Gamelancer Is Building a Community That’s Taking Gaming to the Next Level


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Since video games first came into existence, they have been bringing people together. In their earliest days, before the ubiquity of the Internet, we had to physically gather in the same room, playing on the same screen. Now, of course, the Internet allows gamers to meet up with other players at any time, all without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Modern-day technology has revolutionized the way we play video games. Being in the same room as someone is no longer a requirement to game together. In fact, you don’t even have to be in the same city, country, or continent as your fellow gamers. There are endless opportunities to play with people from all over the world.

With all of the progress of the last century, gaming has grown into so much more than it once was. It is not just about the entertainment of the game itself—now, for many, gaming is a source of community and friendship. For a lucky few, like streamers and professional gamers, it even provides a steady income.

The landscape of video games is constantly growing and evolving, and video game companies, streaming platforms, and individual gamers must adapt to this changing environment, as well.

That is exactly what the new platform, Gamelancer, aims to do.

Simply put, Gamelancer enhances the gaming experience for all its users and connects them all around the world.

The platform provides a space for gamers to come together as a community. Users can find new friends to play with, hone their skills, and build connections with other gamers, all in one convenient location.

Gamelancer is taking the world of gaming to the next level, so hop on board and see the difference it can make for you.


Find Your Team on This Revolutionary New Gaming Platform—And They Can Be From Anywhere


Let’s dive into the specifics. How does Gamelancer work, exactly?

Gamelancer founders Razvan Romanescu and Darren Lopes built this platform based on the notion that gaming is more enjoyable when you are playing with the right people. They created Gamelancer to connect gamers across the world with top-notch teammates.

The platform welcomes gamers of all skill levels, whatever their location. You can join for free in a matter of seconds. Once your profile is complete, let the games begin.

There are countless ways to improve your gaming experience with a Gamelancer profile. First of all, it allows you to connect with other gamers. Simply create a play session, fill out some essential information, and start playing with new teammates.

Creating a play session involves inputting some basic information, like a profile picture, social media account, and availability to play. Then, you select the specific game you want to play. Finally, you can title your play session and launch it. At this point, other users will be able to request to join your session, and the gaming gets going.

And, just like that, you can begin playing with your dream team.

Likewise, joining a pre-existing session is just as easy as creating your own. Simply click on the tab titled Play, and you will find a list of all the most popular games. After selecting your preferred game, you’ll see an extensive display of all your fellow users, or Gamelancers, who have started a play session.

As you search for a play session to join, you can even filter through Gamelancers based on a variety of factors, like language, gender, platform, session type, and online/offline status. This feature allows Gamelancer users to get as specific as possible when searching for the perfect match. It also means that the perfect partner can come from anywhere in the world—as long as they have the attributes that you’re searching for. This means that the gaming experience is enhanced for both of you.

On the contrary, for users who prefer the ease of an automated match, Gamelancer provides a “quick matching” option. This is a convenient and fast way to get paired up with someone who matches your skill level, preferences, and more.

In these ways, Gamelancer elevates the gaming experience. The platform eliminates all of the downfalls that come with being randomly matched to teammates or other players.

Once you join Gamelancer, you’ll never turn back.


Connecting With Like-Minded Gamers Has Never Been This Easy – Both On and Off the Platform


Gamelancer is the one platform that gives you complete control over your gaming experience. Via Gamelancer, users can quickly and easily find teammates who meet their standards of skill and enthusiasm for the game. This is just one of many things that we absolutely love about this platform.

However, there is so much more to Gamelancer that makes the platform truly special. Not only does Gamelancer help you connect with other players, but it allows you to develop and maintain those connections in the long run.

Gamelancer has several unique features that contribute to this result. First and foremost, the social media element of the platform lets users stay connected long after their first game is over. For example, if you really enjoyed playing with someone, all you have to do is follow them within Gamelancer, and you’ll be connected forever. It’s simple.

User profiles on Gamelancer even include each member’s preferred social media handle, which means you can connect with new friends on other platforms and potentially stay Internet-friends for many years to come.

If you want to continue connecting with like-minded gamers on your other socials, check out Gamelancer’s TikTok presence. They’re actually the number one gaming network on the platform, meaning that there’s a huge community there just waiting for you to join. If you make the leap to this platform, you’ll be connected with Gamelancer’s 11.5 million fans, and you’ll have access to awesome content—videos with 250 million+ monthly views, to be exact.


Make Use of Audio Rooms to Connect With Your Fellow Players


Along these lines, another way that Gamelancer has enhanced the gaming experience is through audio rooms. This feature allows like-minded gamers to assemble in one (online) space and talk via live audio calls while playing together. Through these audio rooms, you can use Gamelancer to play and talk with friends as if you were all in the same room together.

Being able to speak with your fellow players while gaming is an essential part of the overall experience. It allows for you and your teammates to communicate, talk strategy, and work together to win. Moreover, in a broader sense, it also helps make the game feel more personal and social. The game becomes about more than just winning—it’s about hanging with friends and enjoying each other’s company.

This audio room feature lets you stay in touch with friends you may have met through a play session on Gamelancer. In this sense, the platform has created a simpler, more streamlined way for gamers to meet, play together, and build connections. It truly is a one-stop-shop for anything you may want from your gaming experience.

Ultimately, by allowing its users to discover and connect with other players across the world, Gamelancer is opening the doors of opportunity for long-lasting friendships in the gaming community.

Sign up for Gamelancer and start connecting today.


How Gamelancer Can Help You Hone Your Skills


As we mentioned before, one reason that gaming is so widely popular is that it brings people together. It offers an opportunity to gather with friends either in-person or online and simply have a good time.

For many people, though, gaming is about more than just entertainment—it’s about winning. A little healthy competition is never a bad thing, and video games provide the perfect arena to channel our competitive energy.

If you love competing against friends (and, let’s be honest, winning), then you should join Gamelancer as soon as possible. It is truly the perfect platform to practice and perfect your skills in whatever game you choose.


Gamelancer’s Video Aspect Gives You Access to an Audience So You Can Get Views On Your Content


First and foremost, Gamelancer allows its users to upload their gameplay videos to the platform. The Watch section contains hundreds of original videos of all the most popular games. This lets players learn from their fellow Gamelancer users by watching their content and picking up all their tips and tricks.

The platform allows anyone to upload videos to the Watch section. With over 500 million monthly viewers, Gamelancer presents the chance for its users to get major views on their content. If you are hoping to grow your viewership, this may just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Of course, the best way to improve your gaming skills is to actually play the game. When you get tired of watching other people play, you can jump into a play session and start honing your skills.

Normally, when you are randomly matched with another player, you have no idea if they are going to be a beginner or an absolute pro. If you find yourself playing with someone who just isn’t up to your standard, the odds of actually improving your skills are quite low.

However, what Gamelancer brings to the table is the opportunity to curate exactly who you’re playing with or against. Finding a co-player who matches or exceeds your skill level is the very best way to get better at the game.

In this way, Gamelancer makes honing your skills simple and fun.


Join Gamelancer Today and Let the Games Begin


The gaming experience is not defined by the actual game you’re playing; rather, it’s all about who you’re playing with. Gamelancer is redefining the gaming experience by helping its users connect with a vast community of like-minded gamers across the globe.

Gamelancer is a game-changer. Whether you want to build your ideal team, practice your gaming skills, or earn money as a gamer, this platform is the one and only place to be.

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