Here’s Why George Clooney Says ‘Catch-22’ Co-Star Kyle Chandler Is One of His Favorite Actors

Catch-22 / Paramount Television
Catch-22 / Paramount Television

When George Clooney was plotting out his television adaptation of the classic novel Catch-22 for television, he planned on playing the role of Colonel Cathcart. But after deciding that he wanted a smaller role so he could focus more producing and directing, Clooney knew who he should call to take over as Cathcart: Friday Night Lights actor Kyle Chandler.

COVER STORY: Kyle Chandler's Rules of the Road

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“He’s one of my favorite actors,” Clooney told us in Chandler’s Men’s Journal cover story. “He’s the only guy I know who could’ve taken Cathcart from a vindictive buffoon to, by the end, a guy you have sympathy for.”

While Chandler was interested in the role and working with Clooney, it wasn’t a done deal right away. Chandler was home in Texas when Clooney gave him a call—and he needed a little convincing to come on board. “Catch-22 is such a historic book,” Chandler said in the feature story. “Then there’s the fact that Cathcart is incredulous—the things that he says and the things that he’s doing are almost cartoonish.”

Catch-22 / Paramount Television
Catch-22 / Paramount Television

Chandler is a pretty modest guy, so when he found out the high praise from Clooney, he immediately thought about returning the favor.

“I probably owe him a check now,” Chandler says. “I’m just good at making an ass of myself. I never thought it would pay off, but I guess it has.”

Read Chandler’s full cover story here and check out Catch-22 streaming on Hulu.

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