‘Hobbs & Shaw’s Car Coordinator Breaks Down the Film’s Best Rides

Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) and Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) drive a modified Peterbilt truck in "Hobbs & Shaw"
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Jason Statham can’t help but smile when someone mentions the McLaren 720S that he gets to drive in Hobbs & Shaw. “I have been waiting for this one,” he says, smiling during promotion for the first Fast & Furious spinoff. “I made the request, and they finally got me in a McLaren.”

Statham’s character, Deckard Shaw, is a former British special forces soldier who now operates as a polished mercenary and master driver. So it only made sense to Statham, who also serves as a producer, that he would drive something “sleek” and “quintessentially British.” The supercar fit right into line with Shaw’s Saville Row aesthetic. The Transporter star is such a fan of the brand that he picked up his own 720S Spider after filming wrapped.

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The same character consideration went into the rides that Dwayne Johnson operates as DSS agent Luke Hobbs. “We wanted to make sure we paid homage to the original movies,” says Johnson. “That meant big action pieces and cool cars.” Over the course of the franchise the vehicles have always been more than just transportation for the cast—they’re intertwined with their physical presence. That is why Hobbs is almost always behind the wheel of a big truck or a heavy motorcycle.

The man responsible for procuring these is Dennis McCarthy, who has been with the Fast & Furious franchise since Tokyo Drift and brought his talents to Hobbs & Shaw. His job as car coordinator means he not just has to acquire and build the cars, but also have enough of them, just in case something happens to them during filming. McCarthy took us inside six standout machines they brought into the garage for Hobbs and Shaw.

Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) in a custom rock crawler, based on the Land Rover Defender 110, in "Hobbs & Shaw"
Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) in a custom rock crawler, based on the Land Rover Defender 110, in “Hobbs & Shaw” Courtesy Image


The Commuter: McClaren 720S

Per McCarthy, there isn’t a lot of work that you have to do on a brand-new McClaren 720s. The only adjustment they made to the five that showed up was to disable the safety features, like anti-lock brakes and traction control, so that the stunt team could do their work. The car nerds out there may even recognize that the McClaren Technology Center makes an appearance in the movie as the lair for Eteon and Idris Elba’s villain Brixton.

The Special Occasion: Custom Rock Crawler

According to McCarthy, the initial design was loosely based on a Land Rover Defender 110 but evolved during the process. They used gear that had been left over from a past Fast & Furious movie to build a capable crawler with a British feel. They ended up with a powerful machine: full tube chassis with 500 horsepower. Everything was custom, and Statham loved tooling around in it.

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The Showdown Ride: 1935 Ford Truck RatRod

McCarthy says the vehicle just seemed to fit the environment. They took a Pro 2 truck, which is the ultimate in short course off-road racing, and topped it off with a kit from Factory Five. So there is a monster chassis with a 1935 Ford pickup body over it. The vehicle was then aged, to look like it had been sitting out for a few years, but the components beneath were spotless.

Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) on a custom Harley Davidson in "Hobbs & Shaw"
Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) on a custom Harley Davidson in “Hobbs & Shaw” Courtesy Image


The Commuter: 1987 Ford Bronco

Per McCarthy, the Bronco was a solid fit for Hobbs as an everyman kind of truck, something that could haul him around. The idea was something very utilitarian and basic. Johnson has a longstanding relationship with Ford, and the 2004 Bronco Z concept car was in his monster thriller Rampage.

Night Out: Harley Davidson Softail GTB

During the opening sequence, Hobbs decides to head out on a customized Harley Davidson softail to stomp on a few bad guys. The front end was lowered and set up with Fat Boy Special Handlebars. The tank was heavily modified and it sports a 110 Screaming Eagle Engine.

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The Showdown Ride: 1966 Peterbilt Truck

McCarthy says the builds on these trucks took about four months—and they did seven of them. They filmed the final sequence with an actual Blackhawk on their heels, and the truck performed masterfully over the dirt roads. This is the premiere vehicle of the movie in his mind and the perfect kind of beast for Hobbs. Johnson enjoyed the wheels as well and even drove one of them to the premiere in Los Angeles.

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