A Dreamer from Barbados: How Dr. Gregory Crichlow is Fulfilling His Own Barbadian Dream Through His Work at AvantBlue

Dr. Crichlow

Written in partnership with Nick Kasmik

Barbados, like all Caribbean Nations, has a strong history of slavery. The Barbadian Dream was born out of slavery, where one generation knew that though their struggles were momentarily insurmountable, their dreams were not. Their biggest dream would be to push the next generation one step further and one level higher than they would ever be able to achieve.

For Dr. Crichlow, who grew up in this beautiful tropical paradise, the Barbadian Dream is about leaving a legacy upon which the next generation can build.

So whereas he believes in achieving all that one can achieve, he also believes in having a vision for 20, 50, 100, or more years beyond one’s lifetime. This informs how he approaches his Breakthrough Business-Building strategies that produced exponential growth since 2008, the year of the Great Recession when he started Private Practice and first designed the first tenets of what would eventually become AvantBlue Medical Systems, later founded in 2012. Avant, after the French word “Avant-Garde,” which means forward-thinking, and Blue, after the concept of Blue Zones, areas in the world where people live active lifestyles to 100 plus years of age. Dr. Crichlow knew that his mission was to cultivate innovation in aesthetics and the field of medicine while also encompassing longevity. From this, AvantBlue’s mission of “safety, professionalism, quality client experience, and world-class results” was born.

With a keen sense of global trends and the capacity to think outside of the box cultivated in a successful entrepreneurial background that predates AvantBlue, Dr. Crichlow has built a world-class multi-dimensional Aesthetic Surgery Practice and has produced key world-leading results in Breast and Body-Contouring procedures and the Brazilian Buttlift.

Not only does he service his population, but as much as 65% of his clients are Medical Tourists seeking to have Dr. Crichlow and his Team deliver their high-quality results.

“I always believed that we could deliver the same high-quality results as any other aesthetic surgical team anywhere, and I also believe that our highly diverse cultures give us a unique aesthetic eye that can produce world-class and even world-leading results – we have proven this time and time again.”

“When ‘Medical Tourists’ come to us from across the world, they are hoping that we, first of all, keep them safe, and secondly that our “Best” shows up to give them what they’ve been dreaming of.

Dr. Crichlow and his Team are also obsessed with delivering a quality experience. “Growing up in a tourist destination, it was drilled into our little minds since primary school that ‘Tourism is our business’ and we must each do our part. We offer our Medical Tourists all-inclusive concierge services to ensure their trip is as stress-free as possible.”

Dr. Crichlow also now teaches a steady stream of doctors from Barbados, the Caribbean, and the USA, seeking to learn his techniques and clinical philosophy, further leveraging his legacy.

Dr. Crichlow believes that the journey of all entrepreneurial stories is more important than the destination. “The journey is where life happens, and it’s where life is lived. When you finally hit a target, it’s momentarily exciting and fulfilling, and you must enjoy that moment if not you burn out, but for true entrepreneurs, then comes the next target.“

Dr. Crichlow’s medical career spans nearly three decades, but he feels more youthful and more excited than ever about the future possibilities. “I have a strong sense of gratitude and fulfillment for the journey and what we have achieved, and it’s this story of overcoming that powers my excitement for the future,” he says.

It’s for this reason that he believes that work-life balance is crucial. “Beyond the ‘DrC’ persona, I’m a man, a husband, father, son, brother, friend…. and these roles are even more important to me than my role as a business leader or an industry disruptor. In fact, these roles are what empower me to be a more focused, people-relatable, and well-balanced worker.”

Dr. Crichlow also “takes his own medicine.” The 51-year-old surgeon firmly believes in taking care of himself and is utilizing AvantBlue’s latest breakthrough, “Blue Cell Technologies,” to facilitate himself as a high-performance executive and as a man.

“Male needs are very different, especially for high-performance men with multiple pressures and demands on them. In addition to quality eating and exercise, I take IV vitamins and testosterone support. There is a seeming epidemic of low testosterone, which can affect men, especially 40-50+. This can lead to physical and mental health issues like ‘brain fog’ and a lack of focus, or even depression, and of course, affect libido and sexual performance. Prevention is best, but solutions are also available.”

He even had liposuction to harvest Autologous Fat Derived Stem Cells from his own body fat, which he has injected along with Platelet Rich Plasma/ Fibrin into his knees and shoulders to treat injuries from sports and work. An extremely safe and ethical treatment because it lacks the graft vs. host disease risks since you’re using your own body’s cells. Dr. Crichlow states that it is highly effective for select patients, although in some regards, it remains controversial.

Dr. Crichlow, however, is no stranger to controversy. His firm conviction in what he’s doing has allowed him to disrupt the aesthetic surgery and medical tourism industrial space, bringing many firsts to Barbados through his work at AvantBlue, unquestionably becoming a major choice in the English-speaking Caribbean and a household name in Barbados and the Caribbean. Dr. Crichlow, or DrC as he is fondly called, has even been mentioned in Calypso Soca songs featured around Barbados’ Crop-Over Carnival, a testimony to the depth that he has penetrated the culture over his career.


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