Enjoy The Sights and Bring Some Harmony to Your Soul in Miami With The Art With Me Festival

Art With Me Festival
Art With Me

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Miami is one of the hot spots to visit year round, and for good reason. It’s a gorgeous spot with great beaches and a great nightlife. But with the new Art With Me Festival coming into town, Miami has become an even more alluring space to visit. Because this festival will help bring some wellness to your soul.

Founded by David Graziano in Tulum in 2017, the Art With Me Festival was Tulum’s first large scale arts and cultural festival. This brought in artists from around the world, which meant guests rained in from all over the world as well. And as this festival grew, expanding into other countries, it’s become quite the charitable organization.

One of the platforms core pillars is called “Care With Me” and it is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that is here to bring awareness and positive change through cultivating inspirational art and educational experiences for local communities and the environment. So while you take in the sights of Miami and enjoy some art, you’ll be helping out a charity do some good in the world. Soothe your soul while you soothe others.

To give you a glimpse into the workings and thoughts of the Art With Me Festival, we have an interview with David Graziano himself. Check it out and get yourself prepared for a good time filled with art and positive vibes in Miami.


Art With Me Festival
Art With Me

Tell us why you are bringing Tulum’s biggest festival to Miami?

Let me try and sum this up without being too lengthy as there are many reasons why I decided to bring Art With Me to Miami. In my early 20’s, I became captivated by the electric vibes of Miami. Over the years, I have witnessed how Miami is evolving creativity, inspiration, and human connection. These characteristics have become the driving forces of our decision to bring Art With Me to Miami. Miami is more electric and alive than ever now. Seeing the growth in Miami, its pulse on Music, Art, Culture, it was clear to the AWM team and me that Miami was going to be a great addition to the location of our event. To me, the city of Miami has always had flavor and great culture with its diverse communities and the never-ending movement in its tourist sector. Art With Me is not just a festival. It is a lifestyle brand with a clear road map of bringing highly creative experiences filled with unique activations, events, and sculpture parks. For the Art With Me event, We believe Miami is an exciting home for innovation in the creative arts, with a vibe that welcomes inspiring new experiences that help us connect with others and ourselves through a well-balanced program. All while working towards a more conscious way to celebrate life and the creative process.


What can people expect from Art With Me?

I believe that the more one desires to dive deeper into the Art With Me experience, the more the unexpected will present itself. I have witnessed in many cases from past attendees who had explored all of the 6 pillars in the program. It was a gratifying reaction when they first realized the diversity of our content, which ultimately led to an experience beyond their expectations. With close to 300 activations over 3 days, and our Eat With Me event, which is hosted by the Care With Me Foundation, there is something for everyone to enjoy. This year’s Art With Me Miami event has a spectacular music line-up and art curation with plenty of larger-than-life interactive art installations. The music program will spread across four stages. It will feature over 70 acts ranging from live performances by Sublime and Cultura Profetica to hybrid and electronic acts such as Tycho and All Day I Dream with Lee Burridge. We will feature over 50 visual artists, including live performance art, an art village, and large-scale sculpture exhibits by artists such as Laura Kimpton, Chris Ellis, Danial Popper, Michael Benisty, Gustavo Prado, and many more. These exhibits will allow artists to showcase their creations for sale. The Breathe With Me program, which contains wellness and talks, is the best we have produced since we started the event four years ago. There are plenty of great educational and sharing platforms and forums at the Festival. We will feature a series of great panel discussions with thought-provoking leaders on inspiring topics, such as ‘finding your superpower.’

Jared Bistrong, Miami native and Master Sound Healer, will present his Sound Healing Symphony along with a curated mix of experiences throughout the Festival. We will feature Dr. Bobby Klein and his world-class Astral Travel Workshop and Meditation, as well as Pam Butler, a student and the S. Florida Ambassador of the Chopra Foundation, who will give her ‘Return to Life’ Yoga, Meditation, and Ecstatic Dance Class. Our own Care with Me Foundation will construct a village for hosting children and educating guests on the Foundation’s initiatives, activations, and partnerships with other local charities. Ultimately, I believe AWM is really an event that everyone should experience themselves to fully understand and embrace the creativity and vast array of activities and activations and ultimately understand the message that the Festival is determined to communicate to the world.


You took a risk in doing this event right before the biggest art week of the year in Miami, What made you choose this time?

As art is the central core pillar of our event, this week will allow artists to roll over their artwork and presence during Art Basel. We value supporting artists, and our event will provide additional creatives with the opportunity to showcase their talents whilst combining arts, music, and culture. We like the idea of sustaining the artist and helping provide the opportunity to display their art at Art With Me and potentially have their pieces transcend at other venues or spaces during our Basel as well. We also believe that the weekend following Thanksgiving has always been the beginning of the holiday season. In general, this is a time of the year associated with celebration.


Tell us about the 6 pillars of the festival and why you incorporated wellness?

Art With Me has six core pillars, including Art, Dance, Eat, Breath, Play, and Care. The Pillars were created to provide a clear and well-balanced program for our guests. AWM intends to develop creative content that revolves around a healthy and balanced lifestyle with inspirational experiences across a diverse platform. AWM pillars are essentially the guideline for what areas our main content falls in. Each Pillar occupies a percentage of our program. With AWM’s app, a user can easily look in our event schedule and directly access what we have available in a particular category that interests them.

As I have progressed with my age and started a family, I started recognizing the value of creating experiences that are well-balanced. For me, I have seen that well-balanced (food and wine, children, dancing, giving-back). The impact that my businesses have socially and around me. Adding wellness to the program is another component of creating that balance. I want my friends to be able to bring their kids to the event during the day, share that experience with them, and still have the ability to Breathe with Me (our wellness pillar) also has a large amount of thought-provoking talks. I have found that when people are inspired, the information that is shared resonates on a deeper level. If we can inspire people through art, and in these moments share relevant and important topics, I believe we have an opportunity to plant seeds for positive change.


You own festivals and some of the top hotels in Tulum, What do you do to stay in touch?

The hospitality industry is known to be a very hectic service-orientated business. However, I have learned to remain ‘in touch’ by reshaping my values and fundamental life priorities. These include changes in my lifestyle, the way I spend my time, and reshaping my professional philosophies. By doing so, I have learned to keep myself grounded and centered while immersing myself in nature. For example, working in Tulum provides me with the gift of feeling planted on the earth, grounded, and connected to my heart because I get to spend most of my business days barefoot. I also live part of my year in Colorado, where I can recharge myself in a healthy and outdoor mountainous environment (the opposite of Tulum). These spaces in nature help provide me with a healthy balance between my personal family life and professional business projects. Overall, I believe it is vital to be in a state of mind where I feel connected to my mission and purpose, by doing what I am passionate about, connecting with nature, and committing to a healthy lifestyle. For me, the environments in which I have chosen to do my business fully embody the 6 pillars of AWM.


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