How Athena is Transforming the Medicinal Cannabis Market Through Innovation

Courtesy of Athena

Each passing year, new firms seek to penetrate the cannabis market, given that it is an industry anticipated to grow in the years to come. In the cannabis sector, one of these is Athena, a nutrient line recognized for revolutionizing the market by creating premium powdered and liquid fertilizers for cannabis cultivation.

The company caters to nationally and internationally consumers and generates revenue by selling in more than six different nations. Thanks to Athena, approximately 50 cultivators that specialize in delivering pure, balanced nutrients for cannabis cultivation have income streams. The business aims to target groups of both male and female cannabis growers between the ages of 22 and 55 by adopting a variety of marketing techniques.

The business’s marketing team utilizes social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to advertise its offerings. Over the past year, these platforms have seen tremendous growth and engagement, which has resulted in the company exceeding monthly sales of $1 million in just two years of operation.

The originality resulting from its comprehensive and precisely set-up quality control process sets Athena apart from its competitors in the market. The director of manufacturing at Athena, Chris Durand, and Henry Canby, the facility advisor for greenhouse cultivation, both attest to the effectiveness of the quality control methodology. They are experts in production efficiency and quality control, along with more than 30 years of greenhouse research.

Athena is one of the top and only Macedonian and European firms that create an active pharmaceutical substance and final pharmaceutical forms based on medicinal cannabis. Since beginning operations, Athena has made its way to stock all major hydroponics merchants.


It may surprise you that Athena continued to hire new staff when many businesses in the sector kept closing their doors. The company demonstrates the skill with which commercial plans have been made, and the fact that the use of medicinal cannabis is a rapidly expanding segment of the healthcare sector means that upheavals like COVID-19 have had little to no impact on the business.

Athena’s marketing team plans to expand internationally to work on regional penetration to large-scale facilities to push its facility advisor program, case studies, and advertising with large cannabis worldwide. That is just one part of the plan to expand and carve out a distinct position in the market.

Despite the business exploding in 2020, causing two months’ worth of backorders on some products, Athena continues to sell directly from their website and does not let any setbacks affect the company’s growth.

Each team member is valued, building an empowering culture for employees. Athena continues to take pride in supporting growers of all sizes with different growing styles. The company is focused on its fundamental goal of creating an empowering culture for employees so that everyone on the team is transparent about their beliefs.

Written in partnership with Luke Lintz

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