Family, Excellence, and People: The Core Values of Hite’s Success

JC Hite

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Hite acknowledges that each individual possesses a special purpose and that if that purpose is realized, the individual, their community, and the world will be better off.

This mission is practiced under these three pillars; Family, Excellence, and People.


When you visit JC Hite’s website, you will understand the kind of man he is. Besides his work, he is an organized man devoted to his spirituality, economic pillars, and family.

He is often heard in every interview talking about how he intends to build his business around his family. He says, popularly, that nothing can be done at the sacrifice of family.

At Hite, it is not just about JC and his nuclear family. The whole team that comprises the employees feels to be a big family.

99% of Hite’s staff is based in Nicaragua. Citizens in a country headed by a dictator and in desperate need of hope for a change couldn’t have imagined their lives turned around like this.

Hite Digital, an agency under Hite, offers daycare services for its employees, meaning no one gets left behind. The parents working at Hite Digital are strongly supported and inspired, as are their children.


Consider this; A country where being able to attend schools that provides high-quality educations is not accessible to most citizens, Which makes attending college very difficult even more so the opportunity of attending college in the US, but this is about to change, especially because Hite has agreed with Harding University, a private christian college in Arkansa to offer a full-ride bachelor’s degree scholarship to his employee’s children, particularly those employees that have worked full-time for some years. Isn’t this a perfect example of fostering a family of team players?

Such attention is not only accorded to the employees but also to the clients and their families. Each client has an account manager that is fully in their service. They ensure client satisfaction, and if needed, they offer emotional, physical, and financial support.

Hite Digital is not too shy to outsource services. As a company, they hire individuals from other firms to prioritize the mental and professional development of the staff. They are constantly seeking new chances for personal development and education.


They are not holding anything back to ensure that all processes and procedures are effective and efficient to achieve the greatest potential outcomes. They maintain rigorous standards to provide clients with the highest quality service possible. Excellence is the word they go with; indeed, they are excellent in their delivery process.

They understand that this is a business of people, so they apply all values with the individual in mind. They are not in a rush to let go, but they are quick to deliver using their tried and tested techniques, improving along the way. No wonder they are so successful.

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