Top Property Casualty Attorney Galen M. Hair’s Advice for Bouncing Back After Your Home Suffers Damage From Fire

Galen Hair

Written in Partnership with Victoria Kennedy

There’s nothing cozier than starting a fire during the winter, pouring a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoying the winter months with loved ones.

But, while fires might create ambiance and warmth while saving on your heating bill, they also cause a devastating number of house fires each year.

House fires mean that owners and renters may lose most — or all — of their prized possessions, important items, and sentimental treasures. They can also mean losing a life-changing amount of financial ground if you’re not properly protected from domestic fires through your insurance policy.

Galen M. Hair, Founder of Insurance Claim HQ, works exclusively with property insurance cases, helping those who have been wronged by circumstance and then by their insurance companies, who deny fair claims after claimants pay high premiums for years.

Hair has taken on the big insurance companies and won denial cases countrywide. He’s become a name and force to be reckoned with in property insurance protection law for more than a decade, and he’s been named to Inc’s 500 list and Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 list.

The compassionate and empathetic founder knows firsthand how devastated his clients feel in their situations — whether they suffered from a fire, a hurricane, or a tornado. The New Orleans-based attorney’s own home was hit by Hurricane Zeta in 2020, and knows how hard it is to move on and pick up the pieces after your home is damaged.

“It breaks my heart to hear people’s stories of misfortune every day, but I’m thankful that we’re able to help them. We’ve already won over 1200 cases for people who were unfairly denied their insurance claims, and also helped six churches to recover after they suffered at the hands of mother nature,” said Hair.

These situations become even worse when those who are supposed to protect you, your insurance company, become an adversary instead of an ally. He and his team of lawyers have won proper payouts for their clients in countless house fire claim denial cases.

Here are Hair’s best tips on protecting your home during the fire season and what to do if a fire does occur in your home.

Flue Season Checkup

The first step in protecting your house from fire is to be sure that the space where they often start — your fireplace — is in excellent condition and has the all-clear from a professional.

Hair recommends having your chimney flue thoroughly cleaned and inspected at the start of each fire season. From organic blockages to nesting animals, the best cure is prevention when it comes to your chimney and fireplace.

Understand Your Coverage

Every homeowner’s insurance policy has a clause for fire damage, and it lays out certain conditions under which it will pay out. Make sure you choose a plan that covers ‘replacement costs’ to repair or replace everything damaged or lost in a house fire.

This can include items like sofas and stereos, and structural damage to roofs and walls. To be super safe, choose one that covers related fire costs such as temporary hotel and living expenses. “This is one aspect of your homeowner’s insurance that you don’t want to skimp on,” said Hair.

Keep An Inventory

Keep an ongoing and detailed list of the items in your home, especially the most valuable. If you buy a new laptop or easy chair, for example, keep a digital record of the receipt and note the money spent.

You should also take extensive videos and photos of the items inside your home to ensure that you get the proper replacement coverage should your home suffer from a fire.

Contact Your Insurance Company ASAP

“To make sure to maximize your payouts and minimize your liability, you need to contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the onset of a fire,” said Hair.

While he knows you may have many more pressing matters to deal with immediately, you’ll fare much better financially if you reach your insurance agent at your first available moment.

Talk to a Fire Claim Lawyer

In these stressful situations, where so much is at stake, sometimes it’s best to just talk to a fire claim lawyer at the outset.

These specialists will deal with the insurance company on your behalf, a service you’re likely to be thankful for when you are going through the hardships of a house fire.

Many affected people report that removing the stress of dealing with insurance companies after their fire lets them better focus on rebuilding their life and home. While we hope you never suffer from a house fire, these tips leave you better prepared to deal with the worst.

About Galen M Hair

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