Highly Recommended: Our Top 5 Favorite ‘High Maintenance’ Episodes

Here's something you might not hear a lot: You don't need to read this right now. Right now, you need to go watch High Maintenance. You'll meet The Guy, a pot dealer. Maybe you already have and saw some of it online a few years ago. Now it’s finally getting the attention it deserves, with a new season on HBO. The entirety of the 10- to 20-minute Web episodes available now is worth binging, but here are a few better than anything you'll see on TV.

5. “Heidi”
Episode: 2
The Quick Hit: This is where The Guy reveals his true wisdom — offering up relationship advice when the other characters least expect it. 

4. “Jonathan”
Episode: 8
The Quick Hit: Hannibal Buress. What else do we need to say?

3. “Sabrina”
Episode: 19
The Quick Hit: High Maintenance isn't about being smarter than the rest of television: Sometimes you just want to watch people do mushrooms and see what happens. Like watching a guy trip while Tindering. 

2. “Brad Pitts”
Episode: 10
The Quick Hit: It's a reminder that weed shouldn't be a word you have to whisper when bird-watchers Ruth and Ellen — whom we see again in a future, incredible episode — need "the kind that makes you want to eat" for medical reasons. A friend calls up The Guy for them: "These are really nice ladies, OK? They've never done anything like this before, so don't be an asshole. Don't be a fuckin' weirdo." 

1. “Rachel”
Episode: 13
The Quick Hit: The amount this show can pack into a few minutes is the real reason for its genius, and this episode is proof. Dan Stevens trying to be a solid dad and husband. Connan Mockasin tunes. Cross-dressing. Being yourself, especially when it's uncomfortable. And just when you've predicted how the plot's going to play out, creators Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld take it in a smart, thoughtful direction, and you finish it and decide again, "Damn it, this show is really fucking great." 

You can stream it on HBO Now or watch it at 11 p.m. EST on HBO.

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