Hero Complex: Josh Hutcherson on Crash Diets, European Vacations, and Pickup Basketball

Josh Hutcherson
Josh HutchersonJohn Phillips / Getty Images

Josh Hutcherson is back saving all of humanity in Season 2 of Future Man on Hulu. How the 26-year-old got here involves b-ball in SoCal, parkour in Paris, and downtime in Spain.

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Sports are my number one workout reg­imen. I play pickup basketball and soccer when I’m in L.A. After two hours, I’m drip­ ping in sweat. Even if I’m out of shape, I go as hard as I can, lungs bleeding. I need that competitive drive to get a cardio workout. I wish I could get into running, although when I was shooting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay in Paris, I did this thing: Put on an upbeat electronic playlist and run/par­kour/dance through the streets. In Paris, there are so many fun things to climb on.

Crash Diet

My body responds very quickly to eating habits. If I’m being a lazy asshole and I’m not watching my diet, you can see it. But then I’ll eat superclean for a month and there’s a noticeable difference. Usually that means grilled fish with rice and broccoli. I can eat that five nights a week.

European Vacation

I love being an actor, inhabiting another character. It’s a heady thing, escaping into something else. But when I spend too much time in L.A., I lose my inspiration. So when I’m not working, I’m usually with my girl­ friend at our house in Madrid. It’s an amaz­ing city. I spend a lot of time here.

All Tied Up

I’ve done a fair share of stunt work, but my character on Future Man, Josh Futtur­man, is pretty incapable. During big action scenes, he’s usually running for cover. In Season 2, Futturman gets pretty tortured: tied up, bag over his head. When I’m shack­ led to something and everyone else is doing a fight scene looking badass, I’m thinking, “Goddammit, I know how to do this shit!” Maybe in Season 3.

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