Even With A World Well-Travelled, Michael Graziano Still Has More to Explore

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The record holding youngest Canadian and American man to visit every country in the world has a new higher identity to aspire after. Michael Graziano, founder of Global Degree and Mindful Media PR, brought the world along for the adventure of a lifetime. Now, the wisdom of human connection and the media acumen gained on his travels now drive his success as a public relations innovator.

It’s a long road to exorbitant success. Michael Graziano has walked it at a pace few have seen before. Graziano is the youngest Canadian and American male to visit every country in the world. Now, he has a new destination to explore: a shifting media landscape on the verge of Web 3.0.

Graziano’s story is that of a person like any other. The point of difference: Graziano had the boldness to declare his highest identity and set out to meet it. Graziano stated in a December 2013 Facebook post: “I’ve officially decided I am going to step foot into every country in the world in the next 72 months. There are 193 countries in the world.”

Michael Graziano
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You might expect an announcement of this sort to come from the mouth of a Jules Verne character, not a young Canadian working a 9-to-5 marketing job. The post fell on the doubtful ears of Graziano’s friends and family, however no amount of naysaying could stop him from taking the first step towards his goals. This aspiration was between Graziano and the universe.

The youngest Canadian embarking to travel the world — in a digital age where people everywhere could connect and share in the journey — Graziano knew this was a story worth telling. He reached out to the press. Huffington Post took interest and published an interview with the Canadian. This coverage was a catalyst for the authority of Graziano’s initial declaration.

We all like to travel, but what would make somebody want to visit every country? For Graziano, it was more than a geographical excursion: it was an exploration of the “human connection.”

“Meeting new people – connecting with strangers – isn’t it amazing?” Graziano asks an audience at TedX Oxford. “I wanted to see if I could get that feeling everywhere I went – the answer is yes!”

This passion for people and Graziano’s willingness to separate from his comfort zone – to dive headlong into it – resonated with HuffPost readers. This drew the interests of sponsors and fellow travellers who would aid him on his journey. Graziano’s initial declaration was an intentional act of manifestation that rang through the universe. He had knocked on the door of the entire world and it had opened wide.

The ensuing 72 months saw Graziano visiting all 193 sovereign nations of the world, vlogging his travels (including a show on Discovery Channel’s digital network), making content for sponsors, consulting for brands, and trading stocks to fuel his adventure and pursuit of connection. Graziano had leveraged the press he had received: taking the ball and running with it.

The project took on the name Global Degree. “All the information is there,” Graziano says in an interview with Forbes. “I’ve learned to keep a curious and open mind, which could make every experience a lesson and every person a professor.” The education he received from his travels inspired Graziano to found Global Degree Academy, which enables young adults to pursue higher learning through travel.

Graziano’s odyssey was well timed. He returned to Canada at the start of February 2020, right before the world was shuttered by Covid. With a world well-travelled and a nation-wide quarantine to wait out, Graziano’s sights shifted to media. He could see the impact coverage had made to his own dreams and wanted a solution for entrepreneurs who were doing great things in the world – but struggling to get the attention, and support of a wider audience. This would be the start of Mindful Media PR.

More serendipitous was Graziano’s presence in a Valentine’s Day Clubhouse room hosted by the celebrity matchmaker Carmelia Ray. Here he met now-wife Natasha Grano — the Mindset Coach, Forbes’ #1 female motivational speaker under 40, and bestselling author. A fairy-tale with a digital twist: the couple later exchanged vows in the first ever wedding hosted on Clubhouse.

Michael and Natasha Graziano enjoy a state of constant evolution. Aligned in the goal of empowering entrepreneurs to manifest their dreams, the Vancouver-based couple can often be found in the presence of the world’s most notable movers.

Graziano articulates his passion for adventure and the human connection in all he does. He’s travelled the world like no other and wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to his entrepreneurial journey. Others might have pivoted a traditional education into a 9-5 job – Graziano went all in on a Global Degree and received a world of possibilities in return.

Time spent in real estate as the president of a holding company — a $150,000 deal with Jim Treliving and Robert Herjavec on Dragons’ Den — Graziano has lived out many dreams in addition to Global Degree and his current charge at the helm of Mindful Media. This list is poised to grow. The world may be well-travelled, but Michael Graziano has more to explore.


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