How 21-Year-Old Marketing Leader George Nellist Built a 7-Figure Company

George Nellist

“Almost overnight, the internet has gone from a technical wonder to a business must” -Bill Schrader

The immense technological advancement and growth of social media have completely revolutionized the marketing industry. Close to a half of the world’s population has access to the internet, with the number rapidly growing. Many consumers have drifted to the online space, forcing a shift from traditional marketing to modern strategies where social media plays a crucial part.

Having a strong online presence has become critical for business survival in almost all sectors. It is one of the effective ways to connect with customers in the modern era, with businesses doing their best to outsmart each other. However, online marketing is not easy as it seems. It is a demanding task, explaining the growing demand for experts in digital marketing.

George Nellist, a 21-year-old British entrepreneur, plays the role of Director of Marketing and Sales at Ascend Agency. A social media expert, George is one of the most sought-after digital marketers. George has mastered the art of online marketing, helping numerous businesses grow their online presence. A genius of the game, Georges’ understanding of marketing dynamics is inspirational. He possesses unmatched skills with strategic and purposeful marketing. He not only helps businesses scale but also repair dent online image.

George works with different personalities from all sectors of the business world, such as digital, finance, life sciences, legal, and government. Many of his clients love his services for his highly consultative approach that helps him capture specific customer details. This includes a comprehensive understanding of their company, its culture, and their preferred approach. Every client will appreciate these customer-centered marketing techniques that blend the company’s profile and products with the customer’s needs.

George has grown Ascend Agency into a seven-figure marketing agency. Through the agency, George has taught and helped entrepreneurs establish a digital presence and draw online customers to their brands. He employs diverse online marketing tools and techniques tailored to fit the clients and the particular industry needs.

Though in a competitive industry, George continues to grow Ascend Agency every day. He employs his skills in the online marketing field to compete, scale, and sustain the business. To him, a solid online presence in the current era is crucial; it offers businesses a competitive edge over their competitors. Ascend Agency is no different, and that’s why he is constantly working on its online image and presence. Essentially, he must lead by example, and he does it perfectly.

Networking is essential in digital marketing, and George knows it. He is already establishing networks paving the way to work with some of the top influencers and brands in the world. He plans to get more people and businesses into the online space, particularly start-ups, and show them the power of social media.

George also aspires to diversify his ventures and cement his position in the marketing industry. Photography and the traveling industry are some of his interests and lie within his short-term plans.

George hopes to continue scaling in the industry. Recruiting people into account management, business development, executive search, and general recruitment is his biggest dream.

In the meantime, scaling Ascend Agency to a global firm remains his top priority.


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