Health Recovery Agency on Effective Ways to Overcome Substance Addiction

Health Recovery Agency

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

Mental health is essential at all stages of life, from childhood to adulthood, and does not discriminate based on your economic status or circumstances. There have always been conventional ways to treat mental health, especially through medicine. However, treatment does not have to be generic and is constantly evolving. Healthy Life Recovery believes that there are more effective ways to cure mental health and substance abuse.

Health Recovery Agency founding members have vast knowledge in this field, with over 40 years of substance abuse and mental health treatment experience. To achieve a comprehensive health treatment, they developed a proven, evidence-based curriculum incorporating clinical, experiential, and a healthy release of endorphins. In addition, Healthy Life Recovery Patients have access to activities that increase the rate of healthy release of endorphins, like mixed martial arts, skateboarding, surfing, pilates, yoga, and other activities to channel energies. They believe experiential therapies, coupled with finding a supportive community, are essential in mental health recovery.

Being an all-inclusive health recovery agency, the team focuses on a balanced clinical and personalized approach to treating each patient based on their case. In most cases, people who struggle with addiction suffer in silence, going through trials of self-medication to find healing, which often ends in disaster. The torture is aggravated by the fact that they know very little about the tools required to achieve mental stability. The Healthy Recovery Agency program encourages a healthy balance of exercise, education, and treatment to assist people in acquiring the tools needed to follow their dreams and make them attainable.

As a result of the continued mental awareness campaigns that Healthy Life Recovery has been practicing, they were featured in notable publications such as Forbes, GQ, Men’s Health, and New York Times, among others. In addition, they have engaged athletes and entertainers who have a lot of influence in today’s society and have cultivated relationships with them to help bring awareness to mental health and rehabilitation and normalize the societal perception of mental health. To achieve this, they create events with celebrities, such as skate events with professional skateboarder Brandon Turner and park meet and greets and charity golfing events with NFL player Mike Gibson. Currently, they are working with entertainer Lil Dallas, who turned his life around after 12 years in prison and is using his story to positively influence people in his area.

One of the biggest hurdles the Health Recovery Agency has faced is building a client-focused program and adapting to insurance companies’ restrictions. In most cases, insurance does not provide coverage for patients with mental illnesses, which has posed a challenge to Healthy Life Recovery. Still, due to their track record of success, they have worked with many patients who usually wouldn’t get covered.

Healthy Life Recovery wants people to understand that mental health wellness is a journey. According to leading industry experts, the first step is admitting that your life has become unmanageable due to substance abuse or mental health and then taking the proper steps to achieve sobriety.

An addiction treatment center, Healthy Life Recovery, aspires to expand its global network and open more locations in communities that need more treatment for mental health and addiction with its evidence-based curriculum. Their long-term goal is to use the data they compile about their treatment curriculum and open up a low-security private prison for nonviolent offenders with addiction and mental health issues.

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