Turning Passion into Business, Entrepreneur Oliver Pott Followed His Own Rules to Achieve Visible Success

Oliver Pott

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Oliver Pott, Ph.D., serial digital founder, professor of entrepreneurship, and the best-selling author knows what it means to be successful in business. The established entrepreneur turned his passions into business using his 3F rule and now co-owns the Bundesliga football team SC Paderborn as well as their stadium in Germany.

With years of experience up his sleeve, it’s no wonder that Oliver Pott is such a major success in the business world. The seasoned entrepreneur knows what it takes to make a smart investment that will equate to more than just monetary value – only a part of the equation for attaining success.

What makes Pott so successful is his ability to cultivate a business around three ideals: fun, fame, and fortune.

Something that incorporates all 3 rules is his football investments. Living in the community of Paderborn, Pott was immersed in the culture of the Bundesliga, the highest league in Germany. Like many, attending a football match with friends is a fun and social activity, and over time, watching the sport became a hobby for him.

Following his 3F rule, Pott decided to turn his hobby into a successful business, one founded on the principle of fun.

“It’s all about having fun,” Pott shares, reflecting on starting his career at the young age of 25. Even at the beginning of his profession, he knew how important it was to bring enjoyment into whatever avenue he was part of.

Olivier Pott

Founder and CEO of Pott Holding Corporation, Pott is a serial digital founder and owned and operated several businesses around the world including PestPatrol, a highly successful anti-virus software that has generated millions in revenue. He received his doctorate in neurochemistry from the Humboldt University of Berlin and has written multiple books that have reached bestseller lists. From studying neurochemistry to co-owning the Home Deluxe Arena soccer field, Pott has done it all.

Being a seasoned entrepreneur, Pott founded and sold several companies. He worked with hundreds of US companies, mostly tech corporations, to bring their products to Europe by setting up European Subsidiaries for licensing their products.

Pott is the co-owner of a German professional football team, SC Paderborn 07, a team that currently sits second in the 2. Bundesliga and are on course for automatic promotion to the top tier of German football.

“This one brings me happiness and a lot of fun because I have the best seats in the stadium, being the co-owner. I have a lot of fun because I host the stadium for my family and friends, so they all attend, and it also makes me some money because I get rent from the football team and interest from the stadium as well,” Pott explains.

Pott lives by the 3F Rule, a term he coined for achieving and attaining success. Fun, Fame, and Fortune are the keys to his personal success, which he learned early in his career. Whenever Pott decides to enter a new venture, he follows the 3F Rule as it helps him not only in his business ventures, but it’s also a good test frame for his private and non-profit activities.

The 3 F’s are outlined as follows:


  • Enjoyment plays a big role in the overall performance of a business and is fundamental for maintaining motivation. What you put into a business will likely reflect on the outcome and is something many people neglect.


  • For Pott, any venture he pursues has to add to his legacy, purpose, and international reputation. Fame attracts employees and provides a sense of purpose for the team members and brand.


  • Before investing, Pott emphasizes the importance of looking at long-term profits. Without profit, the investment becomes a hobby because only a profitable company can sustain itself over time.

Pott’s investments in the German football team and stadium clearly follows his 3F rule: he has fun, has generated fame, and secured fortune long-term.

For Pott, he finds enjoyment and fun by bringing his entire family to watch his team play on the weekend, and since he is the co-founder, has 8 top stadium seats with some of the best views. Additionally, it adds to Pott’s Fame and purpose since the club has its own CSR department that contributes to a lot of socially important projects. The Fortune component is a long-term investment: Paderborn’s recruitment model is based around signing top youth prospects and selling them on for a higher fee to the top echelon of international football – very similar to the model adopted by Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund. Meanwhile, the Home Deluxe Arena is located in a prime setting, making it a beacon for real estate investors.

Pott is well versed in the business world and after decades of experience is sharing his knowledge to help other entrepreneurs make smarter business decisions. His most recent book “Visible!”, a bestseller in SPIEGEL, Manager-Magazine, Amazon, and more, talks about his 3F rule and the importance of having all three ideals in every business. Pott also delves into the world of visibility in business and how working smart with quiet visibility can garner a thriving business versus one that focuses on “loud” visibility.

To find out how you too can transform your passions into a business, get a free chapter of the US edition of Oliver Pott’s latest book “Visible!” and turn your endeavors into success.

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