‘For All Mankind’ Trailer: Joel Kinnaman Blasts Into Space in New Apple TV+ Series

For All Mankind trailer

What would the world be like if the Space Race never ended? How would the United States react if the Soviets were the first to land on the Moon? That’s the fascinating premise of the new Apple TV+ series For All Mankind, created by Ronald D. Moore and starring Joel Kinnaman as Edward Baldwin, a NASA astronaut caught up in the middle of the global space race.

As the first For All Mankind trailer lays out, this alternate history will have the United States chasing the Soviets after the USSR lands on the moon first, sending American ambitions even higher. As one character puts it: “We’re going to the Moon, Saturn, the stars…the galaxy.”

Along with Kinnaman, the show stars Michael Dorman, Sarah Jones, Wrenn Schmidt, Shantel VanSanten, Eric Ladin, and Jodi Balfour as the astronauts, engineers, scientists, NASA staffers, and family members who get caught up in the unfolding space race. And there’s plenty of action on offer: From speeding Corvettes to rockets launching into space, this trailer has it all.

Take a look below:

Moore knows plenty about putting together a space-themed TV show after his past work on Battlestar Galactica and multiple Star Trek TV series. The incredible visuals in the new trailer show off why For All Mankind is one of the most anticipated shows on the new Apple TV+ service coming later in 2019.

For All Mankind will hit Apple TV+ this Fall.