Finale

It was the coffee cup seen around the world. During the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, an errant coffee cup could be seen on a table in the background of Episode 4, titled “The Last of the Starks.” While HBO eventually digitally edited out the cup for future viewings, it was captured on social media and blasted around the world for everyone to see.

After it happened, many wondered about who exactly left the cup behind—and also how the creators and crew didn’t notice it. While it wasn’t revealed during the season who left the cup in the scene, actress Emilia Clarke revealed the secret while sitting down for an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The culprit? It was actor Conleth Hill, who played Varys, the Master of Secrets. As Clarke said on the show: “We had a party before the Emmys recently, and Conleth Hill, who plays Varys, who’s sitting next to me in that scene, he pulls me aside and he’s like, ‘Emilia, I’ve got to tell you something. I’ve got to tell you something, love. The coffee cup was mine!’” Clarke said. “It was his! It was Conleth’s coffee cup. He said so! He’s like, ‘I think so, I’m sorry, darling, I didn’t want to say anything because it seemed the heat was very much on you.’”

Here’s a look at the interview:

You can see the cup in the scene in this shot here:

Following the mishap back in May, HBO released a humorous statement, writing that “the latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea.”

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