Harrison Ford Talks His Dog Co-Star in ‘Call of the Wild’ and How He Got Fired From Crate & Barrel With Jimmy Kimmel

Harrison Ford Call of the Wild
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Han Solo might be dead, but Harrison Ford still has to answer questions about him forever. The veteran Star Wars and Indiana Jones actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Feb. 10 to promote his new movie, The Call of the Wild, and naturally, his blaster-slinging scoundrel came up.

Jimmy Kimmel noted that the last time Ford appeared on his show, he pleaded for Han Solo to be killed off. “You’re putting a different complexion on it,” Ford said. “I figured that his utility had been exhausted—bled out—and I was willing to die for the cause. Bring some gravitas, some base.” It’s well-reported that Ford wanted Han dead as early as Return of the Jedi in 1983, and though he finally got his wish with The Force Awakens, the character came back as a Force ghost in The Rise of Skywalker. On his return to the series, Ford joked, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

“Like Jesus,” Kimmel observed, “Han Solo rose again.”

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Kimmel and Ford also talked Ford’s history as a carpenter for the rich and famous; among his clientele were Francis Ford Coppola (which is how he got roles in The Conversation and Apocalypse Now), George Lucas (how he landed American Graffiti), and Brazilian bossa nova artist Sérgio Mendes. Ford helped to build Mendes’ new recording studio in 1970, evidenced by a photo in which a young, gruff, shirtless Ford is flashing a peace sign to the camera. “There you are,” Kimmel said, “baked out of your mind, yes?”

The pair also reflected on one of Ford’s other early careers, as, in Ford’s own words, “the incompetent manager” at the first Crate & Barrel store in Chicago. “It was for about four months until I got fired,” Ford said. “I came back late from lunch.”

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Later, they chatted about Ford’s forthcoming movie, The Call of the Wild, an adaptation of the Jack London story. In the film, Ford appears in a full grey beard opposite a very cute, harmonica-playing CG dog. “Where the hell did you guys find a dog that plays the harmonica? That is impressive!” Kimmel gushed.

“Jimmy,” Ford said, leaning forward in his seat, “we made the dog up. There’s no dog.” Kimmel feigned disbelief, and Ford reassured the audience: “I’m not saying don’t go to the movie, because in the movie, there’s a dog.”

The Call of the Wild, starring Ford and dog, is in theaters Feb. 21. You can see the full interview below as well as a clip of Ford, Kimmel, and Science Bob wreaking havoc with Silly String.

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