Gamelancer Is Taking Their Iconic @Gaming Brand to New Heights


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Here’s a 21st-century idiom for you to consider: You are your feed. That’s right. What you scroll past, what you stop to watch, the celebrities, brands, and friends that fill your phone — all of it paints an illustrative picture of who you are.

Do you love to travel? To cook? Do you like to debate politics or buy secondhand clothing? It’s all in your feed and following list.

Maybe what you love to do is game. You spend hours reading forums on the newest updates and features. You pre-order new consoles and impatiently wait out their delivery date. You even watch esports tournaments and follow your favorite streamers. If all that is the case, we’re willing to bet you’re one of the over twenty million people reached by @gaming’s social media handles.

On social media, securing a recognizable handle is the name of the game. Securing a handle like ‘gaming’ across multiple social media platforms? That’s called winning the game. In this case, the winners are Gamelancer, a new gaming and social first connectivity platform that is already making a huge mark on the industry.

So, where did the brand come from? And where are they headed next? And how did they get so many dang followers? All that and more below.

Following the @Gaming Brand

Let’s talk about sheer scale first because the @gaming network of social media handles is doing serious numbers. Across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, Gamelancer is building the fastest-growing gaming brand. Since Q1 of 2020, the brand has seen 220% increases in audience size. That’s right, in just over a year, the brand went from 0 followers to 20 million.

For the uninitiated in social media, we’ll let you in on a little secret — unless you’re a member of a beloved 90s sitcom, that type of growth is pretty unheard of. It takes years to build something like that. So how did Gamelancer do it? We have one theory.

Gaming Alongside Your Audience

We’ll get into the specifics of what Gamelancer’s platform offers later on. For now, we just want to focus on the @gaming brand on social media. Gamelancer was built by and for gamers, and it becomes pretty obvious when you see how they approached social media strategy.
The truth is, many new brands struggle with making an impact on social media, especially when they’re just trying to tout their products. Gamelancer took a different approach. They love to game, and they know their potential users do too, so rather than focusing on getting beta trials, they focused on hosting conversations.

Imagine you’re brand new to the wild west of the online world. Welcome from the rock you’ve been living under; we’re glad you’re here. Let’s say while you were under your rock, you developed an outright obsession with video games. On day one of owning an Instagram account and wondering who to follow, you type ‘gaming’ into the search bar. What do you know? There’s @gaming at the top of the results.

Voila. That is the simple genius of the @gaming brand.

But it’s about more than just search results. Gamelancer is focused on quality. That’s how they’ve been able to grow so fast. Each account operates like a curated content hub, serving as a platform for conversation and comradery.

As Darren Lopes, the Co-Founder & COO of Gamelancer Inc. said, “Our mission with our social channels initially was to keep people entertained while learning more about their favorite games during the pandemic lockdowns. During that time, the endless support we’ve received from the gaming community has been truly humbling as our network growth has been massive and unparalleled. We’re looking forward to continuing to drive value for gamers, creators, and collectors globally as we head into the future of gaming together. We aim to empower gamers through simple ways to connect with others, validate/add utilities for unique NFTs, and well-designed innovative consumer goods for gamers.”

Gamers go to @gaming for news updates, to share opinions, and to laugh about the frequently hysterical world of video games. In short, Gamelancer is hosting one of the biggest video game forums across social media. Not bad for a new brand.

Check out what Gamelancer is all about here.


New High Scores

So how good is good? Let’s get into the data. Gamelancer owns a number of social media handles, including the popular @egirl accounts, but let’s focus just on @gaming, as it is the brand’s biggest priority.

@gaming is prevalent across four social media platforms: TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. In a remarkably short amount of time, the brand has racked up a staggering number of followers, views, and likes.

Across all platforms, @gamelancer receives 800+ million monthly views. Do you realize how close that is to a billion? It’s mind-boggling. Here’s the rundown:

  • @gaming on TikTok: Over 7.5 million followers. 362.5 million likes. 120.5 million monthly video views. It’s both the biggest gaming platform on TikTok and the fastest growing.
  • @gaming on Instagram: 111,000 followers. Gamelancer itself has over half a million.
  • @gaming on Twitter: 13,400 followers. This page is brand new and already growing.

Part of Gamelancer’s success on these platforms is that they’re giving the community what they’re looking for and changing it up based on which platform they’re on. We’ll explain.

@gaming Is Taking TikTok By Storm

On TikTok, @gaming posts funny streaming moments, creator content around gaming memes and inside jokes, and secret features, among other things. Ultimately the purpose of TikTok is to provide entertainment, and that’s exactly what @gaming does.

It’s the highlight reel of all gaming content online and in a media-saturated world, that is especially valuable. Between @gaming and their other accounts (egirl, gamer, and gamelancer), Gamelancer boasts an impressive 19 million followers on TikTok, making them the biggest gaming brand on the platform. They’re everywhere.

@gamelancer Is All Over SnapChat

Snapchat takes a similar approach, though they’ve added even more accounts to widen distribution further. @gamelancer provides the best of video-game content, @egirl highlights women streamers and is the #1 gaming show on the platform, gtagamers focuses exclusively on GTA memes and tricks. You get the idea.

Recently Gamelancer announced they are launching the @Gaming show on Snapchat, further cementing their dogged expansion into the space.

By providing quality, daily content, Gamelancer has built a new system of distribution, reaching views in the millions.

Instagram and Twitter? Yep, @gaming Is There, Too

On Instagram and Twitter, Gamelancer takes a different approach, noting that most people come to these platforms for updates.

Rather than posting only creator content, they focus on industry news. They announce new games, highlight business deals that could have big effects on the franchises we know and love, and do a little speculation on what could appear in stores soon. In doing so, @gaming on Instagram and Twitter is all about hosting conversation. Gamelancer delivers the news, and followers take to the comments to share their many varied opinions.

That’s what makes @gaming different from other brands on social media. It’s not about promos. It’s about community and conversation. It’s about gathering around to talk about what you love.

If Gamelancer is the brains of the operation, @gaming is the arm, extending a controller to the industry and inviting them to play along.

Gamelancer’s Fresh Approach to the Industry

Speaking of, let’s get into what Gamelancer is actually offering because it’s clear that their fresh social media strategy is not an anomaly.

Arriving on the scene in 2020, Gamelancer is a social gaming connectivity platform that aims to make the world of gaming more connective, closing the gap between under-watched streamers and the exclusive world of professional esports.

Gamelancer provides the connections to bring brands, streamers, and their desired teammates together, introducing a fundamentally new and exciting piece to the puzzle of online gaming. Their mission is to perfect the experience of online gaming, elevating it to new standards. Given the excitement we’re hearing about their beta product, we think Gamelancer has a shot at making a huge impact on the industry.

According to Razvan Romanescu, the Co-Founder & CEO of Gamelancer Inc., “The future is gaming and NFTs—we are at the frontier of a massive shift in how gaming and the world intersects at scale. Gamelancer is positioned to be the largest Gen-Z gaming conglomerate to spearhead cloud gaming and audio connectivity.” We couldn’t agree more.

Connect with your fellow gamers with Gamelancer.

Gamelancer Is Changing the Face of Gaming

The world of gaming and esports is in flux. After the boom of professional gaming in the last decade, brands now dominate the space, and if you ask us, have established more red tape and closed doors.

But gaming has never been about gatekeeping. For so many, gaming is a means of community, of team-building, of, well, fun. That’s why we’re so impressed by what Gamelancer has done, both on social media and off. Their focus is on the commonality of gamers. The friendships that it fosters. The connections that it creates.

On social media, @gaming provides the space for everyone from the casual gamer to the expert athlete to weigh in on the ever-changing world of video games. On their own platform, Gamelancer makes playing with who you want, when you want, simpler than ever. Whatever comes next, we have to respect that vision.

If @gaming’s social media stats are anything to base a prediction on, we don’t think the platform is going to have any issues growing a user base.

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