HCT Finance: Where High-Class Luxury Meets Technology

Hayes Thomas

Luxury is an experience most VIPs never joke about because it’s all about meeting needs. It’s about comfort. The problem isn’t where to get the finest and most exquisite luxury treatments but who delivers the best.

No matter how fast the world might seem, they want to unplug and enjoy the pleasures of life. The quest was the problem statement Hayes Thomas, founder, CEO Hayes, HCT Concierge mapped out before starting his high-flying luxury business.

There are more than a thousand concierge services in the UK alone; this metric shows how clustered and competitive the business is.

Finding a footing in this industry might be difficult for a newbie with zero experience. You have to believe in yourself and bring what you feel is necessary to the table to succeed.

Behind all the glitz and glamour, busy work hours, and the mayhems from the paparazzi, it’s not a surprise that VIPs want a buzzing cocoon to rest. At HCT Concierge, rest assured vitality and comfort are at their best. Hayes and his team put in extra effort to accomplish such a dedication.

There are many options to select from while using his company’s services, from booking the finest and most exquisite hotel rooms to reservations at the finest restaurants. HCT Concierge has you covered.

The company was born out of a passion for exceeding its client’s needs. At HCT Concierge, “VIPs are treated as their name suggests. They want the best of life’s offerings.”

Hayes ensures every service is top-notch for his clients. The latest exotic car rentals, and booking tables at high-end restaurants, clubs, and private jets, to name a few. You can never have enough at HCT Concierge. However, over the years, he discovered that many clients began having issues with flexibility in purchases while using his services.

For example, he recounts when a client needed a form of relaxation mid-way on a flight above Canada. He insisted on a specific drink; before that, purchasing it took a lot of time. Hayes is a problem solver and saw an opportunity to improve his client’s experience.

“A person’s life is a busy maze; most times, keeping track of finances can be rocky. When planning a vacation, managing funds can be difficult once you’re at your destination. You keep swiping the card, and before you know it, managing funds becomes a problem.”

HCT Finance app is here to solve that problem for VIPs. Hopefully, it is set for a grand launch in Mid-February, 2023.

“Without HCT, there are tens, if not hundreds, of hours spent by VIPs weekly to manage their lifestyle and various logistical complications.  In addition, most of our clients would struggle to get the level of access we do across a broad range of products, services, and experiences.”

People want an easier way, not a dead end. In the hospitality business, both lifestyle and money work side by side. One has to be present for the other to survive. He is taking the load off clients by switching apps to a version that will contain different sections for luxury and customer card services.

He assures clients that the era of confusion searching for flights, restaurants, and car rental prices will end. With the FinTech app, clients can pay for various services and experience zero stress with heightened ease of access and inclusivity.

It was what most businesses like his lacked. He’s slowly filling the gap between lifestyle and finance. A card is also accessible for clients to shop and pay for any merchandise through a generated account number.

Creation of the unique account number grants clients’ access to all HCT services available on the app. All these services and more are strictly exclusive to the HCT Finance application as the first business to launch an app that combines its current business model with technology to limit clients using separate apps for transactions.

Hayes and his team want to ease the stress of moving from one app to another for the same service. Making everything available on the same app saves time and money. It also prevents confusion on the path of the client. HCT Finance is here to not only solve financial problems but afford them the most refined luxury the world has to offer with a click.


CEO Hayes has proven himself in the Concierge space. He has not only built a luxurious hospitality business; in February he will be launching a FinTech app aimed at making life easier for his clients and providing them with the ability to have autonomy over their affairs

Written in partnership with Luke Lintz


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